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Melisa Döngel, biography and personal secrets of Denise, the heroine of the series Our Story, full information and her life story, her personal card. Her work and upcoming projects, her upbringing and family, many secrets about her life that she knows for the first time. Her talents and works she loves to do, her favorite foods and her ideals in acting, and new photo albums of her.

Melisa Dongel ID card

Date of Birth: October 25, 1999 AD.
Age in 2018: 19 years old.
Birthplace: I was born in Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
Melisa Döngel’s religion: Muslim.
Melisa Dongel and her husband: Unmarried.
Weight: 50 kg.
Height: 170 cm.
Hair colour: golden.
Eye colour: green.
Academic Qualification: Studied at the Osman Yamoredirili Academy of Arts.
When did she start her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2014.
What is her favorite sport: swimming.
What is her hobby: Her hobby is acting.

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Works by Melisa Dongel Films, TV shows, and plays

Fadela and Her Daughters series 2017 – Our Story Part Two 2018 – Back Streets.

Secrets, his life story and biography

The story of the artist’s childhood, upbringing, and study: a Turkish artist who begins her first artistic steps with acting. She became famous in the role of Elif, since her first acting role, many began to ask about her, who and where she was born, and how her childhood was, as she appeared in the role of a spoiled girl, as if she was born like this, born (Deniz ) Melissa Dognell in 1999 in Istanbul, and because of her love for acting since childhood, she chose to study acting at the Osman Yamoredirili Academy of Arts, took basic acting lessons there, and attended many acting workshops in Hilal Saral’s workshops, worked as a model and tried to combine acting with her work in fashion shows She tried to develop herself since her first job, and took many lessons to start acting professionally.

Melisa Dongel husband
Melisa Dongel husband

Her relationships are always tough and unmoderate at least in her mind and heart, even if she is well taught to hide her feelings, she will accumulate all the emotions she had and break ties for inexplicable reasons, just as the primary goal of any partner must be to find a way to communicate Without vocabulary, she needs to feel it instead of hearing it.

Her artistic debut is acting

She presented her first role on television in the series Alif, and she was a child actress at the time. Its events revolve around Alif, who ran away from her family, and soon began to adapt to her new life, away from her mother, but her dream of meeting her mother continued, this work starring (Karim Ardenish – Julfer Sarigol Emre Kevelsem – Gulçin Tunçuk – Pelin Şalışkanoğlu – Batuhan Sunkul).

I played a small role in the series Back Streets, which revolves around the back streets of Istanbul, in which a lot happens. during their day.

Her role in the series Our Story, the second season, came as the closest to the championship. She presented the role of Denise, the spoiled rich girl, who treats Hekmat the university worker badly, but in fact he is in love with him, but he is in a relationship with her sister and she loves him, and the story of the series is more dramatic, about Feliz who She takes care of her younger sisters, their mother and father left them irresponsible, alcoholic, she gave up her studies and dreams for the sake of her sisters, but the problems did not abandon her.

Melisa Dongel and her husband

She can acquire the boy of her dreams as easily as possible as a result of her attractive and sexy personality, as she seeks to facilitate her life with her partner; Because she is remarkably interested in him and is interested in the details of their relationship, and she hates superficial and fleeting ties, and favors the bonds filled with love that eventually lead to the officially recognized association, and many imagine that the woman is dominant in the relationship, but that is inaccurate, when the female Scorpio falls in love she jumps deeper a number of sentiments wholly known, just as they will make her love clear by practices which cannot be misleading, just as her intentions are self-evident, and her love is more clear to the extent that she is hurt, but if she suffers she may become the worst enemy.

She is an energetic, positive and cheerful girl. She loves life, looking for what’s new, and her only goal is to become a professional actress. She wishes to spend most of her life in photography. She also loves spending time with her loved ones and family at home, and she is fond of traveling outside Istanbul, especially places that have nature.

When she was young she didn’t think much about acting, all she wanted was to be a psychologist, her life and choices changed over time. But she finds a great affinity and connection between acting and psychology, and her goal has become to be an original actress. Her highest example in acting is the artist Johnny Depp, and she hopes to act in front of him, when asked about her acting career for money. She said loyalty, honesty, and respect were more important than money, and the rest would be resolved somehow.

In a press interview, she was asked if her beauty would make her enter acting easily. Or it will help her a lot, she replied that beauty by acting is a necessary thing. But acting without talent is an illusion. The viewer will not enjoy seeing you. She is now enjoying every moment she has among the actors involved in the work, and the environment in which she is acting.

Melisa Dongel
Melisa Dongel

Her personal characteristics

She is a complex, wonderful person who delights in secrecy, and magnetism, as she loves to do good and spread it on the planet, and if someone wants to be associated with her, he must be patient and ready to allow her to take charge of the connection, and he must be a good listener of her as soon as she talks, as he must know that The victory of her love takes a great deal of time and endurance, but once she falls in love, she will give all things to that bond, and a woman born under the sign of Scorpio can be very possessive, and not the type that easily forgives and forgets.

Ambitious, diligent, and loving for her work, she works with determination and determination to achieve her goals. She is a successful woman in effort and works with all the fatigue and dedication, and she is not afraid of the consequences or difficulties in her work, but on the contrary, she adds enthusiasm to her.