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Personal information Gülper Özdemir

Turkish name: Gülper Özdemir
Date of birth: 18 – November 1990
Age 2020: 30 years old
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Academic qualification: Rhein University of Applied Sciences. Germany
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Hair color: brown
Favorite hobbies: traveling – playing sports
Profession: Actress
Beginning of her artistic career: 2016 – until now
Favorite animals: dogs.

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Biography and Gülper Özdemir

She is a Turkish actress and artist. She was born in 1990 in Istanbul. Turkey. and received her education from outside Turkey. From the United States of America and also from Germany. When she was a student in Frankfurt. Germany. She met with the director of an advertising company who drew his attention to her natural beauty and offered her to photograph it and After that.

The director of the series (Flinta) saw her and offered her to act in the series. but she did not agree because of her preoccupation with her studies. then she returned to Turkey after completing her education abroad to study the art of acting and work and enter the art field after she gained many experiences from being abroad.

She is a light-headed person who loves and loves to travel and learn about new places to the point where she devised a plan for herself to make a tour around the world to visit many countries of the world. But her family. Her mother and father. Rejected this topic and among the countries that she wanted to travel to.

Such as South Africa – Paris Germany. Malta. London. India. South Africa. Dubai. New York. And other countries. Actress Gülper Özdemir is skilled in more than one language. Such as German. English and French other than Turkish.

Acting as Gülper Özdemir

Gülper Özdemir is a young Turkish actress with great artistic talent and in a short time she became one of the most famous young artists in the Turkish artistic community. big

After she finished her studies and returned to Turkey and studied the art of acting. She got her first artistic roles through the Turkish series (Tell Me Love Me). And after that she participated in the series (Black Writing).

But her real breakthrough and fame came through her participation in the series Teach Me How I love and the series (Love of the Angels). which has achieved a very large audience success and a high viewership in Turkey and abroad. and its name has become widely known within the artistic community. and it has an audience and followers of its artworks.

Gülper Özdemir series

In 2015. she participated in the series Medcezir2016 she participated in the series Sevmeyi Anlat
In 2017, she presented a series called Kara Yazi – and the series Totsak2018. I presented the series Love of the Angels – and the series taught me how to love
In 2019. She participated in the series Ramo2020. she participated in the series Hay al-Sultan

TV Shows Gülper Özdemir

The young and distinguished actress Gülper Özdemir is participating in the championship of a new Turkish series entitled The Winter Island of Cyprus. which is supposed to be shown during the beginning of 2021. The series between 1968 and 1974. And the series revolves around a social and dramatic context. With the actress Gülper Özdemir participating in the series “Cyprus Winter Island”. With a group of distinguished artists. Including the legacy artist Ahmed Kural. artist Serkan Chaioglu. actress Belen Karhan. and others.

Gülper Özdemir in the series Love of Angels

The Turkish actress Gülper Özdemir starred in the Turkish series Love of the Angels. Which is a romantic comedy series. in which a group of distinguished artists in Turkey participated in the series. Including the artist Berkay Hardal. the Turkish actress Oya Bashar and others

The story and events of the Love of the Angels series were about the life of a young girl named (Malak) who lived with her father in Germany and had left her sister with her mother to live alone and she never thought of returning to Turkey again. but her mother strongly insisted on her return again.

So I went back to Turkey. in Turkey. she got acquainted with a handsome young man and relates to him a lot. and a great love story arises between them. but with time she discovers that he is an orphan and raised in an orphanage. and a great misunderstanding occurs among them that they try together to solve it in more than one way.

Gülper Özdemir in the series Hay al-Sultan

The Sultan neighborhood series is a Turkish series that was shown at the beginning of 2020 on Turkish channels and it consists of 30 episodes and two episodes of it are shown per week. Kivruk Malkyan – Karam Arslanoglu – Jamal Toktas and another group of artists

And the story of the Sultan neighborhood series revolved around a man named Abdul Qadir al-Jilani who travels to Baghdad and stays there for nearly 25 years and at that time he was young and then decides to return again to his country Turkey, and he becomes an old man and the series narrates the story of his life and his long struggle What is between the journey of going and the long struggle to return to the homeland. What happens to him when he returns again to his country. What changes he finds and the corresponding problems and many difficulties he faces in his life after his return.

Gülper Özdemir’s lover and husband

Actress Gülper Özdemir is not married. But she is linked to an emotional love story with the Turkish artist Piran Sweissal. And the love story arose between them during their filming of the Turkish series. Between them and the strong relationship that binds them. but they did not disclose the date of the marriage.


Gülper Özdemir's lover and husband