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Cemre Gumeli

her religion, her birth date, age, artistic beginning, her astrological sign, nationality, place of birth, height, weight, most important roles, series, and all her information, we present to you in a full report about her that tells her biography. During Simai’s role in the Tatlı İntikam series, this series was the main reason behind her fame in the Arab world after the series was shown. She performed several dramatic works that made her one of the most important stars of the golden screen in Turkey, and through this report we will get to know Cemre Gumeli closely in addition to Learn about the story of the Tatlı İntikam series, while learning about its most important dramas.

Who is Cemre Gumeli?

Date of birth: September – 24 – 1991
Age in 2020: 29 years
Astrological Sign: Libra
Nationality: Turkish
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Religion: Muslim
Profession: Actress
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Academic qualification: Department of Art and Culture – Istanbul University
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Academic qualification: Faculty of Languages, History and Translation – University of Ankara
Marital Status: Unmarried
Hobbies: acting – reading books – playing the piano – ballet – dancing – singing
Artistic Activity: 2016 – Now.

Her biography

The young star Cemre Gumeli is one of the most beautiful girls on the Turkish screen, she is a spoiled girl since her childhood, she loved to practice sports, dance and singing, Jimri excelled in more than one sports game such as basket and plane, in addition to playing yoga, she was born in Istanbul to a Turkish family, and she has a sister Lonely, she lived her childhood playing sports and fun in addition to her participation in all school activities, then she decided to participate in school theater and from here her association with acting began.

Jimery joined high school, and her attachment to acting began to grow day by day, and she decided at this stage that her future depends on art and acting, then she joined the Faculty of History, Languages ​​and Translation at Ankara University, and from the first day she joined the university theater, and she spoke two languages ​​beside her primary language Turkish, German and English, and after her graduation from the university she worked for a period in the field of tourism because she was able to speak several languages, in addition to her studies related to tourism along with history, but during this period she realized that her biggest passion is acting and began to search for her dream to achieve it.

Cemre Gumeli’s acting start

After completing her university, Jimmy decided to travel for a while to New York, and she traveled for 5 months and then returned by chance to participate in her first television work, the series “Tatlı İntikam”, and this series was the great artistic beginning of the star Cemre Gumeli by presenting the role of Simai In the series, which won the admiration of the Arab and Turkish audiences, the series revolves around a handsome university man who falls in love with a girl and tries to open up to her more than once, but she refused him many times, then the girl gets a suitable groom and her family decides to make a huge wedding, then the girl is surprised by the escape Her husband on the wedding day without giving any reasons for the girl to be stunned.

The bride tries to find out the secret behind what happened to her, then a fortune teller comes to her, and tells her that the reason for what happened to her is that before that she caused a great number of people to hurt feelings, and she must atone for this sin by asking for forgiveness from the people who angered them. Juveniles and “Beilin” Sinan meets the person whom she rejected before and begins to fall in love with him, so how will Sinan take revenge on her after she rejected him several times ?, Jimery played the role of a married girl who lives in love and understanding with her husband, and she is considered the most beautiful girl among her friends, and even better than He deals with issues with her partner, Simai is light-hearted, plus lots of fans have a lot of admiration for the duo that Jamery poses with Emre Taskeren.

Cemre Gumeli religion life
Cemre Gumeli religion life

The role of Cemre Gumeli in Tatlı İntikam

After her wonderful role in the series Tatlı İntikam, and after obtaining a large space that made her attract attention since her first appearance on Turkish screens, Jimery got in 2018 one of her most beautiful roles during her artistic career, which is the series “Don’t Leave My Hand”. The largest advertising campaign, and it got an infinite number of views, because of the ideal daylight saving time in which the series was shown. The series adapted from the famous Korean series “The Wonderful Inheritance” revolves around a girl who studied cooking in America and when she returns to find that her father has declared bankruptcy, And that his wife expelled him and her young brother who was diagnosed with autism, in addition to the hero who also returned from America and fate wanted to meet the girl, and then brought them together several situations that made them fall into a great love story.

Cemre Gumeli in the series Cesur ve Güzel

The young star Cemre Gumeli participated in the world-successful series Cesur ve Güzel with the international star Tuba Buyukston and the international star Kivanc Tatlitug, and the series revolves around a beautiful girl who lives in a small village, and a handsome young man named Jusoor decided to move to the village where his parents lived when He was young, and on the day he moved to the village, he found Jusoor, a beautiful girl wandering around with her white horse, and he fell in love with her at first sight, then the girl lost control of the horse, so he was about to fall with her, but Jusoor came and rescued her. Jusoor that Jamila is the same girl whose father caused the death of my father, Jusoor, who had been seeking revenge all his life on them, so will Jusoor give up love for the sake of revenge?

Personal life of actress Cemre Gumeli

Cemre Gumeli is distinguished by a thoughtful and cheerful personality, she is a girl who loves dancing, singing and acting, in addition to her love of reading and writing stories and articles. Despite the small number of works that Jamery participated in, all the works that she participated in succeeded greatly on the world level and not only at the local level, as for the emotional life, Jimrey finds that the step of love and attachment is not an easy step, but rather you must think carefully about it so that you can From announcing her association with a specific person, and she finds pleasure in her profession that she does not think she will find in any other profession, Jimry is a girl who loves change and hates office work, and she finds that although the profession of acting is a tiring profession, she finds it the most enjoyable times and does not feel bored .

Cemre Gumeli series

Tatlı İntikam series, 2016
Cesur ve Güzel, 2016
The series Don’t leave my hand in 2018