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Information about Eslem Akar Deniz, the heroine of the series One Heart, date of birth and upbringing, her childhood and marital status, her studies and artistic beginnings as an actress, many secrets about her life, and personal social media.

Eslem Akar

Date of birth: March 23, 1998, AD.
Birthplace: Istanbul.
Religion: Muslim.
Marital status: none.
Qualification: Faculty of Architecture affiliated to Bahcesehir College.

Eslem Akar Religion Age Growing up and Study

Eslem Akar is a young artist since her first steps in art, and she proves herself and forces everyone to respect her talent, despite her young age and experience. She was born in Istanbul in 1998 AD, since she was seven years old, she was fascinated with sports and practicing various types of sports. She was particularly interested in table tennis, snowboarding and riding. Cycling, gymnastics, swimming, basketball, volleyball and soccer, she is also fluent in French and English.

She is the only child in her family, she studied until high school in Teraki Foundation schools, she is now a student at the Faculty of Architecture of Bahçeşehir College, and for the eyes of acting and her love that appeared on the university stage, she took group lessons in workshops to study acting for four years before Its official appearance.

Artistic debut as an advertising model and actress

After she finished her acting training, she began appearing on television as an advertising model. She succeeded in standing in front of the cameras, and was not afraid of them, but was a spontaneous girl, who dealt simply and with a strong presence, as helped by her childlike natural beauty, and her wonderful smile, when she was only 13 years old. In front of the cameras for the first time in Sen De Gitme or Don’t You Go as Elif in 2011.

Eslem Akar series participated

In 2014, she played a role in the film Karisik Kasit, directed by Tonk Sahin, written by Mert H Atalay, starring Sarp Abak, Ozge Ozbirenci, Bulent Emin, Civenk Airbulak, Olaskan Kutlu, Aslihan Kabansaha, whose story revolves around Ulas, a father of a music-lover’s father, declaring his love To Erim with a mixtape he collects with her however, she breaks down and it takes 10 years to complete this ad 10 years later, Ulas who has become a music critic meets Erim by chance, however it will take another decade to meet.

2015 AD was featured in the movie Ask Sana Benzer, its story revolves around a troubled young girl and a young man who fall in love with each other, in a small and beautiful town. The film is directed by Taner Elhan and written by Beda Ceylan Gozels, starring Burak Ozcivit and Fahriye Evsen, Selim Bayraktar, Yavuz Bingol, Pearson Dorlo , Kaya Akaya, Sami Kavakas.

Eslem Akar in Avlu series (Igham)

The series, which is her first major role and the reason for her fame, comes as Ejam’s role in the Avlu series, a Turkish series adapted from the Australian series Wentworth, which premiered on Thursday, March 29, 2018 on the Turkish star tv channel, produced by Limon Film, starring Demet Evgar, Jeren Murray and Norsel. Kos, played the role of an 18-year-old girl in her last year of school, the victim of a family raised by violence and this thing made her a closed person, and attached to her mother Denise very much, she does not love her father and does not condone the violence he caused her mother, and she will try to kill him to protect her mother, but her mother told the police that she Whoever tried to kill him in order to go to prison in her place, and she will die at the end of the first season, and her death will shock her mother and make her another strong woman who is not afraid, all she thinks about is how to take revenge on her daughter’s killers.

Eslem Akar’s first love series

After she finished her role in the Avlu series, she participated in the role of Ece Kaplan in the comedy, mystery and romance series 4N1K. She also had stronger luck because of the success of the work. She succeeded with him, despite his difference from what she previously presented, the first love starring (Gozdi Mutlor – Burak Yoruk – Sina Ozer – Cihan Simic – Smirhan Corcas – Atakan Hosforn)

The story of the first love series

His story revolves around the friendship of his best friends since childhood, a girl and three young men, Yaprak has built a colorful world of four men who are far from the world of girls since childhood, next to them, one day this world changes in a mysterious way, due to the entry of a new young man named Barish into her life, this change leads her To discover herself and the world of girls that she is so far away from because of her attachment to her young friends, she now has to make a choice.

Denise, one heart series

At the beginning of 2019, I participated in the championship of a sports drama series with adventures and movement under the name (One Heart – Tek Yürek), starring (Tanik Aydin, Fildan Atasefer, Helmy Jim Enteb – Anil Titik – Alpay Atakalan – Tucay Bahce – Atakan Yilmaz – Kan Altay Koberlu – Ibrahim Yildiz – Yakir Guler – Dogan Can Sarikaya – Royah Demir Bolt – Jansu Torydi – Kadriye Kinter).

The story of the series One Heart

Islam presents the role of a girl whose mother died in a traffic accident, she has one younger brother and lives with her father in Canada, her father was a coach for the ice hockey team in Canada, but after he quarreled with one of the team players, he returned to Istanbul to live in his father’s house there, a new life and society New for his children who are trying to adapt to it.

On the other hand, Khaled gets acquainted with a businessman who built an ice skating stadium years ago, an attempt to encourage people to practice such a sport, but he did not find this acceptance, and treat people as a kind of entertainment, he convinced him to form a team and try to reach him for courses big,

On the other hand, there is a group of six young men, of different ages, working in suspicious activities. They enter the ice stadium and a quarrel occurred there, which made them enter prison. When Khaled saw them, he agreed with them to teach them to skate in front of getting them out of prison. Will he succeed in making them a big national team? ?

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