story of the Misafir series? Showtime and actors

What is the story of the guest series?

Three of the most important stars of Turkish drama Hazal Kaya, Buğra Gülsoy and Mehmet Ozan Dolunay met. For a new Turkish series called “Misafir”. Filming began in early October for the November release on Fox.

Its story revolves around a girl, actress Hazal, who enters the life of a family who recently lost her mother in a traffic accident. But she is a girl who is not like a mother and does not know the meaning of family and the warmth that you will see in that family. How will her life and the life of the family that entered it change. Are there a lot of secrets inside that girl?


The promotional advertisement for the first episode and the date of its presentation

As we are used to from Hazal Kaya, she is not like any actress, but rather chooses her roles carefully and chooses to participate with the stars who play in front of them more carefully. And from the first promotional ad, Hazal (Güneş) appears, she has lost her memory, she does not remember who she is, and she does not have money, not even a name. She meets Bogra (Erdam) and asks to take her to his house so that she can get her memory back.

This man has a family and young children who are always fond of guests, and it will be Misafir who enters this house. And by chance, she witnessed the accident of their mother’s death. The children cling to her and ask are you our new mother?

This girl is not what she seems, she is full of secrets that emerge with time. She will stay for a while in this house to regain her memory moment by moment. She discovers that she is a girl with many secrets and problems, and her life is not as perfect as it seems.

Fox channel postpones the presentation of the first episode of the series “Misafir Misafir” for Thursday, November 11th

Hazal Kaya is the guest star

The heroine of our series is the star of the Turkish drama, who recently excelled in the series Our Family. To play the role of a girl who has lost her memory and does not know much about herself, her name or her family, and she has no money. She meets the head of a family who has many children and takes her home until she regains her memory. To find herself in the midst of a family, a life unlike her, and many secrets will fall upon her.

Hazal Kaya is a Turkish actress who has a huge edifice of different dramas.
A popular Turkish actress, born in the city of Gaziantep from a prestigious family, Kaya continued her studies at an Italian high school in Istanbul, and graduated in 2010. She is a girl who takes lessons for a while, 7 years old, also loves to tango, and adjusts her skills.

Her favorite football club is Besiktas, she is fluent in many languages ​​and of course she speaks Turkish (mother tongue), fluent English, Italian and French and learns her fourth language, German.

Her first role was in 2007 in “Ginko” (The Lost Dream) TV series, where she took one of the main roles. In 2008, Hazal Kaya remained one of the leading actresses by playing the role of (Nihal) in Unauthorized Love. She played the role of (Freiha) in the two biggest and 2nd seasons of the TV series under the title (Adını Feriha Koydum) (I called her Fariha), and the series received the highest television ratings in Turkey. She played the role of a doorman’s daughter trapped between two lives; Just as Kaya took great fame for her acting and beauty in (Aşk-ı Memnu) (Unallowed Love). Her real name is Hazal Kaya, but they call her Hazal since she was little.


Hazal Kaya is the guest star

Information about guest hero Buğra Gülsoy

Buğra Gülsoy is a loving father who has a number of children whom he takes care of alone after his wife’s death. He meets a woman who has lost her memory and asks her to come to his house until her memory is restored. But he is busy with her in many tales, stories and adventures that he knows for the first time about Misafir, which suddenly appeared in his life.

Bugra is known to have been born on February 22, 1982. His birth was in an Islamic family in Ankara, Turkey, on February 22, 1982. The singer Buğra Gülsoy received his primary and secondary education in Ankara, and continued his university education at a university in the eastern Mediterranean, the Faculty of Architecture in 2004 during residing in Cyprus.

He played in different plays at the Cyprus State Theater and worked as a director and actor for a short film work. He is one of the founders of the Cyprus Film Methodology, project designer and director of the Cyprus International Short Film Festival Shadows and Alternatives for Dervish Zaim in the film work The character of what in D fatmagulun crime The role of a young man in the prime of life Turkish called Ahmed In the film work titled Gülgeler Sortler, he made his first contribution to the 2010 Golden Orange Film Festival. Buğra Gülsoy’s first foray into the art world was at a very young age, when he was only 10 years old.

It was proven in Fatima’s luxurious television effort, which was a resounding success worldwide, as the star Buğra Gülsoy stood on his feet as Murad. In 2010, the star Buğra Gülsoy contributed to the series Faces of Darkness, as he stood on his feet by performing the role of Ahmed. The roles began to follow significantly above, especially in the wake of His distinguished performance in the series What is the sin of Fatima, which he became famous for. The roles of the singer Buğra Gülsoy Bugra Gulsoy have developed greatly in the past few years, as it was proven in 2012 in the amazing series The Beautiful Days, in which he played a beautiful role, the role of Kemal. In 2012, his role in the series North and South, in which he played a new role, completed a character close to the people he played, the role of the one in the south.


Information about guest hero Buğra Gülsoy

Joining Mohamed Ozan Dolonay

The series “Misafir” was joined by actor Muhammed Ozan Dolunay in the role of Jerry. The date of birth of the Turkish actor Mehmet Ozan is the year 1991 AD. His presence in the world in 2017 is 25 years. The birth store of the Turkish actor Mehmet Ozan is Antalya in Turkey, the name of the lover of the Turkish singer Mehmet Ozan is Melissa. Mohamed Ozan from the Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Department, the Turkish Mohamed Ozan began acting in 2015.

One of the most data about the actor Muhammad Ozan is a talented Turkish actor, born in the town of Antalya, his height is about 180 cm, his weight is 75 kg, the religion is Islam, he began his artistic presence in the series Sweet Little Liars in 2015. And performing sports exercises, especially swimming, the actor Muhammed Ozan has a love story with the young actress Melissa Chanolsen.

The most prominent practices of the Turkish star, Muhammad Ozan, the series “The Game Spoiler” in 2016, the series “The Velvet Tabqa” in the role of Mart, the rich boy, the series “The Beautiful Little Girls.”