Cahit Kayaoğlu Religion Age, Wife, series & Biography

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A Turkish actor, born in Elazig, Turkey, born in 1974, his astrological sign is Libra, one of the actors who got their fame after their participation in the Valley of the Wolves series. He loves sportswear. He does not like to wear formal suits unless the need arises. The viewers loved him and became for them a personality. Main in the series, although he is not the main hero of the series, he is a nervous person, but his role in the series is to become a calm person, he was only represented in the series (Valley of the Wolves) and he has a simple role in a comic series (The Families) as a drummer, as for his personal life it was He is married, separated from his wife, and had no children with her, and it was said that he performed plastic surgery on his nose.

Cahit Kayaoğlu Religion Age, Wife

Date of birth: October 11, 1974.
Place of birth: Elazig, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Profession: Actor.
Age in 2020: 51 years old.
Religion Muslim.
Astrological Sign: Libra.
Years of activity: from 2007 until now.
Cahit Kayaoğlu’s Wife: Sevgan Alkan.

Cahit Kayaoğlu Biography & Life Story

Actor Cahit Kayaoğlu was born on the 11th of October 1974 in the city of Elazig in Turkey. He was known in the recent period as the hero of the Valley of the Wolves series from the fourth part to the tenth part. The Valley of the Wolves series is one of his most famous artistic works, and he is considered one of the best famous Turkish actors. With good looks and intelligence, the audience loved him, although he was not the main hero of the series, but he gained great popularity and fame through his skillful performance of his role. one.

Cahit Kayaoğlu made his acting debut

Jahid is one of the Turkish actors who gained great fame through his role in the “Valley of the Wolves” series, which is considered a great leap in his path and his artistic career, and although he played some roles before, he did the most prominent roles. Jahid started his artistic career in 2007 when he presented a role in The Valley of the Wolves series, Part IV, until its work continued through the rest of the series until it ended in the tenth part, but there is news that other parts of the series will be completed soon, and of course Jahid will participate in his role that has not ended yet.

The most important works of Cahit Kayaoğlu

The Turkish actor, Cahit Kayaoğlu, did not get the outcome of great artistic work, but his participation in the series “Valley of the Wolves” is a unique experience and a distinguished participation for him. Therefore, he had ample luck in presenting six parts so far of the ten parts of the series, and he is expected to complete the eleventh part and have a role Also, we will now talk about this wonderful work and its most important heroes and the most important events it deals with.

Cahit Kayaoğlu hero of Valley of the Wolves

A large group of Turkish actors and actresses participated in presenting this successful work, who are:
Necati Chashmaz, who had the main lead role and embodied the role of Murad Alamdar, who was recruited by Aslan Akbi Bey and changed his name from Ali Gandan to Murad Alamdar, and his father Muhammad Qarkhanli was a mafia man supported by the Turkish state to eliminate its enemies and eliminate anyone who tries to reduce its prestige The Turkish state, as for Murad, faces a group of enemies and succeeds in eliminating them, and Murad joins the Khiyari Commission and then becomes its president and then tries to eliminate the temple guards, and one of the most important figures who gain Murad’s confidence is Jahid Kaya, who presents the role of Abed.

Actor Kanan Joban is our second hero and he embodied the character of Abdul Hayy Joban, one of the sources of confidence for Murad Alamdar and is considered one of the closest characters to him, and he is the third hero in the series after Murad and Mimati Abdul-Hay. Abdel-Hay faces some problems, but he is calm and intelligent and is killed by a bomb explosion And that in the final episode of the eighth part.

Actor Cahit Kayaoğlu, who represents Abed and is one of the best men in the series in whom Murad Alamdar puts great confidence, appears in the fourth part as he helps Murad in his work, and in the eighth part when the death of Murad Alamdar is announced, he tries to enter with the guards of the temple and indeed succeeds in With the agreement of Murad, who is still alive, Jahid continues his work with the guards of the temple on orders from Murad.

Gorkan Uygun, who embodies the character of Memati Bash, considers the right hand of Murad as a nervous person, and he helps Murad in his work and tries at the end of the sixth part to marry Suleiman Shakir’s daughter, but in his marriage ceremony he is assassinated.

There are many Turkish actors and actresses who have distinguished roles in the series Valley of the Wolves, such as the actress Devni Samili, who embodied the role of Zainab, Erhan Afak, who played the role of Imran, Ertugrul Shakar, who played the role of Yassin, Gaya Gursel, who played the role of Safia Krakhanli, Andy Garcia, who played The role of Amon, Yilmaz Medanari, who presented the role of Hakki Bavari, Doja Sakarya, who presented the role of Rahaf, Nevin Evi, who presented the role of Samra Aimar, and other best group of Turkish stars, and the first parts of the series were shown in 2003 and the fourth part in which the actor participated Jahad Kaya was shown in 2005 and was dubbed into Arabic in 2008, and it is a political and police series.

Jahid Kaya presented the series Valley of the Wolves Iraq, Valley of the Wolves, Palestine, and in a meeting of Jahid Kaya with Sweilem Sweilem, the Palestinian star, they talked about the new part of Valley of the Wolves, in which he believes that Sweilam will have a role in it, and Jahid says that Swailem will be a successful star because he has achieved success Kabir since he started his artworks, and Jahid wished that Sweilem would participate with them in working in Valley of the Wolves.

Who is Cahit Kayaoğlu’s Wife?

Jahid Kaya married the first time, but he did not have children and separated from his wife, then in 2016 he married Sevjan Alkan and attended his wedding the heroes of the series Valley of the Wolves and Murad was a witness to the marriage contract and also attended Ariel, Basat, Akef, Rahaf, Asya, Kinan, Youssef and many more Of the characters.

TV series in which Cahit Kayaoğlu participated
Valley of the Wolves’ series from the first to the tenth part.
Cinematic works in which Cahit Kayaoğlu participated
Valley of the Wolves, Iraq
Valley of the Wolves, Palestine.