İsmail Filiz religion, wife, age, information and biography


News and information about İsmail Filiz Actor and actor known for TV drama and cinema, get to know İsmail Filiz Age, upbringing and marriage, what are the most important works of Ismail Veliz, how was the acting start and a lot of exclusive and renewed information and news.

Personal information

Date of birth: May 23, 1980
Place of birth: Cankiri – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
University academic qualification
Marital Status: Married.

Who is İsmail Filiz?

Ismail Filiz is a young Turkish actor with charisma and presence, a handsome man who drew many attentions with his handsomeness and his ability to show his abilities, he originally drew attention due to his exciting physical resemblance to the actor Kanan, tall and reached 195 meters tall, was born in Cankiri, Turkey in 1980 after graduating from university , He started working with his family at the age of 30, he became famous due to the similarity of his face to a well-known Turkish actor, Kinan Emzalioglu, it was his first work in a TV series called Ezel, it was announced that he would play a leading role in a new TV series.


İsmail Filiz religion, wife, age, information and biography
 İsmail Filiz religion, wife, age, information and biography


İsmail Filiz and his acting work

His first appearance on television was in 2009 with the popular series Aizel, in the role of Omar, which is a dramatic and exciting Turkish television series produced by Ay Yapım. It began broadcasting on Show TV on September 28, 2009 and began broadcasting on ATV on January 25, 2010, and ended on June 20, 2011. Although most of the series was filmed in Istanbul, some were injured in TRNC, Croatia and England, based on the Count of Montt Christo.

İsmail Filiz, the hero of the series Ezal

The series’ theme revolves around Omar Ozar as a trainee in a garage and lives a modest life with his family, his father Mumtaz Bey (Beyazıt Gülercan) is a carpenter and someone who pays great attention to family dignity, her mother Maliha Hanim (Ipek Bilgin) is a very visually impaired and intuitive woman, Omar is a man who believes and trusts in His people very quickly., Ali (Paresh Valai) and his childhood friend Cengiz (Yate Ozner) are his closest friends, and there is also Eyşan (Cansu Dere), who falls in love with her, and he can give her his life, in 1997, Omar returns from the army, he Now with all his loved ones Eyşan will marry and start a new life.

But there is something that he does not explain when he was in the army, the circumstances of his friends and the woman he loved have changed, Cengiz works in a casino and always dreams of being rich. Ishan will meet his father and sister, whom he left one day, and he will have to make a difficult decision that will affect his life. His sister Bahr (Sedef Avcı) is ill and needs high-cost treatment, Ishan Serdar’s father (Salih Klion) has presented a plan to find the required funds, according to this plan, a casino robbery will take place and require four people. The first person (Cengiz) will leak information, the second person (Kerpeten Ali) will be black-eyed enough to commit a murder, the third person will be the pure person (Umar), and the fourth person will introduce the whole organization, and if necessary, lie (Ishan).

İsmail Filiz more acting works

He became the main actor in the Anatolian Eagles in 2011. Directed and produced by Omar Vargi and produced by Murat Akdelik, Engin Altan Dosyatan, Ozge Osberense and Chatay Ulusoy played the leading roles in the film. The movie was shot at Konya III Main Jet Base. Izmir Sisli II Main Jet Base. Eskisehir Air Hospital and Fucha region in Izmir. This is the first in the history of Turkish cinema in this special shooting area. Which is 75 meters long and 20 meters high. Close-ups of training aircraft and combat aircraft were performed.

Its topic is about five young men from Harbiye, who dreamed of flying since their childhood: Honor. His childhood friend Aisha, Mustafa, Tunis and Fateh. Those who assert Aishah Eskişehir Air Hospital cannot pass the training and the roads are separated. The thing that brings these five friends together years later will be their experiences of the International Anatolian Eagle Exercise.
We see him in the lead role in the series Ezra as Changer Huseynov. Then he played the role of Yagazi in Milat. We see him in the role of Abaza Muhammad Pasha in the series The Magnificent Century. Turkish TV series in the genre of fairy tales. Which was released by Star TV on November 12, 2015. This series is an extension of The Magnificent Century series. Which was published between 2011-2014, the subject of this series is Ahmed’s first wife’s marriage. The health of Murad and Sultan Ibrahim. Fourth, Salah Muhammad the Great is built around Kösem Sultan The series has been sold to more than 50 countries before it goes live.

After the sudden death of his father in this season unexpectedly throne. Sultan Ahmed said he would not slaughter his younger brother in the meantime. Anastasia was brought to the palace by order of Safiye Sultan and presented to Sultanahmet. Although at first Anastasia wanted to return to her home and family. Except that the palace taught her to stay and so. He fell in love with Sultan Ahmet and took the name Kösem as Kusim raising the domination of the palace through the birth of four princes and four sultans and defeating all enemies becoming Husky Sultan. When Sultan Ahmed died. Kösem Sultan started a new winter. Sultan Ahmed’s brother. Akbar and Ersid system. Prince Mustafa ascended from the throne. But his mental and health balance was not in place.

İsmail Filiz in the movie Deliler

In 2018, he presented the film “Deliler” as a practical historical war film. It was first shown in the cinema on November 23, 2018. Directed by Osman Kaya and written by Ibrahim Ethsal Arslan. Mustafa Barak Dojo. Starring Jim Osan, Staff of Pitkaya and Nur Fatahjlu. It depicts the brave warriors of the Ottoman Empire. Intriguing topic in addition. The public wonders in the Ottomans who are the soldiers? They are the recruits who wear the curved sword. Shield . The spear. And Al-Ozaan as weapons. They wore a feathered helmet made of pars or spotted hyena skin.

Their clothes were made of lion, tiger and fox skin. Their shalwar was made of the skin of a bear or a wolf on the other hand. They wore pointed shoes with a pointed toe called a serhatlik ına hat. Later their clothes were changed. And since the seventeenth century. They began to wear a black sheepskin cloak with a turban over their heads. The majority of the soldiers are Turks and are chosen from among the peoples who live in Rumelia. The Ottoman forces formed by the Turks, Bosniaks, Croats and other Slavic peoples were among the retired soldiers of the Bek Rumelia and Pesh Sarhat. These soldiers were among the soldiers named Sirhadkulu.

 İsmail Filiz and his wife and photos

He married Nurana Bajiva in 2017. He was previously married to a woman named Evrin.


İsmail Filiz and his wife and photos
İsmail Filiz and his wife and photos

İsmail Filiz and his son
İsmail Filiz and his son