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Turkish star Hafsanur sancaktutan We have collected for you a complete report and information that you know for the first time about the actress, her nationality, religion.
, age, family life, and her private secrets, and when she began her artistic career and what works of art she participated in and the works of art that she will participate in during the coming period And many other details about her and a set of new pictures of the artist Hafsanur Sancaktutan.

hafsanur sancaktutan

hafsanur sancaktutan her religion her nationality her date of birth her age

Date of birth: March 20, 2000
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Her religion: Muslim
Age: 21 years old
Profession: actress
Astrological sign: Pisces
Length: 163 cm
Weight: 53 kg 53
Eye color: brown
Hair color: dark brown
Marital status: unrelated
She started her acting career: 2018

hafsanur sancaktutan biography and more information about her

The Turkish star, Hafsanur Sancaktutan, was born on March 20, 2000. She is a beautiful artist who recently appeared on Turkish television. Since her first appearance on television, the audience loved her. In front of the camera, she has strong charm, self-confidence, and a solid foundation since her childhood. Her dream was to become a famous artist and actress. She kept pace with the times, so she participated in many artistic competitions in the school, then entered the secondary stage at the Orhangazi Anatolian School, then took special courses in acting, and continued to learn acting, as the dream of acting had been chasing her since she was young, and she wished many things to achieve. She began to realize that because she was ambitious and daring She even starred in her first TV series, Gulberry, in 2018.


hafsanur sancaktutan biography

Her acting career

The beautiful actress hafsanur sancaktutan has always been interested in acting since her childhood, then she decided to enter acting and started her career and artistic life on the stage where she participated in many plays, and won many local awards. She first appeared on TV in 2018 in the Turkish TV series Gülperi and In 2019, she played the lead role in the series Aşk Ağlatır, which she played as Ada Meryem, and in 2021, she starred in the series Son Yaz as Yağmur, which premiered on Fox.

TV series in which hafsanur sancaktutan has participated

In 2018, she made her first appearance as a TV actress in the Gulberry series. The series highlights the love of motherhood. It is directed by Sunul Sonmez and written by Ilam Janbulat and Seema Ergenekon. There are many actors who professionally embody the characters of the Gulberi series, including Nurgul Yeşilçi, Temushin Esen, Hafsa Nur Sancaktutan, Tarik Babukoglu, Is Sokan, Burak Dakkak, Alina Ozcchan, Emir Ozyakhir, Onur Bilge, Sivica Toulon, Emir Koboko, Ezji Gur and other stars.

The events of the series revolve around the mother Gulpiri, played by actress Nur Gul Yesilchay, who suddenly dies of her husband and remains in the care of her children, but her husband’s family does not support her and stands between her and her children. She suffers severely during her life, and they accuse her of trying to kill one of their sons and she is imprisoned as a result of this. After her release, she begins her struggle to get her children back, so she finds a job in one of the fashion houses, just as she is looking for a lawyer to help her in her war with her husband’s family, so that she meets the lawyer Qadir Aydin, who His role is played by the artist, Temuşin Esin, and they are united by a bond of love. Can the lawyer retrieve her children? What is the reaction of the boys towards their mother?

In 2019, 

she participated in the Turkish TV series, “Love Makes Us Cry Ask Aglatir as Ada Maryam Farley.” The series “Love Makes Us Cry” begins when a young man named Youssef, accompanied by other young men, moves to Istanbul, trying to find a place for them in that great town, from Yes, to find a job, but Youssef faces difficulties living there, but he hopes that this will change his life for the better, as the series shows Ada’s novel, a girl who lives with people who do not care about her feelings, except that she finds herself nice and happy, and one day her parents decide to marry her For an old man, but he is rich, and this is to get rid of the monetary problems they face, and Ada has a choice between her love for her family and freedom, and with the passage of facts, Ada falls in love with Youssef, and they face several problems that they try to overcome, as the series shows the story of the six young men who They came with Yusef to Istanbul, who were united by friendship and love.

The series “Love Makes Us Cry,” starring many ultra stars, most notably Deniz Kan Aktas, Yagiz Kan Konyali, Eda Solinci, Dorol Bazin, Oktay Çubuk, Sezin Bozaci, Lashin Ceylan, Deniz Altan, Corel Cesareli, Pelin Oztekin, Hulya Sen, Hasan Kogokstein, Jirihan Celengroglu, Nusrat Gitinel, Kanan Shrekil, Selim Bayraktar and Movit Kayakan.

In 2021, actress hafsanur sancaktutan starred in the last summer series Son Yaz, a Turkish series that was broadcast on Fox channel in January 2021. The series revolves around the public prosecutor, whose name is Selim Kara, and his role is played by the star Ali Atay and between the young Akgun, who His role is represented by the star Albrin Dimaz, a young man in the prime of life who does illegal acts as he was born into the world of crime and is dangerous and bad in behavior and morals. One day, Akgün’s father asks Selim Kara to protect his son in exchange for telling him the secrets of the gang in which he was working. accompanied by the plaintiff and forced to agree to his request.

The Last Summer series starring many distinguished stars, including Albrin Dimaz, Ali Atay, Fonda Erigit, Havsanur Sancaktutan, Sabnim Donems, Sinan Tuzcu, Arif Biskin, Caesar Koch, Yasmine Yazigi, Erdem Sanli and Atta Nadim Arman.

Awards won by actress hafsanur sancaktutan

2016 Terakki Foundation Commendable Player Award
2015 Wish Schools Best Supporting Actress Award
2015 14th PAM Laudable Player Award
2015 Rotary Club Best Actress Award


Awards won by actress hafsanur sancaktutan