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Ebru Cündübeyoğlu

Date of Birth: September 10, 1974
Residence: Heilbronn, Germany
Nationality: Turkish
religion  : Christianity
Age: 45 years old
Academic Skills: Graduated from Uludag University, Bursa, Department of Economics
Marital Status: Married to Güçlü Mete in 2003
Boys: middle generation
Parents: Squad Gondobi, Arturol Gondoba

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Instagram: Ebru Cündübeyoğlu: https://www.wwW.instagram.com.Ebru Cündübeyoğlu
Facebook: Ebru Cündübeyoğlu: https://www.facebook.com.Ebru Cündübeyoğlu
Twitter: Ebru Cündübeyoğlu: https://www.twiter.com.Ebru Cündübeyoğlu

Complete information about the actress

Actress Evro Kondobeoglu was born in Heilbronn, Germany in 1974, a graduate of Olden Moon University in Bursa, Department of Economics. She worked in several private theaters. She started working in Turkish cinema in 1997. She became famous in the series “Courageous Heart” as the lawyer “Aisha Gul”. She starred in many series and movies, such as “Brave Heart” in 1999, “The False Romance” in 2008, and “Kan Bik” in 2011.

and “You Are My Heart” in 2011, and “Europe in Europe” in 2012-2013. She began hosting last night from TRT. He started playing in the Deliyürek series for the first time. In 1999 she started playing on stage and still plays. In 2005 his book of poetry was published by Ashley Klum.

In her twenties, she was recognized by a large audience. She participated in the “Daily York” series to present the character “Yeshigull” that year, and rose to the world of stage. Since 1999 she has appeared in many popular characters, both on camera and on stage.

In 2005 he published a book of poetry, Aşılı Kolum um, which was published by Chiner Publishing. In 2013 she released her favorite album, di I Love Songs Now, in which she sang her favorite classical Turkish music clips. The artist, who says that she fulfilled her childhood dream, and is dedicated to the twentieth year of her career, is still married to the famous radio presenter Google Dawn, with whom she has a daughter named Doro.

Gundobeoglu in the series Married women

Angry Wives – Evli ve öfkeli is a Turkish drama series with Arabic subtitles, married and angry. The series revolves around the story of four married women who were betrayed and deceived by their husbands, but they quietly support each other to continue married life, and continue to think about giving different responses against the husband’s deception. In a socially comical and romantic way, because you know Engin is being beaten, you go to the hospital.

Don’t leave Engin on this painful day. The mover will not let Diack’s actions go to waste and try to use this situation to facilitate them. Perhaps the scattered seeds will save the marriage. Kinan, whose service was released by the commissioners of the African Union, could not suspend Israel’s work. Happening, what happens will not let this guy. Murad suspects Israel and decides to follow it.

Majid and Sarai are arguing about who will take the house. Majid tries to come home to the studio, and that’s what will make Sarai crazy. Saray is forced to find a place to stay. Metin wants to expel Genk. Minnie’s patience is running out. Minnie learns the most important thing in life for Mateen, and decides to punish him by removing him from his job.

Gundobeoglu in Brave Heart

Brave Heart in Turkish: Delicatessen York is a Turkish social drama series dubbed in Arabic in the Syrian dialect. It was produced in 1999 and broadcast on Abu Dhabi channel in 2009. The series revolves around Youssef, a poor young man who works as a mechanic and is known by a big bakery man who tries to include him in his team, but Youssef strongly refuses in the meantime. Youssef loves Zainab’s eldest daughter. By chance, Joseph discovers that the old man is his mother’s murderer. Will Youssef remain in love with him, or will he try to take revenge on his mother’s murderer? I played the role of lawyer Aisha

Abro series, movies and plays

Hidden Geisley Patron, 2006
2007 Okolo Prison Fame School
The Nordic Spirits Kuzey Ruzgarl 2007-2008
Yalancl False Romantic 2008
Hacken Bay in 2011
Libby chose you my dog ​​of the year 2011
Fake Donia Yalan Dunia 2012
Europe Europe 2012-2013
Something like your husband Coconut Potter Cone in 2015
Angrily married Evli ve Ofkeli 2015-2016

Complete information about the actress
Complete information about the actress
Gundobeoglu in Brave Heart
Gundobeoglu in Brave Heart