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Personal information about Emir Çubukçu

Nationality of Amir Çubukchu: Turkish citizenship.
Date of birth of Prince Chubukchu: September 28, 1990
Prince of Chubukchu Astrological Sign: Libra.
Omar Amir Chubukchu in 2020: 31 years old.
Place of birth of Amir Chubukchu: Istanbul – Turkey.
Amir Chubukchu Education Qualification: Graduated from Mimar Sinan, Department of Acting, University of Fine Arts.
Amir Chubukchu’s artistic beginning: 2012.
Skin tone of Amir Chubukchu: burgundy.
Amir Chubukchu’s hair color: Black.
Amir Chubukchu’s eye color: Brown.
Height of the Chubukchu Prince: 179 cm.
Weight of Amir Chubukchu: 75 kg.

Prince Chubukchu religion

Prince Chubukchu and biography

The young actor Turkish theater Amir Chubukchu was born on the 28th of September in 1990, he was born in the tower of Libra and was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He graduated from high school in 2008 from the Italian High School until he reached the university level and studied acting at Mimar Sinan University in Department of Fine Arts and soon Amir Chubukchu participated in acting and entered this field quickly and participated in a number of television works as well as participated in a number of plays, and was the first artistic work in which he participated in 2012 AD and succeeded in the participation of major art stars in Turkey such as Berguzar Korel and Kenan Emers Aloglu, so he succeeded Chubukchu attracted attention through his roles, and after that he won a number of the most important roles in Turkish TV dramas and theater.

The young actor Turkish theater Amir Chubukchu

His artistic start and most famous works by Emir Çubukçu

The Turkish artist Amir Chubukchu participated in the famous series, he taught me how to love, as it is one of the most important and successful works that were produced in Turkey in 2016 AD, as it is a romantic drama that participates in the work tournament by a group of top Turkish drama stars such as the artist Sida Bakan and the young artist Kadir Doglu, so it was the first show of the series On August 26, 2016, AD, the first show was on the Fox channel, so the channel was showing only one episode per week every Sunday until the show ended on January 30, 2017, AD, so the story begins with a girl named Laila and her father who works in agriculture In the city of Freiburg, the young man called Heshmat who owns a restaurant in Turkey and imports meat that is cooked in the restaurant’s kitchen from Germany, and when he sees Laila he loves her very much and asks her to marry her from her father, but after Laila marries him and loves him, she also discovers her deception in the name of love, because he works as the chief of the mafia The gangs know these details on the day of the marriage, so they decide to flee from him so that he cannot marry her, and while she escapes, another man also has a restaurant, Albert, who participates in Heshmat in some business, and Laila falls in love with Albert, but the matter reaches Heshmat Al He gets angry and decides to kill Albert because of his betrayal, and Laila’s life and circumstances differ after that, so she goes to work in a company, and after she is employed in it, events reveal to her that the owner of the company is her mother, who left her from her childhood, so the series falls under the framework of the dramatic and romantic work also written by Deniz Akçay and directed by Mas`udah Erarslan with his elite Turkish drama stars Asli Urjan, Mustafa Ustundag, Serdar Ozar, Dolunay Swissart and Qadir Chimik, so the duration of one episode was 140 minutes and the work was produced by Karam Shatai.

TV series Amir Chubukchu

The Uncle in Black series is one of the most famous works and the most important work that was a great reason for the fame of the prince of Chubukchu, which revolves around the hero Maher who imprisoned his father and tries in every way to get his father out of prison and to train in the legal profession specially to defend his father himself and the circumstances he goes through and the events What happens that forces Maher to choose between two options, both of which are worse than the other. The first is to choose his father and leave the judge and the other to choose the judge and leave his father. These events take place in Istanbul during one of the seventies, so Turkey during this period enjoyed a special sphere from any other country. The prowess of photography in the series The most beautiful and important historical places in Istanbul and the most beautiful tourist places are monitored, so the first show of the series took place on the 8th of October 2012 AD and the first show was on the ATV channel, directed by Olush Bayraktar, and a large group of the most important stars of Turkish drama participates in the work tournament. .

The most important series and plays of Amir

Series Twenty Five – The Nehm Series – The Mujaza Series – The Band Series – The Series Teach Me How Al Hob – The Karrada Series – The Mujezah Doctor Series.