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Gozde Mukavelat in brief

Gozde Mukavelat’s Birthdate: September 9th, 1977
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Age in 2020: 43 years
Gozde Mukavelat’s Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality and Citizenship: Turkish
Academic qualification: I graduated from the Department of Acting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul University
Profession: Actress
Most important artwork: King in the series Küçük Gelin. Little bride. Back streets
Religion: Muslim
Beginning of work in the technical field: 2004 AD
Number of years of work in the technical field: 16 years.

Gozde Mukavelat Religion

Gozde Mukavelat Biography

The beautiful Turkish artist Gozde Mukavelat was born in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1977, on the ninth of September. And belong to the astrological Virgo.

Gozdi loved art and loved acting so much. That is why I joined the acting department at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the famous Turkish University of Istanbul. After graduating from university, she began working in the field of acting.

The start of Gozde Mukavelat’s artwork was in 2004. She provided many important and distinguished roles in many successful Turkish series. Perhaps her most famous artistic role was her role in the series Küçük Gelin, when she embodied the character of Malak. The Turkish rising star has also co-starred in some successful Turkish films.

Artworks by artist Gozde Mukavelat

A young rising star, Gozde Mukavelat, has been chosen to play several important roles in several successful series. She possesses a great amount of talent. Also, her outstanding performance and sincere feelings were among the most important reasons for her success in acting in film and television roles. The following is a list of the most important works of the Turkish artist Gozde Mukavelat:

Gozde Mukavelat Movies

Movie Special Command.
Checkmate movie.
Film Opening the Door in 2017

List Gozde Mukavelat series

She made her first acting role in the 2004 series The European Side.
The Doctors series in 2006.
Backstreets series from 2007 to 2012.
The series Majnoun Layla in 2009
The Little Bride series in 2013
Filinta in 2014
Comedy series Urgent Love Needed in 2015. It is a comedy series whose story takes place inside a Turkish hospital. Among a group of doctors working in the hospital. The events illustrate the situations that doctors are exposed to. And the relationship of doctors with each other in the form of a comic social.
The Küçük Gelin series. She provided the role of Malek in 2014.


List Gozde Mukavelat series

In the Küçük Gelin series “King” of Gozde Mukavelat

Turkish actress Gozde Mukavelat provided a distinguished role in the series Küçük Gelin. In 2014, she was chosen to portray a king in the series Küçük Gelin. Gozdi was able to master the character very well and play the role with unrivaled success. She even became famous among the masses of the Arab world under the name Malak.

Küçük Gelin belongs to the category of romantic drama series. It consists of 5 parts. Küçük Gelin directed by Ozan Tchobanoglu. And the number of episodes of the series reached 286. The series, in all its parts, was an unprecedented public success.

Küçük Gelin, a Turkish series, revolves around a 14-year-old girl who excels in her studies. Her life is turned upside down when her father insists that he marry her to a rich young man from a large and prestigious family. Zahra, the little girl, moves to live in the great palace and feels alienated. Everyone in the palace treated her badly, dry and cruel.

One day, Zahra wakes up and decides to flee from that palace. On her escape, she meets her teacher at the school, who later reveals that she is Zahra’s mother. Zahra discovers that she is pregnant with her husband. But she insists on running away with her son. To begin with a series of troubles you encounter.

The Küçük Gelin series starring a bunch of the most powerful Turkish drama stars, including: Kagla Simsek (flower). Gokhan Shaheen (Ali). Orhan Simsek (Ezzat). Gozde Mukavelat (king).

The role of Gozde Mukavelat in the detective series Filinta

In 2014, Turkish star Gozde Mukavelat co-starred in the Ottoman police drama series Filinta. The series achieved a high viewership when shown on television.

Filinta, in a police teaser, revolves around the hardworking policeman, Mustafa, nicknamed Filinta. A famous arms dealer and the richest man in Turkey, Yunus. And because Yunus was fed up with Mustafa chasing him. He fabricated a murder case for Mustafa. Because the judge trusted Mustafa’s innocence and integrity, he decided to give him a year to search for evidence of his innocence.

Otherwise, he will be executed. During his journey to search for evidence of his innocence, Mustafa falls in love with Lara. It will be discovered later that she is the daughter of Yunus’ senior aide. Her father is an outlaw. And the events continue with more suspense and excitement. As for the name Filinta, it is Mustafa’s nickname, and he was nicknamed because he is a competent policeman who does not escape from his hand any criminal, no matter how long.

Filinta series, starring Nur Fattahoglu. Onur Tuna. Naz Almaz. Yilma Ellis. Perak weighs a crown. It is written by Omar Gench. And directed by Osman Kaya. The Filinta series consists of two parts, and the series has 56 episodes.