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ümit kantarcılar, his religion, his age, his nationality, his date of birth, his personal life, his place of birth, how he started his artistic career, and what are the most important works that ümit participated in, in addition to his latest works that he will participate in, with the presentation of a bouquet of the finest pictures of the artist Omit in His different looks, all this and more in a detailed report on him.

Information on ümit kantarcılar

Date of birth: 10 – 10 – 1987
Age 2020: 33 years old
Place of birth: Antalya, Turkey
Astrological Sign: Libra
Height: 187 cm
Hair color: brown
Eye color: blue
The wife: Topod wink
Academic qualification: Maltepe University Theater
Number of boys: 1
Artistic career: (2006 – present)
Personal Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/umitkantarcilar/
Twitter personal account: https://twitter.com/umitkantarcilar

ümit kantarcılar sweetheart religion series biography

Life story of ümit kantarcılar

ümit kantarcılar is one of the most handsome faces on the Turkish scene, ümit was born in the city of Antalya or “Antalya” which is located in southwestern Turkey, ümit was born in 1987 on the tenth day of October, he is only 33 years old, ümit is distinguished by attractive features Blue eyes and shiny brown hair, which made him one of the most famous faces of Turkey, who enjoy wide fame and many admirers, whether in Turkey or in the Arab world.

Mit lived his childhood in the city of Antalya, and he was a lover of art and music since his childhood, and mit was able to take care of that talent, and he joined the Institute of Music at the Turkish University of Majdat, and mit learned music and playing, but he changed his path to the world of art and acting, and participated in performing his first play 2005 year.
Ümit kantarcılar beginnings in acting

Due to his attractive features, Umit was able to join the acting team, to do many plays in his beginnings, Omit did not go to drama directly, and standing on the stage helped him to get more experience and confidence, which helped him a lot when he went to Turkish television, and he Umit by acting his first drama in 2006 through “Hayat Şarkısı” or “Song of Life”, one of the most famous Turkish drama series.

ümit kantarcılar wife

In 2014, after ümit kantarcılar achieved wide fame in Turkey and in many countries of the world, he announced his marriage to the Turkish actress Ghamzeh Tobod, who participated in many Turkish series, gave birth to a girl from Umit, one called “Alice”, but unfortunately this did not last Marriage is a lot, in 2015 the two parties announced their separation amidst the shock of the public, the marriage lasted for only ten months, and a wink was about four years older than Umit, but this is not the reason, and both Umit and Winka refused to announce the reason, and it was said that the wink was related to another person. Very shortly after her separation from Umit.

Series İki Aile

After his first participation in the series “The Song of Life”, which starred Birkan Sokollu and Borgo Percek, Umit managed to get another role in Turkish drama in the same year through his participation in the series “Two Families”, one of the most famous Turkish dramas, the series “ Two families ”is the second dramatic work in which ümit kantarcılar participates in the Turkish drama, and the series tells about the father“ Wael ”who returns from exile with his three daughters, and“ Aida ”who is looking for a small house so that she and her two sons can live in it, so that the two families fall victim The process of erecting through the purchase of the same house, and the events take place in a comic social framework.

“Two Families” was shown in the Arab world, and it was one of the most famous series, and it enjoyed a very high viewing rate due to its comedic and dramatic nature, which tends to the Arab world. The series won a special place in the hearts of Arab audiences, and they were closely associated with the characters, and Umit had good luck. To be known in the Arab world through his role in the series.

In 2011, Umit had the opportunity to participate in the youth series “Little Secrets”, in which he presented a small role in which the character “Arkan” was embodied. The series tells about a group of girls and young people from different social classes, and the problems that rich youth suffer with their families, In addition to trying to change society’s perception of the poor, by knowing many secrets of young men and women, the series is a social youth starring many Turkish drama stars such as “Burak Ozjevit” and “Maruh Bogor”, and the series won at its time many views, especially From the youth age group due to the series dealing with that period of high school and university stage, with many problems faced by young people at this age group, and Umit was able to gain the admiration of viewers and directors in this series, so that he was able to obtain other roles of larger areas, After participating in this series.

His role in Yerden YukseK

In the same year of his participation in the series “Yerden YukseK”, mit also got another role with more space in the drama series “High of the Earth” or as it is called in Turkish “Yerden YukseK” and mit presented in this series a character called “Anil”, then Then he participated in the drama “Pebble Ston”, through which he presented the character Ikram, after which Umit presented many different roles in Turkish drama. In 2012, mit was able to participate in the series “Fathers and Sons”, and in 2015 Umit participated in the series “City Angels” and in which he presented the role of “Gorkan”.

His role in the series Kacin Kuras

After many small roles presented by Umit, the handsome artist managed in 2017 to get a starring role in one of the most beautiful Turkish series, “Birds Without Wings” or as it is called in Turkish “Kacin Kuras” The series deals with a beautiful social issue, and tells the series About Nafisa, the beautiful lady of her average age, who lives with her four daughters, and has to take care of them after the death of their father. Nafisa is exposed to many harassment and problems in her work, until she meets “Muzaffar”, who changes her life for the better. The series has been shown since 2017 Until 2018, the series won the admiration of Turkish viewers. The series is directed by “Kemal Ozen.”

His role in the series Vuslat

In 2019, got an important role in the series “Vuslat” which was shown on Turkish government channels, and it is one of the series that has gained great views. The series revolves around a poor girl who works in designing and tailoring clothes, who is exposed to many problems before. A rich man called “Aziz”, Umit plays a bad boy who does a lot of bad work. It is a new role for Umit, and Umit still does a lot of good works that dazzle the viewers.