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Report and photos. We present to you a full report on the Turkish artist Feride Cetin. She is considered one of the most important stars of Turkish drama in the current period. During her artistic career, she participated in several successful Turkish works. Her most famous role was Cicek in the series Aşk ve Ceza. Through this report, we will learn about the life story of feride cetin and the most important works in which it participated. In addition to knowing her role in detail in the series Aşk ve Ceza. With the identification of private information about Farida not announced before.

feride cetin In lines

Date of birth: November – 05 – 1980
Age in 2020: 40 years
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Academic qualification: Department of Radio and Television – Faculty of Communications – Istanbul University
Marital Status: Married
Spouse’s name: Murat Aouzer
Number of languages ​​spoken: 3 languages
The most important dramas: the series Aşk ve Ceza
Talents: acting – writing
Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Turkish
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Artistic Activity: Since 2005 – Now.

feride cetin The biography

Feride cetin is one of the main stars of Turkish drama. She participated in many distinguished works and received many appreciation awards. She was born on the fifth day of November in 1980. Farida lived her life until her youth in Istanbul. And after she finished high school. She decided to enter the Faculty of Communications, Department of Radio and Television and excelled during her studies. After obtaining her BA, and because of her distinction, she decided to complete her studies with a master’s degree in radio and television. She worked as a PhD student at the university. Until she was able to get her first chance to participate in her first Turkish job.

feride cetin, from a migrant family from Bulgaria. Her family moved to Turkey, and Farida was born in Istanbul, and she has not lived in any other country. But she is a girl bent on science and culture. She learned three languages ​​and mastered them, and they are Turkish. German and Spanish. Besides acting and working behind the scenes in the theater, in her artistic debut. Feride cetin is able to write and has a talent for writing articles. She was in the period writing for Radikal.

feride cetin, it’s beginning with acting

Feride cetin’s artistic beginnings were not through acting in films or in dramas. But her artistic career began by appearing behind the scenes in the theater. She worked in a number of the most important plays in Turkey, but under false names. She was not looking for fame at the time. But she was looking to practice her favorite talent. And she worked behind the scenes for a while. Until she was discovered by chance and offered to star in the movie Two Girls.

Farida actually got the title role. And she managed to win the admiration of the Turkish audience through her role in the film. In fact, she won a large number of awards for her role, despite it being her first acting experience. But her acting talent was the reason she reached such success in Turkey. To become one of the most important stars of Turkey at the moment.

And her husband and children feride cetin
And her husband and children feride cetin

So much about feride cetin

Beside her great acting talent. Farida wasn’t content with being a heavyweight actress. Through research, we found that she has many talents that make her a first-class artist in Turkey. Farida speaks three languages ​​and she is Turkish. English. Fluent in Spanish and knows the cultures of each country that are specific to those languages. Plus, feride cetin is an accomplished writer. She used to write many articles during some of her life. In addition to writing it in the book Radikal. Besides acting and writing.

We find that Farida is a great and distinguished director. She managed to direct two films for Turkish audiences, and the two films won the admiration of the audience and critics. She is also one of the educated personalities who always care about reading and learning. By virtue of her studies in the field of radio and television. She is considered unique and distinguished in the field of journalism and writing. So, along with some touches that she added to the books. With the translation of many books in a number of different fields.

And her husband and children feride cetin

The feride cetin star has announced that she is 27 years old. She was living a big love story between her and someone she refused to advertise. And she said that at that time she was living the happiest times of her life. Before you discover that the person you love. He did not experience the same happiness that she does. He sincerely did not love her like she did. During this period, Farida decided that she would move away from everything related to her love life.

And she will focus on her career. And she is working on developing her artistic talent. Then she surprised her audience by announcing her marriage to the well-known writer “Murad Ozir” on October 16, 2019. Farida appeared in a simple white dress with her husband, among a group of relatives and friends. Announcing that Murad managed to change her decision. And that she is now living the true love story that she has always wanted since she was young.

feride cetin in the series Aşk ve Ceza

Aşk ve Ceza or Aşk ve Ceza is one of the most popular series and dramas that has been shown in more than 42 countries around the world. The series talks about love and punishment and how to preserve customs and traditions. The series revolves around a girl named Yasmine. She mourns the death of her sister during an abortion due to an illegal pregnancy. Jasmine collapses to find out the truth. And she vows to remain a good girl, preserving customs and traditions until she gets married.

But she was unable to do so and falls in love with Safash, played by superstar Murad Yildirim. But things did not go well. Where the people of Sfash ask him to marry Czechic, played by the star feride cetin, in order to preserve the family and the friendship between the two families. How do things go between them? Farida was able to gain the appreciation and love of the Turkish audience after the series was shown. Indeed, the series Aşk ve Ceza became the main reason for the Arab public to know the star feride cetin after the series was shown.

And awards received by feride cetin

During her career, feride cetin has provided many the finest acts and roles in film, television and theater. During her career, Farida won two awards for the two girls’ film. Which was her first job ever. She has also won up to seven awards for her work. Throughout her career, Farida made nearly 15 short films. And I won prizes for many of them.

The most important artwork of the star feride cetin

The series Eve Dönüş
The series Aşk ve Ceza
You are a liar
The Küçük Ağa series
Hatırla Sevgili series
In the 2020 series Hercai