Ceren Yılmaz religion husband series sevgilisi diziler and career


Ceren Yılmaz “Jiren” is the heroine of the new Alp Navruz series in the Emerald of the Phoenix series, Ceren Yılmaz Get to know “Jiren” Ceren Yılmaz Age, upbringing and marriage, what is the most important work of Ceren Yılmaz or Jiren Yılmaz known as Zumurud, how was the artistic start and a lot of information and exclusive news And renewable.

Personal information about Ceren Yılmaz

Date of birth: June 3, 1991
Place of birth: Samsun
Nationality: Turkish
Academic qualification: university
Martial status: single

Life Story of Ceren Yılmaz

A young artist we saw in a number of workers, we remember her in the series Villenta, she was born on June 2, 1991, in a country called Samson, the audience knew her in the role of the twins in the series Filenta, her astrological sign is Gemini, her weight is 52 kg and height of 173 cm, the color of the eyes is blue and the hair is brown.

Ceren Yılmaz religion husband


Ceren Yılmaz and her acting work

Her artistic beginnings were in 2014 through a short TV series called “Alabora” starring Melis Maja Aksoy, Bukit Aras, Sida Kanpolat, and this role, despite its smallness, assured her that this and her new place, and she must fulfill her dream of acting, to appear in the series “Yagmurdan Kacarken” “Which is about the sure-footed female photographer Yilmaz (Carlos Martin), madly in love with a completely unconventional free spirit Idil (Ezgi Asaroglu) becoming dangerously fast, as they look perfect for each other, driven by insistence from his father and his married brother, Yilmaz Edel suggests, and they marry. There cannot be a strange marriage, but the love knows no reason.

Hatice in the series Filinta

Filinta is one of the military and war series that has movement, an Ottoman fictional police television series created for the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation by Yusef Skinkal and Serdar Uritsy. A man in Istanbul, a weapons dealer, and among the policeman Mustafa (Onur Tuna) the most skilled officers of Istanbul, where Boris is able to fabricate a murder case for Mustafa and the judge gives him a year to prove his innocence and not be executed or exiled, and Mustafa during his search for his innocence, his heart is attached to Lara, the daughter of Boris.

Boris throws a party and the judge attends it and Mustafa welcomes Boris and asks Mustafa why they call him Filenta Mustafa smiles and answers because no one escapes his hand, then Boris notices Mustafa’s gun and asks to see him and admires his determination and asks about him, and he tells him that he and his friend are about the one who was killed by Boris’s men. The judge and Boris in Boris’s office to speak while Mustafa waits outside, then he meets Moustafa Ballara again, and then she tells him that her father is the one who invited him, that is, he is Boris Zaharias. He shocks Mustafa and tries to calm down and tells her that her father is a nice man.

Lara is confused by Mustafa’s presence and causes the drink to fall on her dress, so she asks Mustafa to change her clothes and tells her that he will wait for her. The judge sees in the room some weapons written on the Qur’an from the days of the invasions and is sad because they fell into the hands of Boris and he hangs them in his office, Boris tries to claim his friendship For the Ottoman state, but the judge answers him that a friend can turn to the case, and vice versa, and he goes out in anger asking Mustafa to leave, but Mustafa wants to wait for Lara and is forced to go so that the judge does not reveal him and falls in love with the daughter of their greatest enemy.

Üç Harfliler: Adak is her first cinematic work

The first Turkish movie that I participated in was “ç Harfliler: Adak” in 2019, starring Sobhat Adler, Ali Aydogan, Ramzan Demir, it is a horror film and one of the Turkish horror thrillers, its story revolves around Saleh was shot in the forest where he went to hunt with his friend Mateen. Saleh, who was forced to live with a shot in his brain, needs material and spiritual help to heal. Matin, who said he would do everything he could for Saleh at first, gets caught up with his girlfriend Salih Sarmin, leaving Saleh desperate with his mother alone. Arzu, Matin’s former fiancée, couldn’t understand what had happened. While trying to discover why Matout behaved in this way, Saleh and his mother, a superwoman, visit Turkan.

Ceren Yılmaz

Zümrüdü Anka is her first series

Her first absolute tournament in front of the artist Alp Navruz called “The Phoenix Bird”, after the end of Alp Navruz from the series Don’t Leave My Hand, which was a great success despite the tragedies that it was in and that it is considered one of the Turkish series of modern dramatic and police character as well, and that the romantic side is full of it. With sadness and some sad troubles, he quickly agreed to starring in a new act called Zümrüdü Anka, or the Phoenix, or the Phoenix.

The work will be produced by Postel Film and will be co-starred by the artist, Geren Yilmaz, and the filming will begin at the end of December 2019 AD, so that the show will be in the first months of the new year 2020, that the filming of the work will be in a town called Cappadocia, which is about 730 km away from Istanbul. There, those in charge of the work may have to stay there until the end of filming the series, because the distance between them reaches 8 hours by car without stopping, and by bus it may reach 12 hours.

Sweetheart Ceren Yılmaz

A beautiful and brilliant artist since her first moments in front of the cameras, the audience predicted her wonderful future, she likes to appear a lot on social media, she has a lot of pictures that she loves to share with her followers, she loves to travel and shop a lot, she does not have a lot of information and did not share her audience with many of her secrets, as for Her personal life, as she is not in a relationship with anyone, and all she cares about is her artistic future.

Ceren Yılmaz husband