Ayca Varlier religion, husband, series, information and a complete report


Ayca Varlier, information about her religion, her age, her work, she presented the role of Laila in the series Kehribar, her place of birth, her date of birth, nationality, her artistic beginning, her first fame, her life story, her astrological sign, her academic qualification, her height, her social status, all of that will be shown To you in a full and detailed report on the wonderful artist Ayca Varlier.  
Ayca Varlier her religion

Who is Ayca Varlier?

Date of birth: June 22, 1977.

Age: 43.

Nationality: Turkish.

Religion of Islam.

Height: 174 cm.

Astrological Sign: Cancer.

Her acting debut: 1998.

Place of birth: Ankara, Turkey.

Qualification: Graduated from Hart University, Department of Music, USA.

Occupation: singer, actress, TV presenter.

Her marriage: Unknown.

Ayca Varlier and Biography

Ayca Varlier is a Turkish actress, and she is also a singer and TV presenter, and she was born in Ankara, Turkey, on the twenty-second day of June 1977. The United States of America and she studied high school and university there, and she also majored in the music department, after her graduation from the university she went to the field of art and acting, but first decided to train and receive some lessons in acting until her talent grew, and indeed her first appearance was in 1998, but it was her beginning Actual artistry and the beginning of her public knowledge and fame in 2004.

Ayca Varlier is a multi-talented artist. She has worked as a singer in some concerts and has acted in many films and TV series. She has worked as a broadcaster and has appeared in some television programs. She has won some awards for her roles in some of the plays that she has participated in. When talking about her personal life, we find that the artist Ayca Varlier is not someone who likes to talk about their personal life, so we do not know whether she is married or not, but whenever we know that she has a sister who is some years older and called Asli.

Awards received by Ayca Varlier

She won some awards for her wonderful roles in some plays that she appeared in. She also won the Best Musical and Comedy Actress Award for her role in the play Fosforlu / Sadri Alışık in 2016. She won an award from the Lily Theater Awards as the best comedic actress for her role in the play Afif in 2011. Won the Best Comic Actress Award for her role In the Sadri Alışık play, in 2011.

The role of Ayca Varlier in Kehribar

The actress Isha participated in the series Kehribar, and she also appeared in the role of Leila and this role is considered the starring role, playing the role of the hero of Orhan who left her and left his family 20 years ago and traveled to Germany, the series revolves around Orhan who loves Laila, and she is a rich girl but her family They refused her marriage to Orhan, and one day Laila and Orhan were in her father’s factory, so Laila’s brother Moses quarrels with Orhan, so Orhan pounced on Moses and stabbed him in the leg, which led to Moses losing his leg and manhood as well.

After that incident Orhan left his girlfriend Laila and traveled to Germany, but Moses did not leave him and went after him and watched Orhan, and after a while Moses discovered that Orhan had married and had a son, but this son was not his son, Moses meets Orhan in a restaurant and Moses threatens him to kill his family and Orhan responds to him threatening him, Moses hits Orhan and falls over in the hospital to learn that he has cancer, so he decides to return again to Turkey, and when he returns to know that his father is in the hospital, he goes to him, and then Orhan meets his beloved Laila and collides again with Moses.

Orhan’s family has a plot of land and Moses wants to buy it, but Orhan’s father refuses that. Orhan has a brother who is married and his wife always insists on him to sell that land. So Moses agreed with Orhan’s brother’s wife to kill his father and when she does so and Orhan’s father dies, everyone is surprised that His father has written all his possessions to him and Orhan continues to refuse to sell the land and the disagreements between Orhan and Moses also continue until the episodes are completed.

The number of episodes of that work is 15 episodes, and it was also shown in 2016, the series Kehribar written by Sinan Tozko and artist Ali Ayden and directed by Ali Gundudo, and this work starring the artist Gorkan Uygun, and the star of our article today is the artist Ayca Varlier, the artist Najib Memeli, and the artists Özge Özder, Ahmet Uz, Fırat Altumeşe, Aslıhan Güner, Yağmur Aydan.

The plays by Ayca Varlier

She participated in many wonderful plays that we will mention to you. Then she participated in the play Spring Awakening. And she participated in the play Cher Mollier and assumed the role of Almir. She participated in the play Man of La Mancha. And she participated in the carnival play. Then she participated in the play Men and dolls.

She also participated in the action play. And she participated in the play 42nd St. She participated in the play Beit Laila. We mention that she participated in the West Side Story play and this work was in 2005. She participated in the Rock Musicalar play and this work was in 2007. Then she participated in the play Hisseli Harikalar Kumpanyası and appeared in the role of Suhaila and this work was in 2007.

Among her theatrical works is the play Leyla’nın Evi, and she appeared in the role of Roxy and this work was in 2010. She participated in the play Hekate’nin Şarkısı in 2010. She participated in the phosphorous play Lunon Heka Yessi in 2015. Then she participated in the play Taher El Zahr, in 2017.

Series Ayca Varlier

I participated in the Doctor Bouquet series, and this work was in 2004. I participated in the series Nour and this work was in 2005. Then I participated in the Kehribar series and appeared in the role of Layla and this work was in 2016. She also participated in the “Khareef Al Hob” series, and this work was in 2011. Then I participated In the series Song of Life, this work was 2016.