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Gulcan Arslan,

A well-known Turkish actress, who has a great acting life, and we get to know information about her religion, age, date of birth, nationality, religion, artwork, wide fame, personal information about her, and more in a detailed report about her, and her distinguished works.

Personal Information about Gulcan Arslan

Full name: Gulcan Arslan
Date of Birth 1-5-1986
Age: 33
Birthplace: Sakarya.
Nationality: Turkey.
Father’s name: Arslan.
Religion: Christian.
Marital Status: Married.

The life story of actress Gulcan Arslan

Actress Gulcan Arslan, a Turkish artist, was born in the city of Sakarya, Turkey, and her astrological sign is Taurus. She began appearing on screen since 2002 when she presented a group of advertisements that won the admiration of many viewers, in addition to some series that appeared in it as a start, such as The series (Musk Street), which was shown on TRT1 channel, won the first starring role in the famous Turkish series (In spite of everything), which was shown in 2012, and it was a successful start for her, as she won many multiple roles between young, rich, and poor roles , and beautiful and other which shows her personality.

Education in the life of actress Gulcan Arslan

Actress Gulcan Arslan was distinguished by her strong love for acting since she was young. She studied theater at the Cultural Center to master acting well. She hoped to become a famous actress one day, so she did not rely only on her talent, but she looked forward to studying theater and cinema in Turkey through the center. Cultural, until she had her first opportunity to present advertisements after presenting performances on the cultural stage, and this is considered the first art steps in the life of actress Gulcan Arslan, which pushed her forward by entering the world of cinema and television more broadly, and providing some light roles in Turkish series The famous before taking the lead roles, she varied between the roles of the smart, funny, and beautiful young woman who appeared from the middle or rich class, and this diversity made her reach the dream of starring faster through the famous series (Bir Çocuk Sevdim), which she presented as her first heroic work. .

Marriage of actress Gulcan Arslan’s husband

The Turkish press and magazines talked a lot about the marriage of actress Gulcan Arslan, but the actress did not release any news on television or on her official websites. She always shares her personal life with her fans through photos and news, but when news of the marital status, the young actress Gulcan Arslan did not make any announcements. News.

Acting in the life of actress Gulcan Arslan : Actress Gulcan Arslan started her artistic career a short time ago, but she gained wide fame due to the distinguished roles she presented to Turkish cinema. She was always keen on diversity among the characters, and Gulcan Arslan became famous since the presentation of the famous Turkish series (Harem Sultan), which won a high percentage of Watching, this famous actress became famous because of him, she joined the series in the third part and was the sister of Sultan Suleiman, who was known as (Mina).

series by Gulcan Arslan
series by Gulcan Arslan
actress Gulcan Arslan
actress Gulcan Arslan
Gulcan Arslan religion
Gulcan Arslan religion