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Simay Barlas, her religion, her nationality, her husband, information

Religion: Muslim.
Nationality: Turkish.
Birthdate: May 5, 1998.
Age in 2021: 23 years old.
Birthplace: Istanbul – Turkey.
Astrological sign: Taurus.
Husband: Not married.
Eye colour: brown.
Hair colour: brown.
Height: 166 cm.
Weight: 47 kg.
Academic qualifications: Bilgi University, Department of Film and Television.
Profession: actress.
Beginning of artistic activity: It started in 2014.
Years of artistic activity: from 2014 until now.
The most important works: the series “Wrecks”, and the series “Life is Beautiful”.

Simay Barlas

The life story of Simay Barlas

Simay Barlas was born in Istanbul, Turkey on May 5, 1998, her astrological sign is Taurus, she is 23 years old, 166 cm tall, 47 kg in weight, she studied at Bilgi University, Department of Film and Television, and graduated from it. She is looking for opportunities to develop her talent and increase her skills.

Therefore, she studied at a private university for acting, so she looked for acting workshops and training places to master the skill more, and at that time she was still studying, so she was chosen for acting shows with many simple roles in her beginnings, in addition to that, she is a sports personality and constantly practices sports, especially dancing, in order to maintain her Her fitness, appearance and agility, and loves raising pets such as cats, as well as her participation and activities in animal welfare and animal protection associations.

Simay Barlas and her husband

It is worth noting that the star Simay Barlas is not married and has not yet found the boy of her dreams, and she has put all her directions to achieve her dream and goals of fame in the artistic community, but she has always seen herself as a princess who loves dresses and adornments and shoots her hair like princesses, and this has affected her in the future.

When she reached the stage of adolescence, she did not find life as she had hoped when she was young, and she did not find the treatment that she thought, this caused her to shock her and not think about the decision to marry or engage in engagement because all of this contradicts her idea that she will be the princess, the prince’s wife, or even the first lady.

Simay Barlas and her family

Simay Barlas published pictures of her with her family members through social networking sites, and they celebrate her twenty-third birthday in a simple festive atmosphere, and they are proud of her work and always support her when she made the decision to join the artistic community and start studying what is related to art and acting, so they gave her all the support and support Because they believe in her skills, talents, ability to do new work, and her entitlement to many successes.

The career of Simay Barlas

The star Simay Barlas began her artistic career in 2014 through a distinguished role in the series “Wreck”, which she became famous for and remained for three years and received many admiration, and was the reason for increasing the number of her followers and increasing her fame, and she starred after appearing in the series “Life is Beautiful” in a distinguished role, to receive Then he starred in the series “Al Ostoura”, accompanied by some distinguished stars, including Gökçe Bahader, Jim Bagit, and Uzunoglu.

She also won another championship through her role in the series “Zalim Istanbul” and her works varied after that, and she was able to win the hearts of her fans and fans through her various roles, and then appeared in her first cinematic participation in 2019 through the movie “Digital Esaret”, and she also announced that she would surprise her fans with her works. A new artistic, especially cinematic, after her success in her last cinematic work, and despite her recent start, she managed to have a wide audience base, as she was able to reach this position in a short time because of her talent.

Simay Barlas in the series “Zalim Istanbul”

The star Simay Barlas participated in multiple works, but what caught everyone’s attention was her distinguished role as Damla in the series “Zalim Istanbul”. The story revolves around a simple family consisting of a mother, two daughters and a boy and their grandmother lives with them. One of her daughters aspires to be rich and live in luxury, and she wants to marry one of Istanbul’s rich, and her sister tells her family that she studies and works as a nurse, and originally she works as a singer, and she hides the matter from the family because they don’t want that until she helps them.

As for their brother, he is reckless and reckless, but he loves his brothers and fears for them, and their grandmother convinces their mother that one of them must marry a rich person and this person was sick, so the family decided to move to Istanbul and her daughter became the daughter-in-law of a large and rich family, but to the brother of the sick person, and Simay Barlas played the role of Damla The rich, spoiled and arrogant girl in the family who loves the poor young man from the village, and she was the daughter who always shares her life on social networking sites and the daughter of the great Aga, and this work was with the participation of many stars, including Berker Goffin.

Simay Barlas in the series “Al Ostoura”

The star Simay Barlas participated in some Turkish drama series, the most prominent of which was the series “Al Ostoura” with a distinctive and different role that was greatly admired by the audience, especially because it was the starring role in front of the star Erdal Besikshilo.

Its events revolve around the old and famous basketball player, Tariq, who retired from work due to an injury that threatened his career on the basketball court. He is the father of two daughters, Melis and Zainab, and his wife is deceased.

Tariq is trying to improve his life and prepare the necessary so that his children return to his nursery again, and establish a better future for him and his daughters to start working in a public school where he gets to know the School of Turkish Literature, and from there he formed a basketball team of students and their leader was the student Hakan, and Tariq sought to be this team He achieves his dream and signs the contract in the school by starting his activities and striving to reach a better life until he gets his daughters back.

Events escalate about the differences and problems he is facing to get his daughters back, and Simay Barlas is staring with some actors, including Rogda Demir, Gokcha Bahader, Jim, and presented the role of one of his daughters.

Simay Barlas series

In the series “Wreck” from 2014 to 2017, she played the role of Oiko.
In the series “Life is Beautiful” in 2016, she played the role of Guzda.
The series “Al Ostoura” in 2017
The series “The Sin of Motherhood” in 2019, played the role of Yaghmour.
The series “Zalim Istanbul” in 2019, played the role of Damla.
She also presented the movie “Digital Esaret” in 2019.
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