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Taner Rumeli Get to know with us the story of this Turkish actor closely and a lot of information about him in this comprehensive report. What is his nationality, astrological sign, religion, educational qualification, current age, height, weight, hair and eye color, and when did the actor Taner Rumeli start his artistic career? With acting and what artworks he has participated in so far and other details about him with a set of new pictures of the Turkish artist Taner Rumeli.

Taner Rumeli

Date of Birth: April 8 – 1985
Age 2022: 37 years
Place of birth: Ankara – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Astrological sign: Aries
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown
Academic qualification: AU
Profession: Turkish actor
The beginning of his artistic career: 2000 – until now

Actor Taner Rumeli’s favorite things

Favorite animals: dogs
Favorite Hobbies: Traveling
Favorite places: Spain, Rome
– Favorite color: blue
Favorite sport: swimming

Who is the actor Taner Rumeli?

Turkish actor Taner Rumeli was born in Ankara in 1985. He belongs to a middle class family consisting of 4 members, but his family has close relationships on the part of mother and father, and they have multiple kinship relations, so their house was always crowded, but he loves his family very much. He is very attached to them, and despite the crowding in the house, he was happy and said that he lived an enjoyable and loving childhood among members of a family that loves each other and among them respect and cooperation. Department of History, Language and Geography.

Taner Rumeli and his wife

Taner Rumeli is an artist who is not married yet, despite reaching the age of 37, but he has a long love affair with Ceyda Aşık, and when asked once if he was thinking about getting married and having children during the next period, he replied that he is already thinking about marriage during the years But he did not think about having children and he did not want to rush into making fateful decisions about his life.

Taner Rumeli and his wife
Taner Rumeli and his wife

Taner Rumeli and his career

Taner Rumeli is a talented artist whose dream as a young child was to be a famous and well-known actor. His biggest dream was to live his life in Ankara and be a theater actor there. Now Taner Rumeli has become one of the most famous names in Turkey and has a wide audience who loves him and follows him. His artistic career, star Taner Rumeli began his acting career in 2000 during his appearance in the series Bizim Evin Halari.

And in 2008, Taner Rumeli achieved his great fame and real breakthrough in the world of art and acting when he participated in the championship of the series (Don’t Forget Me), during which his role in the series proved that he possessed great artistic talent and praised his performance by critics, and during 2012 Taner Rumeli presented the most important role He worked for him during the series The One That Passes The Time. As for his cinematic work, the actor Taner Rumeli presented his first movie in 2007 in the movie Never Ends Basta, then his distinguished artworks continued after that.

Actor Taner Rumeli’s works in series and movies


2022 Baba (TV Series) 2021 Bas Belasi (TV Series) 2020-2021 Sol Yanim (TV Series) 2019-2020 Afili Ask (TV Series) 2018 Kalbimin Sultani (TV Series) 2016 Asla Vazgeçmem (TV Series) 2015-2016 Inadina Ask (TV Series) 2014 Anali Ogullu (TV Series) 2012 Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki (TV Series)

the movies

2017 Cin geçidi 2016 Sol Serit 2015 Öyle ya da Böyle 2010 Son Istasyon .

Actor Taner Rumeli and series Baba

The Baba series is a Turkish dramatic work that was shown for the first time at the beginning of 2022 on Turkish screens. It starred in the series Baba Tolga Saritas, Ozge Yagiz, Haluk Bilginer, Jim Oslo, Zeinab Tugci Bayat, Ozji Ozakar, Deniz Hamza Oglu and Nihal Rider and from Directed by Jagiri Bayrak and written by Gökhan Horzem and Ekin Atalar.

The story of the series revolves around an eternal human relationship, which is the relationship of a father with his children through the story of a simple family living a quiet and simple life in the city of Anatolia.
One day, the relatives of this family suffer a tragic accident, which is a plane crash while they are moving from one place to another. After this accident, all the wealth and property of this family is transferred to their relatives, who are the poor father and his sons.

Taner Rumeli
Taner Rumeli

After they take the inheritance, the life of this family is turned upside down and many conflicts and problems begin between them, which eventually leads to Baba’s imprisonment because of one of his sons.

Actor Taner Rumeli and Bas Belasi

Bas Belasi is a Turkish romantic comedy drama series directed by Murad Anbel and written by Gulcif Karagoz, Zafer Ozer Cetinel and Ahmed Orkun Osun. The number of its episodes is 13 episodes, and it was shown for the first time in 2021 n. The story of the series Bas Belasi revolves around the character of Ipek, who is a psychiatrist It is embodied by the actress Eram Helvashioglu and the character of the police officer Ibash Sahin, who specializes in murder cases.

And the doctor, Ibek, is a woman married to a man and she has a child from him, and one day her husband is involved in a murder, and her husband escapes from the police and disappears, and no one knows his whereabouts, and the police begin to search for him, and he delegates this matter to the officer Ibash Shaheen, who is a specialist In discovering the gas murders, he tries to search for him and arrest him, which makes him meet a lot with his wife, the psychiatrist, Ibek.

The series “Bas Belasi” starred with Erm Helvashioglu, Seşkin Özdemir, Dilara Aksoy, Bulent Dozgunoglu, Ozgur Cem Tugluk, Ergul Miray Şahin, Eyüp Mert Elkis and Yilmaz Kunt.