Aylin Veziroglu, religion, age, boyfriend

Aylin Veziroglu, a beautiful Turkish actress. She is considered one of
the most beautiful girls in Turkey. She has colorful eyes, shiny skin,
and gorgeous chestnut hair. One of her most famous roles is “Celine” in
the series “Forbidden Apples”. Let’s get to know that actress Aylin
Veziroglu, her age, her religion, her life story, her lover, her
relationships and a lot about that star, the star of the Olagan
Süpheliler series.


7 Information about Aylin Veziroglu
her life story
her personal traits
Aylin Veziroglu and her lover
The beginning of acting
Celine in Yasak Elma
Gunesh at Olagan Supheliler


Information about Aylin Veziroglu

Celine is an actress who starred in the Yasak Elma series recently. Despite its simple beginnings, it caught the attention of the viewer. So we collected the most famous information about her:

Aylin Veziroglu was born on February 23, 1997.
Aylin Veziroglu’s age: 23 years.
Place of birth: Kogali.
Her religion: Muslim.
Nationality: Turkish.
Acting start: 2018.
She is 162 cm tall. She weighs 55 kg.

her life story

Aylin Veziroglu was born in 1997 in Kocaeli. Her studies were in the same city in which she was born until university. Then she joined the theater department of Kocaeli University. and graduated from it. In order to work as an actress, she attended theater courses in Kocaeli’s medical room to improve his acting.

She joined the theater team called Theater Town and participated in plays here. She also participated in Kogali State Theater from time to time. She came to the screen for the first time with the TV movie “Qayid Yarim”. The most famous production was the character Celine in the Forbidden Apple series.

She made her television drama debut in the TV series Yasak Elma. She has already succeeded in attracting attention with her beauty, her acting, and her strong presence. A gentle and peaceful person, characterized by romance, tenderness and diplomacy. Although ambiguous, she is a very poetic, sensitive woman. Caring for others, honest, ambitious, calm, and aspires to achieve her goals. Just as she is sympathetic to the wretched and the poor, tender-hearted, and quickly forgets offence, and has no patience for malice in her anger. She is intelligent, elusive, secretive, and mysterious. If all these qualities, except for intelligence, were purely masks behind which shyness, confusion, hesitation, and lack of self-confidence were hidden.

Her high femininity attracts men to her and arouses their interest in her. She loves frankness in her romantic relationships, and does not like to be taken advantage of in her kindness and tenderness. The partner finds happiness with her, satisfaction and comfort. Despite this, it is not normal to deceive her, and the partner prefers to be frank with her, to avoid her use of the method of domination, and to advise him to be diplomatic in acting with her, and to avoid misleading her.

Aylin Veziroglu and her lover

Eileen is not in a love affair, but the characteristics of her dream boy are as follows: she just wants a man who will love, nurture, and protect her. In fact, she had no more joy than to lean on a firm and firm shoulder. She does not insist on the man anything. And do not rush him into any cost, and all you seek to get above him is to live next to him in love and peace.

She is not good at progress and dominance at work, but she is good at practices that are related to art, whether music, writing, poetry, and others. The Pisces woman possesses high abilities that reach her to success and excellence.

Aylin Veziroglu and her lover

The beginning of acting

Eileen’s first time in front of the cameras is through the Turkish movie “Prangali Yarim”. But its real beginning is through the series “Yasak Elma”, and this series is considered one of the last that was shown on television screens. The justification behind bringing the viewer to it is due to its comic and social character in an emotional entertainment environment, as it belongs to the vacant light drama of complexity while It has interesting and exciting events, so we publish and explain to you in the following paragraphs his novel and the most important of the heroes he played with the role of heroes.

The facts in Istanbul are between two sisters (Yıldız and Zeynep), who live together in a popular neighborhood of Istanbul, but all of them have a completely different personality and natures from the other. We find Zeinab with calm emotional temperaments, always searching for true true love, while Yıldız does not investigate. About him is to marry a young man in the prime of life, rich, who lives with him in luxury and wealth.

The facts follow, as Zeinab meets the wealthy young man, Elihan, who works as the head of a group of great institutions, and they fall in love with each other deeply and romantically. Good to photograph him in order to divorce Ender and get all his money.

Celine in Yasak Elma

Her first television work is through the Forbidden Apple series. For the Forbidden Apple or Yasak Elma (Turkish: Yasak Elma) is a Turkish television series featuring Cheval Sam, Ada Ace, Talaat Bulut, Barış Kılıç, Nasrin Kvadzade, and Gökhan Alkan. It was shown for the first time on Fox and New Colors. The activities of the Forbidden Apple series take place in Istanbul. The series is the story of the two sisters, Zeinab and Yildiz, who all live in one of the popular neighborhoods in Istanbul, and the personality and nature of each of them varies. Ghani enjoys wealth and luxury in his company, the facts continue, and Zainab converges with Elihan, the rich young man who heads a group of major institutions. Elihan falls in love with Zainab, and a solid bond of love emerges between them, full of romance and beautiful emotions.

Gunesh at Olagan Supheliler

Eileen offers a new role in the series Olagan Süpheliler. She plays the character “Gonesh”. A girl falls in love with a young man, and after she broke up with him, she fell in love with his father. I became in a relationship with him. The problem is that this man is killed and her man falls into a case that she has nothing to do with.

The true novel of the Olagan Süpheliler series revolves around ten episodes that eat the novel of 3 wealthy harems who fall into a great crisis, which is the accusation of a felony murder, and each of them tries to get out of that critical situation, and the facts follow in the series to get an idea of ​​the criminal who stood on Feet for murder.

Will the killer be one of these females, but with the episodes the whole truth appears through many surprises in those ten episodes only, and the series is one of the serial episodes that the large number of spectators awaits, and they are interested in completing its episodes that patiently wait for the large number of suspense and excitement.


Gunesh at Olagan Supheliler

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