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Gulenay Kalkan,

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Personal information about Turkish actress Gulenay Kalkan

Full name: Gulenay Kalkan.
English name: Gulenay Kalkan.
Date of birth: April 26, 1959.
Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Astrological sign: Taurus.
Profession: actress.
Age in 2020: 61 years old.
Years of activity: since 1974 AD until now.
Husband of Turkish actress Gulenay Kalkan: Tarik Unluoğlu.

The life story of Turkish actress Gulenay Kalkan

The Turkish actress Gulenay Kalkan was born in a city in Turkey on the sixteenth of April 1959 AD. She was interested in studying, and studying acting in particular, high drama at the State Theater Conservatoire. She worked in the State Theater in Istanbul, drawing her artistic career as a varied artist between theater, television and cinema. She also presented a group of great actresses and her interest in music, one of the most important works of the Turkish actress and a return to the award-winning and most famous series “My Mother” in Turkey. Gulenay Kalkan married the great Turkish actor Tariq Anluoğlu and they have one named Zeinab.

Gulenay Kalkan
Gulenay Kalkan


Marriage of Turkish actress Gulenay Kalkan

Turkish actress Gulenay Kalkan married the great Turkish actor Tariq Anluoğlu. He was born in Izmir in Turkey on the 16th of November 1957 AD. He spent about 20 years of his life on stage until he became a theater director in Istanbul. He is also a talented theater actor. A TV and film actor who dubbing artworks, he married Julinai in 2013 and their marriage continued until they had their daughter Zeinab, but the artist Tariq Unluoğlu died after a years struggle with lung cancer at the age of 61.

It was a great and severe shock for Gulenay Kalkan by losing her husband, he was not only her husband, but her colleague throughout the years of study and work, so Gulenay said about him: “We lost Tariq early, I was traumatized, I could not get any condom, and I could not get used to it, I hope it will be nice to meet him one day.” And she continued, “I see Tariq wherever I look at the house, I still live with him, go to his grave, and pray for him twice a week.” Indeed, the impact of the shock on Giulinai was severe, so that on the fortieth day of death she celebrated Through a video clip of a collection of poems for her husband entitled “I can’t say” with some attached pictures, and after a long absence, Jolinay appeared at the Ninth International Film Festival of Malaita and won an award presented to her husband on his behalf.

Thanks to her friends standing by her side and trying to get her out of the sadness, grief and psychological crisis that affected her negatively, she began to recover from the shock and regain her health and artistic activity and return to her normal life. I had a fairy tale with you, your taste is still on my tongue. Goodbye, my dear.

In the end, we got to know the able artist Gulenay Kalkan, who has dazzled the world with her artistic abilities since she was a young girl, and until now she has fascinated us with her talent and wonderful artwork.