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Nickname for Ezgi Senler: original.
Nationality of Ezgi Senler: Turkish.
Date of birth of Ezgi Senler: January 28, 1993.
Ezgi Senler’s astrological sign: Aquarius.
Age of Ezgi Senler in 2020: 27 years.
Place of birth of Ezgi Senler: Ankara – Turkey.
Residence of Ezgi Senler: Istanbul – Turkey.
Ezgi Senler’s Social Status: Unmarried.
Religion Ezgi Senler: Muslim.
Ezgi Senler’s qualification: Graduate of Ankara State Conservatory of State and educated in Department of Modern Dance.

Biography and information on artist Ezgi Senler

Career of Ezgi Senler: artist – actress.
Ezgi Senler’s acting debut: 2016.
Ezgi Senler’s skin tone: White.
Hair Color: Light Brown.
Ezgi Senler’s eye color: Brown.
Length: 168 cm.
Weight of Ezgi Senler: 55 kg.

Ezgi Senler
Ezgi Senler

Biography and life story of Ezgi Senler

The beautiful Turkish actress, Ezgi Senler, was born in Ankara, Turkey, on January 28, 1993. She was born in Aquarius. She has a slender figure with a weight of 55 kilograms and a height of 168 cm. She has an angelic face and two brown eyes. Likewise, she entered the University of Ankara in Turkey in the State Conservatory and studied in the modern dance department She began participating in dance parties that take place in the opera house at a young age since she was nine years old and continued dancing for 11 years. She trained for two years in the field of children’s dance until she made her first acting participation and her first experience in 2016 in the series Bodrum Masali. Bodrum Masali is the only acting work in which she was involved and was the reason the audience knew about her.

Stars who participated in the Bodrum Masali tournament with Izji

Actress Ezgi Senler participated in her acting work, which was the reason for her entry into the world of acting and acting, Bodrum Masali, which was the reason for her fame and the emergence of her fans all over the world, as Turkish drama has become a sweeper for any country that has a dramatic work and is shared by a number of the most successful and largest Turkish actors, including the Turkish acting and actor Timoshin Asen, a great film and theater actor, one of his most important works is the movie Last Night in 2003, and he has dramatic television works such as the Police Robbers series in 2005 and the Gypsy Woman series in 2003, and he won many awards for his acting efforts that he presents in his work,

the most important of which is the award He won it at the Antalya Festival called the Golden Orange Award as the best supporting actor, and the great actress and famous singer Shawal Sam participated with her in the tournament, who has many famous songs and a number of Turkish drama works such as the black and white movie in 2010 AD and the unique series 1996 AD The Great Century series 2013 AD And she was also involved in the series’ starring, the great actors, Murad Aygen, the theater and film actor, who started working in the acting field at the secondary level He presented many Turkey’s most important films and series, such as the series Ashes and Fire in 2009, and the series “Wreck of Love” in 2008.

Asli in Bodrum Masali

The reason for the great success of the Bodrum Masali series, which was the reason for the fame of the actress Ezgi Senler and was the reason for the creation of a large fan base for her alongside the group of actors who participated with her in successfully embodying the characters, but good acting is not sufficient only for the success of a work of art and its fame, but this success needs to be A number of other factors, including a good story, cost and production, support the series, a scriptwriter and a dialogue who has the ability to tell the story in an enjoyable way for the audience and attract him to continue the rest of the series because of the suspense factor that the events carry and the Bodrum Masali series brings together a cast of stars who play behind the scenes such as the great writer Basar Basaran, who wrote the script in an interesting way for the viewers, was also the administrative staff and the good direction at the hands of director Murad Oztekin, who was able to organize and manage the work well. This is in addition to the good material production from TMC Film, which supported the series with all the requirements and sufficient support for its success, and these factors were the reason for A big factor and a major factor in the success of the work that mixes drama, comedy and romance, a reason for the fame of a number of its stars, some of whom were To represent for the first time, such as actress Ezgi Senler, as he is one of the most important series that was shown in 2016 AD, which has spread among the western and eastern audiences, especially among Arab countries that have high views such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and many countries.

The Bodrum Masali Story and Why Ezgi Senler is so Famous

The events of the successful and famous Turkish series take place in 2016 between members of a family of wealthy Turkeys whose material lives were exposed to some problems and unrest that were caused by government tax evasion and their massive accumulation, and also because of the partnership in a number of fictitious companies that have no evidence, but the matter increased dramatically. Very large, which leads to the family reaching bankruptcy and losing all the family’s properties, including hotels and a number of large ships and other properties. From here, the events begin to take place in a framework between drama and comedy, so the family returns to zero and needs to start again, and it returns to Bodrum.

A tourist city located on the Bodrum Peninsula, which is one of the most important ports on the Mediterranean coast, but the family faces a number of problems and difficulties in adapting to the new situation due to the great transitional phase that occurred to them and on another aspect of the events of the series, which narrates the relationship of a group of close friends that arise Among them are the emotional feelings, which include the character of Asli, which Iggy Scheinler embodies, such as a couple of employees with a very beautiful girl, and the rest of the friends seek to complete their marriage and look A adventures from achieving this and events take place in summer, but in the end the writer tries to explain the importance of friendship that transcends the importance of wealth and wealth, as the events and episodes recount the betrayal of a wealthy person to his wife with another woman in a secret way, and from here quarrels start between them.

Ezgi Senler’s films and series

She has one artistic and dramatic work, which is the 2016 series Bodrum Masali.
2018 Nefes Nefese (TV Series)
2019 Canevim (TV Series)
2019 / II The Locksmith (Short) (completed)
2021 Teskilat (TV Series) (completed)
2020 Çati Kati Ask (TV Series)