What is the story of Mahkum series? prisoner in detail


Mahkum, one of the Turkish series expected to be shown soon on screens. It has a lot of Turkish TV drama stars. Doomed is a work that has a lot of action, adventure, and fun action. His story is woven differently so that we can learn a lot of information about the Doomed series.

A new Turkish series is prisoner

Preparations for Mahkum began in late 2021. It will be shown at the beginning of the new year. This work is adapted from a Korean series called “The Innocent Accused”. Onur Tuna, who co-starred in the previous series, Dr. Miracle, Saison, returns with the same release organization MF YAPIM for the Mahkum series “Prisoner” competition, adapted from the Korean series The Innocent Suspect.

It tells the story of a brave prosecutor who wakes up one day while working on a hot topic and finds himself in prison with temporary memory loss. The series will be written by Urash Gunesh and directed by Youssef Berhassan and will be shown on Fox


the story of Mahkum series

his story

The story of the Mahkum series revolves around the prosecutor, Fırat Bulut, who wakes up one day and finds himself proven guilty of the murder of his wife and child and suffers from memory loss and has no perspective on the excuse of his presence in prison, he seeks to recover his memory and clear his name.

The series narrates about a prosecutor who wakes up one day and finds himself proven guilty of murdering his wife and child and suffers from memory loss and does not have the lowest point of view about the motive for his presence in prison, trying to recover his memory and clear his name.


We have a large list of Mahkum stars, as the heroes of our series are officially İsmail Hacıoğlu joined the second starring role in the series “Mahkum” alongside Onur Tuna. Also, Serai Kaya joined as Onur Tuna’s partner.

The first promo

The first trailer for the series, Doomed, was shown on November 11, featuring Fırat Bulut, the head of a beautiful, understanding and happy family, who works as a deputy. Especially the criminals and Mahkum are always exposed to them. The artist, Ismail Haji Oglu, appears in the role of a deranged man who is waiting to kill Malika, one of the girls he knows. Ishmael has a twin brother who is respected and known unlike him.

The production company “MF Yapım” has stood on its feet by accelerating its preparations for filming the Doomed TV series from the Onur Tuna competition as the Prosecutor Ağit Bolu. The series will be a Turkish version of the Korean series The Innocent Suspect.

The second promo for Mahkum

On November 26, the second promotional trailer for the series was shown. In it, Deputy Fırat Bulut appears and his wife convinces him to leave this profession to work in another job that gives him 10 times his salary. But he clings to his career as a Republican lawmaker who works only to achieve justice.

To show the death of a twenty-year-old girl named Malika Amirbash. A hard blow to the head. At the hands of a perverted and disordered. He has a brother with a distinguished personality who tries to persuade him to surrender himself to justice, but he refuses to do so. How does he spend his whole life in prison?

This deranged man decides to beat his brother and try to bring him to trial instead. For a major accident to happen, the attorney general wakes up in prison and does not know at that time why he is imprisoned, and who, basically, and what his name is. He is also accused in a murder case.

Fırat Bulut Attorney General

The character of Fırat Bulut “Prosecutor General” is played by Onur Tuna. A talented artist, born in Canakkale in 1985, in a family formed by his father, who worked as a mathematics teacher, and his mother as a housewife, as he has one brother, a child who was interested in singing and school activities like the rest of the children, but he developed that talent inside him and began studying it by extension, He was also skilled in many sports such as basketball, joined the school club, and won many competitions with them, as well as volleyball, despite his many talents, but music was his constant occupation.

During school education in middle and high school, he became a participant in the theater department, and participated in a large number of musical and acting school plays. His father bought him a guitar as a gift. He managed the school’s musical celebrations using that guitar. He learned to play the piano. He moved to Izmir for university studies there. He joined the University of Ege Institute of Music and studied vocal music, and during his university studies he worked as a fashion model for a period of four years, and became an example specialized in fashion shows, then decided to study acting also next to music in the arrangement of Izmir Magdet Gezin Arts.


Fırat Bulut Attorney General

Barış or savaş left

He introduces the character of Barış or Savas Yasırı, the deranged, and his brother, the actor Ismail Hacioglu. Actor İsmail Hacıoğlu started his artistic career at a young age, and he has been interested in acting since he was in the elementary school, and he was searching for a golden possibility to reach the world of art. He was involved in performing a limited number of commercials and shows, then moved to his first role with one of the dramatic skits, the role of the troubled son of a rich family and he remained in that series for more than a year, except that it was an effort above him and an extreme with school education at the same time.


Actor İsmail Hacıoğlu Barış

Barış or savaş left

 is best known for his role as Hossam in the Turkish series Forgotten Hearts. He is one of the most famous skits he performed throughout his artistic career. The series was dubbed into the Syrian dialect. The series was released by OR Media, a company that supports several MBC channels, and this series was clarified for the first time. In 2010, and therefore on MBC4, he lost a luxurious attempt regarding him in that series, which revolves around the story of a girl from a poor family who works for a rich family called the Arhan family, and that girl falls in love with Amir, who is the least of the children of that family, but he He does not care about her or the love that she offers him, and after the passage of time he marries another girl and discovers that she did not love him except that she loves his older brother who is called Selim, and he also reciprocates with her the same feeling and they decide to separate from that brother and marry, Selim’s father refuses that marriage, but they stay away from the family And they marry without any thought of that serious problem.