The story of Kulüp and details of series and its heroes


We have collected for you a full and detailed report on the Kulüp series or the nightclub series, and complete information about its heroes, its show dates and the channels presenting it.

The story of Kulüp

Turkish series Kulüp or the nightclub series

The story of the club series
Netflix is ​​preparing to launch another Turkish series called Kulüp, or the nightclub, which takes place in Istanbul in 1955 about the story of a former imprisoned girl who worked in a nightclub with a daughter, as her daughter was not aware of her mother’s presence until her mother was released from prison.
This series will be of an action, mystery and thriller character
The series only consists of 8 episodes
The series is produced by O3 media and directed by Zainab Gunay Kan

When will the Kulüp series be shown?

The series Al Malah will show episode 1 subtitled at the beginning of 2021, when it will be shown on the Netflix website

Filming will be completed in November and it is planned to be shown in January if there is no problem that causes the filming to stop, and if the team finishes filming, it will be shown at the specified time.

Different heroes of the series

Paresh Arduch – Salih Badamji – Gokshi Bahadir – Serenai Sarikaya

Those Turkish stars who joined were currently selected to participate in the series, and the work team selects the rest of the stars

Who is Paresh Arduch

Born on October 9, 1987, he is a Turkish actor, he was born in Scherzinger, Switzerland, and spent his early years there before returning to Turkey with his family after meeting with theater actress Ayla Algan. He started professional acting. He initially got supporting roles in the series as My Little Lady (2011) And Atheer Al-Hob (2011) and Dirty Sebaei (2011), he continued his career by appearing in Don’t Be Sad for Me (2012) and the series People of the Qusour 2013-2014) and Ragon (2015).

Likewise, he was best known through the series Love for Rent (2015). Apart from his television career, he also appears in motion pictures. Arduç won the award twice at the Golden Butterfly TV Awards (2015 and 2016), and won the Sadri Family Theater and Cinema Awards. . From May 2016, he is also the Goodwill Ambassador of the Association of Life Without Cancer in Turkey, In March 2017, he won the GQ Turkey Award for “Most Analytical of the Year 2016”, finished high school in Istanbul and was a grown-up athlete. He played football, basketball and handball in addition to swimming and diving.