The story of the series Yargı, actors & dates


Yargi Our date with a new Turkish series starring Kan Yurnjancioglu and
Pinar Deniz. The story of the series Yargı brings them together in a new
way after they were together recently in the series Love 101. We will
start filming the work in August 2021.

The director of the work
chose to combine the two stars again, Kan Yurnjancioglu and Pinar Deniz.
To be together for the second time in a new business. The events of the
series revolve around justice and drama in the law firm, and the
intense competition between them in a romantic form.


Yargı series
The story of the series Yargi
The crew of the series Yargı
Who is the hero of our series was Organcioglu?
Who is the heroine of our series Pinar Deniz?

The story of the series Yargı

Yargı series

Director Ali Belkin, writer Samaa and production of Al-Qamar confirmed that this strong duo, a terrible duo, and an exciting story are combined. I think it is the series of the season. The series “Yargı” starring Kan and Pinar and written by Sima Ergenekon will be shown in the next season on Canal D channel.

The story of the series Yargı

The series “Yargı” starring Can Urengancioglu and Pinar Deniz will be shown on Dr. The events of the series revolve around justice and drama in the law firm, and the intense competition between them in a romantic form. We recall that the beautiful duo Kane and Pinar had previously met with a co-star in the Netflix series #Love101, and the first season was shown on the platform in 2020, and the second season will be shown soon in the fall of 2021.

We mention that the heroine of our series is the beautiful artist Pinar Deniz. Pinar’s fame increased with the series “You are my homeland”, the famous and successful series that crossed the barriers of Turkey. It is a dramatic historical series that tells the story of the time period in Turkey during the period from 1912 to 1913, which is the duration of the battle in Izmir between the Ottoman armed forces and the Greek armed forces during the Greek seizure of Turkey. Accompanied by them while he is in secret playing a game with the help of Mustafa Ataturk of the Ottoman Armed Forces.

He carries on his shoulders the looks of hatred, hate and hatred from his wife, his mother and also his children. Pinar considers Yıldız’s character, the daughter of Colonel Cevdet, then the facts follow and Cawdat is betrayed by one of his closest friends, Tafak, who seeks to get closer to his wife and exploit the possibility, and from here the facts worsen and the suspense increases until the battle ends and the warrior men try to return home. And a great group of art stars in Turkey take a role in this work, namely Mireille Danyer, Kubilay Aka. Khaled Argenic, Berguzar Korel, Boran Kuzum and others, filmed and shown in 2017.

The crew of the series Yargı

All of Yurnjancioglu and Pinar Deniz gathered to be together again to get to know a little about the heroes of our series, who they are, when they started acting and their artistic beginnings, and a lot about each of our heroes. We recall that the artist was Organji who presented his most famous roles as a prince in the series Blind Love. Our star participated in many solid artistic practices, but the most famous role he performed was the role of Amir in the famous series “Blind Love”. Who achieved great success at that time, and that effort had a great role in the rise of the “Kan” crowd. Domin expanded his fame, and the work was written by Ozlem Yilmaz and Borgo Gorkon, directed by Hilal Saral, and starring Burak Ozcivit and Neslihan Atagul. With the contribution of our star was Organcioglu and from the publication of the Moon Foundation for Artistic Production, that series was highlighted on the 14th of October 2015.

The season ended on the twenty-first of June, 2017, and the effort was indexed from the emotional nature. The events of the series revolve around a young man from a poor family who meets a girl from a rich family. And they fall in love, only to happen in love with the same girl, a young man in the prime of life, newer, rich and with many property, called Amir. And his role is played by our star Kan Organji, who plotted a plot against the girl’s brother with the aim of getting over her under duress. His plan succeeded. Kamal traveled abroad and became rich and possessed of property to return with the aim of revenge. Habiba Kamal for the separation of her lover.

Who is the hero of our series was Organcioglu?

Among the most data about the actor was Organcioglu, born in the town of Izmir in Turkey. Kan Organci has participated in 12 series until this moment, his first competition in the series (Love) in 2013.

Our star Kan Organji said that his mother does not belong to his Turkish source, but that she is from an Arab source, specifically the Republic of Syria, as he stated that this thing does not bother him, but on the contrary, he admires the idea of ​​the diversity of cultures in his family because he loves openness to Arab and foreign nations.

Every successful and famous artist in his work directs the lenses of the cameras to his presence in the personal world because his fans and fans want to know everything related to their star, and few stars disclose personal data by hosting them in programs or television interviews or at the hands of electronic communication platforms, whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and other media that represent a link between the star and his fans.


The crew of the series Yargi


Our star Kan Organcioglu said about his marriage to the huge actress Zeinab Oymak, despite the age difference between them, as he is ten years older than her. He did not disclose other details until the marriage took place away from the TV news cameras so that the news would not spread among the followers, but what confirms the fact of the marriage is his appearance She accompanied her in an increase in a picture and he published it on his competent accounts, and those pictures got a large number of likes and good and motivating comments that praise the couple and hope for a beautiful and joyful life. However, with regard to Organji, he did not like to mix his personal life with his practical and artistic life.

Who is the heroine of our series Pinar Deniz?

Pinar began studying acting at an acting agency in Turkey, and then until now she completed her studies, she started her first acting experience in 2014 with her role in the series “White Lies” and a group of Turkish acting stars participated in the sports competition, and despite it being a minor role, she proved her worth. And her ability to play roles in a successful manner, just as her beauty continued touches of magic and attracted the eyes of a large number of producers, she subsequently contributed to several successful practices, the most important of which is the importance of the famous and successful series “You are my homeland” in the framework of a number of senior Turkish actors and actresses, and she was distinguished by her wonderful talent. .

The first practice of the star Pinar was a series in which she played a small role, which is the series “Seal Basten” in the year 2014, she participated with a number of great artists such as Sergin Yalcin, Emre Kenai, Dilara Gondar, Esra Dermancioglu, Murat Dalilish, Bilma Katgerger, and the series’ activities revolve around a number of High school teens go through a series of risks and events through his episodes. She participated in her second work in the series “White Lies”, in which she embodied the character of Azra, and the sports competition artist Kutsi, Denise Dikman, Ebro Ayak, Egy Aidan, Onur Dikman, Ebro and Gaglaz Sabin participated in the year 2014.