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yasemin szawlowski, her religion, her age, her nationality, her date of birth, her personal life, her artistic life, her academic qualifications, her hobbies, her lover, her series, her films, all this and more in a full report about her, she is one of the most famous and best rising actresses who showed her prowess in the field of art, Because of her outstanding performance, she succeeded in gaining the love of the audience, due to her attractive beauty and wonderful personality.

personal information

she was born on September 29, 1992.
Yasemin Szawlowski was born in London.
Residence: Istanbul – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Yasemin Szawlowski’s religion: Muslim.
Yasemin Szawlowski’s career: Actress.
Qualification: Ballet Department, Istanbul University.
age: 28 years old as on 2020.
Yasemin Szawlowski’s boyfriend: Not married.
Astrological sign: Libra
Years of activity: She started her artwork since 2014.

The life story of Yasemin Szawlowski

The wonderful artist Yasemin Szawlowski was born on September 29, 1992 in London, and she lived with her family in London for three years, after which her family decided to leave for Turkey until they settled in Istanbul, and because of the residence in Turkey, Yasmine had to learn the Turkish language in order to succeed To adapt to life in Turkey.

The beautiful artist Yasemin Szawlowski was distinguished by her graceful body, her weight is 54 kg, and her height is 167 cm, and this was an important reason for her success in practicing ballet, so she joined the Istanbul Conservatory to learn ballet until she graduated from the ballet department after she mastered it with a high degree of performance, she loves to dance So she excelled in it and showed her ingenuity in many of the works in which she participated.

her identities

In addition to the wonderful hobbies that Yasmine masters, there are other hobbies that she loves to practice very much. She loved photography, and in order to maintain her slim body, she loved to practice aerobics every day.

Yasemin Szawlowski loves acting very much, she dreamed of being one of the most famous actresses and having her own audience who loves her and loves to follow her wonderful artistic works, and she tried a lot until she succeeded in achieving her dream and entered the field of art in 2014, and she became one of the most famous rising artists at that time.

A distinctive look and the beauty of Yasemin Szawlowski

The artist Yasemin Szawlowski has a very distinctive look because of her beautiful smile, and her look that directly enters the hearts of the masses, which made her one of the best actresses loved by the audience in a very short time since her appearance, and she was also able to participate in many artistic roles and the participation of senior great artists such as the artist Khaled Ergenç and artist Onur Saylak.

Yasemin Szawlowski has a special charisma that made her one of the most famous rising actresses in a short time. She became one of the most famous artists in Turkey who presented very distinctive roles, which made her a large audience in Turkey, and she was able to play a lot of very distinctive roles, and she got a lot of Awards in honor of her outstanding artistic performance.

yasemin szawlowski
yasemin szawlowski
The life story of Yasemin Szawlowski
The life story of Yasemin Szawlowski
works of Yasemin Szawlowski
works of Yasemin Szawlowski