The story of Kanunsuz Topraklar Lands Without Laws and casts

casts of Kanunsuz Topraklar series

The story of Kanunsuz Topraklar Lands Without Laws Lands Without Laws or Kanunsuz Topraklar is a new Turkish work, the first episode of which is expected to be released in a few days. In the title role will be Agor Gunes and Isra Beljic. We expect them to do strong, new work and a new story, as usual.

Kanunsuz Topraklar or Lands without Laws is one of the stories of the mafia that takes its hand on some cities and villages and that land becomes without a law ruling over it. Or is it another story about a land that was taken without law? We do not know the story of the work yet, nor its details, so follow the next article.

Information about Kanunsuz Topraklar – Illegal Lands

The details of the “Kanunsuz Topraklar” series that attracted the attention of the crew have begun to come into question. After careful preparation, the TV series “Kanunsuz Topraklar” was signed. So, who are the participants in Lawless Lands and their scheme? When did Land Outlaw begin, on which channel and where was it filmed? Here are the details of the series, where he will meet the main actor Ugur Gunesh (Yilmaz) from Chukurova and Isra Bilecik (Sibel), the heroine of the series.

AytekinAta will; He has been producing the soundtrack for the TV series Lands Without Laws on a large scale. Farouk Tiber’s “Land of Chaos” will be shown in a time series. Murat Daltaban Ujur Güneş and Isra Bilecik co-star in the TV series “Lands Without Laws”. Illegal earth text created by Zülfük Yücel. Aynur Torun hosts costumes for this series, which includes important and meticulous preparations.

The story of Kanunsuz Topraklar: Lands Without Laws

Illegal ground text created by Zülfük Yücel Aynur Torun hosts the series’ costumes, which include important and meticulous preparations. Where are the lands without laws? While the first episode of “Illegal Lands” was filmed in Zonguldak, the shooting will continue in Istanbul.

FOX TV’s new series, Kanunsız Topraklar, was produced by Faruk Turgut, the script was directed by Zolkov Yücel and Faruk Teper will be the director. Ugur Gunes and Esra Biljish will be players in illegal lands. The series will tell about the impossible love between the brain’s daughter Malik Golveem, who is rich in running a coal mine in Zonguldak, and David, who works as a miner who owns the brain. The Lawless Lands series will be filmed in Istanbul, but the story will take place in Zonguldak. In short, the struggle of the miners and chief miners of Zonguldak in the 1940s in Lawless Lands was mixed with the love story of Golfim and David.

casts of Kanunsuz Topraklar series

Who are the illegal land players? Illegal Lands Gülfem (Isra Beljesh) Isra Biljish, the lead actress of Illegal Lands, will play Gülfem, the daughter of the mining company owner. The story of Gulfam, who is in love with David, played by Ugur Gonesh, will be presented on screen with amazing scenes.

Farouk Tepper will be the director. Ugur Gunes and Esra Biljish will both become players in Illegal Territory. The series tells about the impossible love between the owner of Gulfim (owner of Gulfim) and David (David), the daughter of the brain, who owns a wealth of coal mine rights in Zonguldak. Outlaws will be filmed in Istanbul, but the story will take place in Zonguldak. In short, the conflict between the miners of Zonguldak and the main miners of the Lawless Lands in the 1940s is full of love stories between Golfim and David.

Kanunsuz Topraklar
Isra Bilgic Gulfam (2021)
Murad Daltaban Malik (2021)
Aref Derain Arif Derain, Lieutenant Seizai (2021)
Ali Rakazan Ali Rakazan Taher (2021)
Augur Gunes Ugur Gunes Daoud (2021)
Onur Kaya Onur Kaya Ayoub (2021).

Nesib Memeley – Ali Celik (2021)
Hazar Motan Hazar Motan … Hatçe (2021)
Serdim Paschal (think tank).
Iul Sue Shaban-Bahees
Can Tsanir-Yavuz (2021)
Tiber-Fatimah Mine (2021)
Dujak Yildiz – beauty
Ezge Celik – Black.

Isra Bilgic as Gulfam

She is considered one of the most prominent and rising stars in Turkish theater. She was born in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, on October 14, 1992, born in Libra, and Israa graduated from the Archaeological Institute of Istanbul University. But she didn’t work with her, Israa has been a model since the beginning, and her ideal height and weight helped her. With a height of 177 cm and a weight of only 60 kg, she attracted more than 900 thousand followers on Instagram.

Isra Biljic won wide fame and success through her roles in the series “Total Resurrection” for the roles of Halima, which she performed in four seasons. Halima Khatoun is the wife of Artgrel Ghazi and the mother of Osman Bey. Founded the Ottoman Empire. She has two more sons, Soji Bae and Gunduz Alp. She then starred in the Turkish-British cinematic drama “One Hope Is Enough”, which tells the story of Captain Ermaz (actor Tolgan Seizman) who is about to retire. Then he became the keeper of the lighthouse overlooking the sea, where he met a girl named Elif (played by Hazal Subashi) and married her.

Jedik (Naguib Memli) in Kanunsuz Topraklar

Necip Memili will be on screen with the character Ali Gedik, one of the important roles of Lawless Lands. Ali Jeddik is the head of mining.

Ali Erkazan is 68 years old, from Samsun. Ali Erkazan, who has worked at the Ankara Art Theater for 15 years, is especially famous for his character Mehmet in the series Last Fathers Duyar. Appeared in Aykut Eni films; te and Kayseri Lion. Taher is David’s father. He is also one of the experienced miners.

The series lands without laws or illegal lands

Malik (Murat Daltaban)

The father of Gulfam, Behes and Fekriya. Murat Daltaban, who will play the owner of a mining company, will appear on screen as the owner of Lawless Lands.

Illegal lands lawyer Yavuz (Kan Tasanir)

Successful actor Kan Tashanir will portray Malik Yavuz’s lawyer.

Illegal lands are treachery and intellectual

She is included in Lawless Lands as the daughters of Bahiji and Fikria Malik, who are the sisters of Gulfam. Eylül Su Sapan will play Behice, and Fikriye by Serdem Paçal.

Kanunsuz Topraklar Taher (Ali Rakazan)

Taher, David’s father, is also a miner. Ali Rakazan will show on the screen the character of Taher.

Fatima illegal lands (Tiber mine)

Lead actress Maine Teper is also on the cast of Illegal Lands. She will appear before the audience as Daoud’s mother and Taher’s wife.

The beauty of lands without regulations (Doğaç Yıldız)

Doğaç Yıldız will play the character of Jamal, who will appear on screen as the nephew of Daoud Taher and Fatima.

Lawless Lands Ayoub (Onur Kaya)

Onur Kaya will play Ayoub, David’s brother and Jamal.

Illegal black lands (izciy celik)

In Lawless Lands the character Asude is commissioned by successful artist Ezgi a elik. On Lawless Lands, Izgi Celik will play as singer.