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Actor İsmail Hacıoglu, information and a detailed report on his religion, family, wife and nationality, complete information about his family, his acting career and the most important work in acting that he presented from series and films, and a set of new and exclusive pictures of him, and his official social networking sites.

Who is İsmail Hacıoğlu?

Date of birth: November 30, 1985
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Age: 34 years old
Nationality: Turkish
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Hair color: black
Eye color: Dark brown
Religion Muslim
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Academic qualification: studied at the Moujdat Jezzine Theater for the Arts.
Marital status: Married
His acting career began in 2001
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İsmail Hacıoglu

Information about İsmail Hacıoglu

Actor İsmail Hacıoğlu was born on November 30, 1985, his paternal family is of Turkish origin immigrated from Bulgaria, his father Mehmet Hasoglu, nicknamed Bulgarian Muhammed, former football player in Fenerbah Hacha, İsmail Hacıoğlu started working in elementary school in the fifth grade and studied acting in the theater department of Jezzine Waves Center For arts, he graduated from the theater department at Mimar Sinan University’s Conservatory.

İsmail Hacıoglu was born on November 30, 1985
There, he participated in plays for two seasons, playing in a private theater founded by his teachers Aydogan Tamer and Erdal Duman for one season, and then in the Istanbul Youth Theater founded by Duman, he began dubbing advertisements. While playing in “Bir Istanbul Masalı”, he won the theater department at the State Institute at Mimar Sinan University, but left the university after that. He has a sister named Kardelen who started making money by dubbing when he was only 12 years old.

İsmail Hacıoglu, his wife and daughter

Ismail Hajoglu married actor Fidan Atasifer on April 10, 2010, in 2014, he left Istanbul with his wife and settled in Dacha. They divorced on January 21, 2015.Hacıoğlu Duygu Kaya married again on February 5, 2016, AD and has a daughter named Yammine from this marriage.

Ismailoglu and Duygo got married suddenly without warning in a narrow family ceremony in early February 2016 after Ismail divorced his first wife, actress Feldan Atasvir, famous for Benhal in (Nada Al Omar), after about four and a half years after their marriage without having children. The fact that the bride, Doigo, had a baby three months after her marriage, explains their sudden, rapid marriage.

İsmail Hacıoglu, his wife and daughter

İsmail Hacıoglu started acting

His first appearance on the screen was in 2001 through his participation in the 2001 film Bana sans dile, after which he participated in many these series The Municipal Trainer, The Story of Istanbul, The White Pouch, The Grocery series, The Voice of the Night, the Suspicion series, the Escape from Prison series, the Zairik series and Chayric
He played important roles in film and television but gained his popularity from appearances in TV series. He played the role of Fatih Sultan Muhammad in a series titled Osman Osman Osman Tokadi “, which aired on TRT in April 2013.

and He is best known for his role as Hussam in the series “Forgotten Kouloub”. The series tells the story of a poor girl who works for the rich Arhan family, where the girl falls in love with “Amir”, the youngest son of this family. But Amir does not recognize this love and is indifferent to it. Time passes and “Amir” marries another girl, and she discovers that she loves “Selim” the older brother, and he also loves her, and they decide to marry. Salim’s parents reject this marriage, but they marry without thinking or realizing these problems. The series was shown on MBC 4.

He played in the 2006 movie Sinav as Mert. The Test is a 2006 Turkish comedy-drama film directed by Umar Faruk Surak, about five Turkish high school students preparing to enter the university entrance exam, who recruit the services of a professional thief, played by Jean-Claude Van Damn, to steal papers. The film was shown all over Turkey on October 20, 2006. Five friends (Mert, Sinan, Jamzi, Kan and Uluk) participated in the university entrance examination at the national level. Desperate for a passing score, they try to pool their resources together and enlist the services of a thief / hitman (Charles) to hire them to steal papers. All five of them have good reasons to do so.

Hasan Çetin in the series Çocuk

Turkish series (Çocuk) is a female drama and will fight for children. Nazan Kisal will be the heroine of the series and will play the role of Asia. As is known, recently Nazan Kisal appeared in the series The Ring. The child series is expected to be watched on Starem TV. The children’s series is directed by Serkan Pritje, director of the series Sad Flowers. Serhat Tioman as Ali Kamal Kinan Agar as: Murad Murphy Chagiran as: Aksha. Ceyda Ates as: Shula. Nazan Kisal as: Asia

 Filming was taken from Ahmed Square in Istanbul in other areas of Istanbul, talking about a mother abandoning her child. She will meet with the audience in September. The series is expected to be filmed in neighborhoods such as Beykoz and Sariyer in Istanbul.
As for Hassan’s role, it is a mixture between evil and medicine. He made the director show Hassan with a cruel character who was raised in the shelter, loved a girl and became pregnant from him, but he hit her severely because of his suspicion of his son’s lineage, and he went to prison for a while and told him that the child in his stomach died, but he did not die and she gave him to a family Great for you to raise, and go out.
The most important works of İsmail Hacıoglu from series and movies

TV series

Municipal trainer in 2002
Istanbul story in 2003
White Poppy 2007
Groceries 2007
Sound of Night 2008
Suspicion 2011
Prison break 2011
Ottoman 2013
Zairek and Chairac in 2015
Wali 2009
The apple fell in 2009
Children 2009
Communication device 2009
Jackal in 2010
Maryam in 2001
Love Me Has End 2015
The cage 2015
2006 exam
2005 Istanbul Stories
Awards won by İsmail Hacıoglu
2003 – The 40th Antalya Film Festival – an optimistic young actor to meet
2003 – 15th Ankara Film Festival – Mehmet Amin Toprak Optimistic new actor to meet
2003 – 25th Turkish Film Prize – Optimistic Actor of the Year to Meet
2004 – the eleventh session of the “Best Actor” award – an optimistic actor to meet
2009 – 20th Ankara Film Festival – Best Supporting Actor Gökçen Elma Dosto
2011 – 16th Sadri Alışık Awards – “Best Actor of the Year” Çakal – Erhan Kozan

Information about İsmail Hacıoglu