The story of the Teşkilat – The Organization series, crew and its showing dates


Teşkilat-The Organization Information and the full story The Turkish series  is new, what are the details of the story of the series, the crew of the Teşkilat series, and the channel that agreed to be shown exclusively and when will the show date.
Teşkilat is one of the highly anticipated series, as it is starring drama star caglar ertugrul
, and you will be in the female lead role, Ezgy Ayuboglu and a large group of art stars.

The story of the Teşkilat

Teşkilat series and information about him

Teşkilat, a new Turkish series. Izki Ayuboglu has agreed with production company Tims & B to star in the Teşkilat series that will be shown on Trt1. Directed by: Yagiz Alp Akaiden. It is reported that the company is holding meetings with caglar ertugrul for the men’s championship.

Time & B production company starts preparing a new work called “Teşkilat – Teşkilat”, a military series about Turkish National Intelligence. Some social situations overlap. TRT1 has been selected as the displaying channel for this work. The director of this work is the director of the series Al-Ahd and Ramo in its first part. His name is “Yagiz Alp Akaiden”.

Teşkilat series story

Teşkilat series revolves around the Turkish National Intelligence Service and has a lot of tasks that it undertakes. Besides many other great stories. The series will be directed by Yagiz Alp Akaiden, including: The Covenant series, the first season of Ramo, and the film The Bad Boy.

In the Teşkilat series, which will be in the form of a troop chain. A story will be told of a special unit operating under the supervision of the National Intelligence Service. The soldiers of this Teşkilat secretive carried out very successful special operations in the country and abroad. Nobody knows her, and even when they were martyred, no one knows why they were martyred. But home is grateful to these secret heroes.

The Organization, which will be directed by Yağız Alp Akaydın, will be presented to the audience by Tims & B. The government channel TRT 1 is expected to show it on screen on Sunday evenings instead of the low-rated series Repentance.

In the series, a series of operations carried out by Skali and his team of the Turkish Counter-Terrorism Administration, between 1980 and 2000, are filmed behind the scenes. AND movie and TV series producers, who carried out such a project while fighting the pandemic; Youssef Kurtulo, Ahmed Yazici and Ismail Durmush Kanjir made statements and stated that they filmed and published the series under difficult circumstances. They also expressed their satisfaction in reaching a large fan base in a short time. The series’ episodes continue without being slowed down by these positive developments. In addition, in the following episodes of the “Teşkilat” TV series, the studies needed to incorporate well-known faces began. Ismail Dormush Kenger, one of the producers, confirmed that the interest in the series in the short term will contribute positively to the promotion of Kayseri and its regions. Yusuf Kurtoglu, director and scriptwriter of the series and one of its producers, stated that steps have been taken to meet the audience with more famous actors and a more professional team.

Teşkilat series heroes

Caglar Artgrel
Izgy Ayuboglu

Teşkilat series showtimes and channel

This series is one of the works expected to be shown in the next season of 2021. The Teşkilat series is shown on TRT 1. And now there are interviews with the artist Çalar to star in this role. This would not be considered his first military role. He even presented the role of the officer in the movie “The Mountain” previously.

Tims & B Productions is the company that produces the series. Tims & B Productıons has produced many TV series so far. She is also very ambitious with her new series The Order. There is not much explanation for The Organization series to be broadcast on TRT 1 screens.

The heroine of the series, Izgy Ayuboglu

Ezji is a digested artist who is quickly accepted by the viewer. Light appearing, natural acting, not fawning, it simply stole the hearts of the viewers. Yazigi will co-star in the action for the first time with the series The Order.
Ezji Iboglu, who appeared in many TV series such as Payitaht Abdülhamid and Bir Aile Hikayesi, had her biggest start with the series Zalim Istanbul and Adı Mutluluk. Ezgi Eyüboğlu, opened her eyes to life in Istanbul on June 15, 1988, completed her academic education at the Faculty of Economics at Istanbul University and then studied acting at Bahcesehir University. Ezji Eyuboglu weighs 52 kg and is 1.65 m in height. Ezji Ayuboglu is in love with Seda Sayan’s son, Ogulkan Engin.

The hero of the series, Chaglar Artgrel

Caglar is one of the stars of our series who is being contacted for the business championship. He is one of the most famous Turkish stars of our time. He presented many of her works, including television and cinematic. And he got a great deal of fame that makes him a dear actor.

It is one of the indispensable names for both the military series and the romantic comedy series. Super hit in the romantic comedy Avili Ashk. After the success he achieved in the series Fadela and her daughters. The seasoned actor who will take a gun for the Re-Order series is originally from Izmir.

The handsome Actor Çağlar Ertuğrul was born on November 5, 1987 in Karsiyaka, and he was 33 years old when he played in the TV series Teskilat. Chaglar Artgrel, who studied mechanical engineering at Koç University, gave the academy 35.5 for acting when he received a very positive response on YouTube with his good looks and ability to make people laugh. After a successful training, he joined the movie Mountain cast. He managed to become famous in his first character. Caglar Ertuğrul, then continued his success in TV series like Tell Me Tale, Medcezir, Sorry for Me, Fazilet Hanım, and Kızları. He also showed this success in movies and also had success from Stay With Me and Your Family Surprise movies.

News about the story of the Teşkilat series

Initial agreements were with the artist Chatai Ulusoy to obtain the title of this role. But no agreement was reached. The attempts began with the actor, the hero of the Fadela Hanim series “Chaglar. The series will cover the issue of national intelligence. It will be about the commercial life and private life of a special team working for the National Intelligence Agency. When the details of the series of organization are explained, we will add our topic.”

This series is originally from a YouTube video. The movie, shot by AND on YouTube under the name Teşkilat, was highly regarded. The audience’s interest in the smart series was also seen after the young man who did not wear a mask was punished. But he said “He sent me Teşkilat’s number to get a lot of attention and was on the agenda. Tems B decided to set up production for Teşkilat TV series. According to our estimates, Cihan Aksu, who asked his son-in-law No. Teşkilat, is also expected to be in the series Order.