selin şekerci, series, religion, husband, kilo, sevgilisi, diziler

selin şekerci religion series husband, kilo, sevgilisi, diziler



selin şekerci,

series, religion, husband, kilo, sevgilisi, diziler, her age, her husband, her series, her nationality, her life story, her artistic career, all of that and more we present in a detailed report about her, after the spread of the Turkish series, the Arab masses became very attached to the heroes of the Turkish series of stars and stars, and the Arab masses became in A burning passion to know more about their favorite stars, and today we will offer lovers of Turkish series, a set of valuable information about the beautiful Turkish star, which the public adored for her beauty, presence, attractiveness and spontaneity that distinguishes her performance, so follow us to learn more about the life of Celine selin şekerci,

She was born in Izmir on June 1, 1989, to an Arab father and an Azerbaijani mother. She was called the pampered star of Turkey. Her father abandoned her. She left her with her mother who raised her and assumed her responsibility alone. She loved acting and started practicing it since her childhood. She completed primary and secondary education in Izmir,

She participated in Izmir State plays, She played in private theaters and children’s plays in Izmir, She graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University in the Department of Film and Television, where she joined the State Children’s Theater in her hometown Azmayz in Turkey to practice the beloved hobby of acting in her heart, she moved with her mother to Istanbul after participating in one of the agencies. Advertising and has become a distinctive advertising face known to the masses in a very small-time,

personal information

Date of birth: June 1, 1989
Nationality: Turkish
Place of birth: the Turkish city of Izmir
Religion: Muslim
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Age: 31 years
Beginning of her artistic career: 2007
Artistic age: 13 years of acting
Technical Title: The Pete Turkey Cat,
Academic qualification: I graduated from the Department of Film and Television from Istanbul University
Favorite hobbies: loves reading, traveling, and swimming
The famous quote: Acting is a matter of commitment

selin şekerci Biography and Childhood Story

Selin was born in the Turkish city of Izmir on the first of June 1989, from an Arab father and an Azerbaijani mother, her father separated from her mother while she was still a little girl, and her mother took charge of her upbringing, education and interest in her affairs, Selin learned in Izmir schools until she obtained her high school diploma,
Selin şekerci “is a beautiful person who loves to chat and loves to laugh and coffee. Her habit is to read a book with listening to music, and she loves to travel around the world, and for her love may be beautiful and possibly not.“Selene” is very attached to her family and considers it a love without return Too much.

She wants to travel to all countries of the world to learn about music. One of her dreams is to present fictional roles such as riding a broom and flying with it. She wishes to become a more famous artist and that her family is always proud of her. She loves a man and makes him happy with her.

She loves literature and reading in it, the most writer. A literary loved by Salih Ozturk, the most novel she saw and the reason for her love for acting was his novel (The Desire to Live). Love for her is life, and it may be beautiful and it may not, and that the relationship between any two must be interspersed with trust, understanding and equality besides love in order to continue for a long time

Selin şekerci was fond of acting from a very early age, and her mother helped her to develop her talent, and she participated in many theater shows in children’s theaters, and she also participated in the State Children’s Theater in Izmir,

Selin şekerci was distinguished since her childhood with excitement, fun and wit. Celine loved her mother to the point of insanity, also loved her family members and associated with them a lot, and besides acting, Celine Shakerci loved reading, especially reading in literature. To act, Celine also read many novels by the famous writer Salih Ozturk,

Selin şekerci moved from Izmir to Istanbul with her mother, after she contracted with an advertising agency to present advertisements, and enrolled at the university in Istanbul, and graduated from the cinema and television department,

Perhaps the most difficult thing for Selin was that she was subjected to a prison sentence, when she wrote on her personal Twitter account a tweet in which she said (all the thieving fraudsters will go, and he will make films about them, and I ask that I play the role of Erdoğan’s security), and the Turkish authorities charged Celine with insulting President Erdoğan Because of this tweet, and she was sentenced to prison, but the verdict was overturned under a presidential pardon from Turkish President Erdoğan,

selin şekerci kimdir?

Since her beginnings as an advertisement girl, she has attracted the attention of the masses because of her beauty, lightness, presence and spontaneity, and her distinctive beautiful features were a reason for the audience to cling to her. Kg. Its length is about 155 cm. Its features combine Arab and Azerbaijani beauty.

Celine believes that family love is the lasting love that is priceless, and therefore she is very attached to her family members, especially her mother and her brother, and Celine dedicates every success that she achieves to her family, and she dreams of acting fictional roles (as a girl who rides a broom and flies with it), and she dreams of achieving more successes In the field of acting that her family is proud of,

selin şekerci and her acting debut

Selin şekerci started acting in 2007, where she appeared for the first time on Turkish television through the series “The Willow Years”, in which she presented the role of “Fayza” from 2007 to 2010, and it was her real beginning and the big turning point in her life when she participated in the Turkish drama Famous through “innocent dreams” in 2009, in which she embodied the character of “Noor”, and her famous saying was always “Acting is an act that stems from commitment.”

Since childhood, by presenting many theater performances on children’s theaters in Izmir, she then moved to work as a model in advertisements in Istanbul, and her first television appearance was in 2007 in the series “Years of the Willow” in 2007, in which she played the role of Fayza,

The starting point for the world of heroism and the turning point in Selin şekerci’s artistic life was when she embodied the role of Nour in the famous Turkish series “Innocent Dreams” in 2009, and in 2011 she began her acting experience in cinema, when she participated in the Turkish film büyürken uyuyama, in which he wrote his story Writer Jokes Kumali, directed by director Serif Goren,

The star surprised her fans with her outstanding comedic performance when she participated in the Turkish comedy series “Fugitive Brides” in 2014, Celine Shkraji performed the role of the runaway bride (Patricia Gorsoy), and the series achieved the highest viewership and the audience and critics praised the distinguished performance,

She also excelled in performing dramatic roles when she participated in the series (My Daughter), which revolved around an 8-year-old girl, who discovers that she has a father and a mother that you do not know anything about, and she becomes terminally ill.

Perhaps the most famous series that she co-starred in is the 2016 series (Love Bitter), in which she embodied the role of Nur, the wife of Jude and the daughter of the director Adnan, and in 2017 she presented the title role in the Turkish series (Najmat Al-Ra’i), a romantic series in which she embodied Celine The role of Zahra, the gentle lover girl,

selin şekerci sevgilisi

The young Turkish actress, Celine Shakurji, strongly believes in love, and always declares that love is the most beautiful thing in life, and Celine Shakurji lived a wonderful love story with the artist (Kan Chan) and their relationship lasted for 4 years, and newspapers and media talked about the love story between them, But after a four-year relationship, they broke up due to jealousy,

After a while, the young actress, Selin şekerci, entered into a love affair with the artist (Janier Gendoruk). They are not currently considering marriage, and they have no plans for it.

About her personal life, she has a love affair with (Kan Tashan) and they have a great love story, and it lasted for years and reached four, but because of jealousy the two parties separated from each other, after a while she was associated with the artist Janeer Gendoruk, and a rumor emerged recently that they separated for the second time due to jealousy, but she confirmed There is no separation, and they are very good together. She said about the idea of ​​marriage, if there is a share, we will definitely marry, but now we do not have an idea related to marriage. She always said that acting is a work that stems from commitment. Acting is part of her and her heart. She has few friends.

selin şekerci series
selin şekerci series
selin şekerci, series, religion, husband, kilo, sevgilisi, diziler
selin şekerci, series, religion, husband, kilo, sevgilisi, diziler

selin şekerci Biography and Childhood Story