Esra Ronabar religion, age, series Information and Biography


Who is Esra Ronabar? 

Esra Ronabar religion

Full name: Esra Ronabar Fly.

Date of birth: 1978.

Age: 36 years.

Place of birth: Izmir, Turkey.

Nationality: Turkish.

Religion: Muslim.

Marital Status: Married.

Spouse’s Name: Artist Paresh Valay.

Profession: Actress.

Education: University of Ankara.

Beginning of Her Acting Career: 1997-present. 

The turkish actress Esra Ronabar, her religion, age, series,
nationality, birthdate, life story, artistic career, most important
works, a lot of information about her in a detailed report about this
Turkish artist who embodied the role of Israa, the heroine of the Küstüm
Çiçeği series, and she also participated in the audience with many
works distinguished during her acting career, and she still presents
everything new so far through television and theater screens, depending
on her brilliant artistic talent.

Esra Ronabar and Biography

Turkish actress Esra Ronabar, a famous actress, was born in 1978 in the Izmir region of the State of Turkey. She studied at the University of Ankara, Department of Chemistry, but soon left this field and went to Ankara University to study art in the Department of Theater Management, and remained in this field during the years of study until she graduated from University and that in 1997.

She kept looking for an artistic opportunity to reach glory and fame, and that was through some theatrical performances that she presents on the city theater, then she moved to television screens through some television works and cinematic works that made her get a lot of awards, because she was one of the best young faces in that time.

Esra Ronabar’s career in acting

The artist Esra Ronabar began her artistic career through the theater department at the university to which she went after studying chemistry, theater is a branch of art that she seeks and that was during the study years from 1997 to 1998, and she presented a group of works on the university theater, the best of which is the play “Peace in the Apples” It was his first work on the university theater, and it won the admiration of many viewers and became a young face, then moved to the art theater in Ankara and gave some theatrical performances.

I participated in directing some plays, as I took the position of assistant director with the director, artist Abu Erkikli, in the play “Scorpion”, and it was his first work through directing and not acting, and this work was very successful and this play remained on the city theater for more than a year.

After graduation, Ronabar tended to present some commercial advertisements, the most famous of which were chocolate advertisements, and that was among the reasons that made her appear to the public continuously until she moved to television screens in a distinguished work and is considered the main and first factor for her, which is her role in the series “AGA”, and that During the year 2003 she attracted intense public attention and became a promising face.

Esra Ronabar accident

The actress, Esra Ronabar, was exposed to a traffic accident on the road while going to filming a television work, and this accident injured her in a fracture in different places in the body, which led to going to the hospital and performing some operations that lasted for five hours, and this news was announced on television and the press and knew that There is no danger to her life except that she will stay for a while away from acting to take a sufficient amount of rest until she regains her health again due to the fractures that she suffered in her body, and when she is about to recover her health, the platinum on her body was broken again in another accident she went through after a few Months and was forced to cancel the series “I will give you a secret” due to her fatigue.

Esra Ronabar in the series “Küstüm Çiçeği”

The artist, Esra Ronabar, participated in a famous Turkish series called Küstüm Çiçe ،i. This series was dubbed into the Syrian dialect and shown on most of the channels of the Arab world. It is produced by OR Media and was shown on MBC4 in 2010, the series revolves around the story of a girl with a family A poor woman works for a rich family, and this girl falls in love with the younger son of this family, who is “Amir”, but this son does not care about her love and does not recognize him and turns to marrying another woman, and he discovers that this woman loves his older brother called Selim, and he also loves her, and they decide to marry, But the father does not agree to this marriage, but they leave the family and get married without taking into account the feelings of Saleem, who does not bear trauma and commits suicide.

Esra Ronabar in the series Abyss

The artist Esra Ronabar participated in the series The Abyss with his elite of the brightest Turkish stars, the series was shown on Turkish TV channels, the events revolve around a rich businessman who owns a group of large and famous hotels who hires a person interested in reaching girls who are going through difficult social situations, exploiting girls and forcing them to Exercising vice with customers in the hotel, and if the girl violates this matter, she will be subjected to violence and punishment. However, there is a girl who decides to escape with her sister from this great disaster and is exposed to some problems and difficulties during the escape.

Actress Esra Ronabar artwork

The artist Esra Ronabar presented some of the best works during her artistic career, which have achieved great success in the world of cinema and television, and the most famous of these works are:

In 2007, she presented the movie “Don’t be afraid of life,” a dramatic movie that was shown during this year.

In 2008, the artist Esra Ronabar presented a play entitled “Servant of Two Masters”, and after completing it she presented another theatrical performance in the play “The City is Municipal.”

In 2010, the artist played a distinguished role in the series “Picked Zahra”, embodying the character “Hana”, which the audience liked so much.

In the same year, she performed the play “A Place in the Middle of the World” at the Medina Theater in Istanbul, followed by the play “The City”.

At the end of 2010, the artist, Esra Ronabar, provided a distinguished role in the series “The Abyss”, embodying the character of Nour.

She presented the series “The Last Othmani” in 2012.

The series “White Poppy” and “Istanbul’s Story” in the same year.

She also participated in the series “Even If Fate Separates”.

Awards received by Esra Ronabar

The artist Esra Ronabar won a number of awards during her acting career, in honor of her for the wonderful works that she presented on Turkish television, these awards are:

She won the Best Actress Award at the 36th Esmat Theater for the year 2011 for her role in the play “A Place in the Middle of the World”.

She also won the 33rd Esmat Judging Award for the year 2008 for her role in the play “How should the play be represented”, and other awards she has received for her artistic work, which she is still presenting until now.