The story of the atatürk series and the actors

the story of the atatürk series, which is scheduled to be shown on the Disney Plus platform. Let’s get to know his story and who are the heroes and stars of the work in detail. And when will the atatürk series be shown? And a lot of exclusive renewable information in the next article.


Turkish series atatürk

atatürk, a new Turkish series, preparations have begun for its presentation on one of the electronic platforms, which is “Disney” Plus. Laskon his hero is the artist actor “Aras Bulut İynemli.

Confirmed news about the joining of the British international actress “Emma Watson. She became famous worldwide through the Harry Potter movie, who played the character of the witch Hermione Granger.”

The organizers also agreed to work with the Oscar composer “Hans Zimmer”. Lacon is the composer and music supervisor for the series’ soundtrack.

The story of the atatürk series

The series enabled 6 consecutive episodes, shown weekly on the Disney Plus platform. Aras Bulut İynemli has been agreed to be the protagonist of the series. He is joined by British actress and Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

As for his story, it revolves around the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. To be a bombshell action this season. The first season consists of 6 episodes. With the success of the episodes, the number of seasons may increase.

Mustafa Kemal atatürk is the son of a father named Ali Reza Effendi, who was born in Kocacik in 1881; His family belongs to the Avantular or to one of the Turkish clans that immigrated to Anatolia in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, then lived in Thessaloniki, and there Ali Reza Effendi worked as a customs and timber merchant. Alireza was a lieutenant in local military units throughout the Battle of 93, which took place between 1877 and 1878.


The story of the atatürk series

It was named after the atatürk (ie: the father of the Turks) and this is due to the obvious imprint he left militarily in the first international battle. And beyond and politically after this and until this moment in the establishment of the new Turkish state system.

He was a military leader of the Ottoman armed forces during the First International Battle. Following the first international battle, he began a national revolt against the Ottoman Empire’s legislative government in Constantinople and the Allied soldiers’ groups. In that revolution, he was strengthened with the support of the Ottoman Armed Forces officers, politicians and the people. He won his war against Constantinople and the Allied soldiers groups, and then established the state of Turkey.

Complete the westward renovation initiated by the Ottoman dynasty and the Ottoman countrymen. As a nation-builder, the country established Turkish secular nationalism. He was secular and nationalist, and his policies and theories became known as Kemalism. He set Turkey on the path to becoming a modern and developing republic. He made an effort to make his country, a poor agricultural republic, like the developed countries of the West. Social and economic nationalism was essential in his domestic policy.

The crew of the series atatürk

The first actor of this work is the star of the first hole series “Aras Bulut İynemli İynemli. He accepted the offer since it was first offered to him. After looking for a foreign star to co-star with him. It was agreed with Emma Watson to be the heroine in front of Aras.


The crew of the series atatürk

Emma Watson, the action hero

According to Birsen Altuntas news, Emma Watson will be co-star of Ennemly, who we know from the Harry Potter series. It turns out that another deal for the series from Hollywood has been written. While the developments that Emma Watson will contribute to the series that will be directed by Mehmet Ada Oztekin has not yet been absorbed.

Emma Watson is an English model and actress who plays Hermione Grainger, the sweet, all-knowing friend in the Harry Potter series. Emma did not know that her existence in this world would completely change after her participation in that series, and she lived a very simple life in her childhood, and luck had no role in choosing to play the role of Hermione, but she deserved the role as a result of her intuitive talent.

This beautiful woman was the star of her school, and excelled in the university period (just as her character in the film work), as she was interested in sports and theater directing. After starring in prolific school plays, her school stood on her feet by nominating her name for acting in the bulk of one of the planet’s best-selling dramas. Few roles and several lines were enough to transform her life and make her one of the most popular Hollywood stars and a fortune at a price that exceeded ten million dollars.

Aras Bulut İynemli Hero of Action

The role of the leader atatürk will be played by the famous Turkish artist “Aras Bulut İynemli”, the hero of the series The Hole. Aras Bulut İynemli Inamli (August 25, 1990, Istanbul) is a Turkish actor, from a larger artistic family, with his first brother working as a theater actor, and his older sister working as a sound engineer. Aras went to study aeronautical engineering at Istanbul Technological University. Despite his passion for acting, Aras is keen to finish his studies in aeronautical engineering and expressed this by saying: “I promised my family, especially my mother, to stop my studies as soon as the series ended.”

After completing his high school studies at Besiktas High School in Istanbul, he went to study aeronautical engineering at Istanbul University of Technology, and in the meantime he headed to the field of advertising, and soon the director “Zeinab Günay Tan” noticed him, and chose him to play the role of “Majd” in the most superior Turkish drama. In the past few years, “Amour Al Zaman”, to open the doors of fame and success widely, thanks to this role that he presented over the course of three years in the series.

Pictures of the heroes of the atatürk series

It was rumored that foreign stars as well as local actors would take part in the series, where Mehmet Ada Oztekin would sit in the director’s chair. According to Birsen Altunbaş news of TV100, world-famous British actress Emma Watson is one of those names.