Aybüke Pusat religion, husband, series, sevgilisi, diziler


Aybüke Pusat religion, husband, series, sevgilisi, diziler

Information about Aybüke Pusat, we collected all the information and full details for you that you want to know about it. Who is her family and who is her lover. How old is it. Other information about her height and weight. And its official sites on social networking sites. And the beginning of her career in acting. When did you get the title of Miss Turkey? Her favorite things and hobbies that she practices. The most important work carried out by series, films and programs. And a new exclusive photo collection for her.

Personal information

Date of birth: February 25, 1995
Place of birth: I was born in Turkey – Ankara
Age: 23 years old
Weight: 50 kg
Height: 174 m
Spouse’s Name: Unmarried
Profession: Turkish actress, model
Nationality: Turkey
Religion: Muslim
Hair color: Black
Eye color: black
Astrological Sign: Pisces

Academic qualification: She graduated from the Ballet Department of the Higher Institute in Ankara at Hacettepe University, studies the Business Administration Department at Anadolu University
Favorite sport: swimming continuously, playing sports in the gym.
Her favorite things: she travels and photography, relaxing in front of the sea, she is a nature lover, loves raising pets like dogs and cats, she owns a cat and a dog and takes care of them a lot, loves to play the guitar and go out with friends, spend time with her audience on social media, and share with them Her>

Instagram: https \ www.instagram.com Aybüke Pusat
Facebook: https \ facebook.com Aybüke Pusat
Twitter: https \ twitter.com Aybüke Pusat

Religion Aybüke Pusat, origins, birth and study

Miss Turkey for the year 2014 was born in Ankara in 1995, and she is a graduate of Hacettepe University, Department of Ballet at the Government Institute in Ankara, after studying dance and piano, she preferred to be a ballerina. After that, she decided to continue her educational life in the business administration department of Anadolu University most famously playing Bahar Kutlu in the TV series Söz. She lived with her family in Ankara until the end of the fifth grade of high school, she is the youngest of her sisters, her family was a performer who helped her a lot and supported her, she learned ballet from her childhood, she was a thin child with a slim body, she chose ballet to learn because of her love for him, and because of watching ballet dancers and wished to become like them, the Institute of Music entered the Ballet Department of Hacettepe University, and she is also studying business in open education, the Department of Business Administration at Anadolu University, at the same time despite her interruption for a while, in addition to that she joined an educational acting agency to get the necessary training in acting.

Aybüke Pusat her education and family life

She lived in Ankara with her family until she finished the fifth grade of high school, she has sisters, she is the youngest of her sisters, her family is a performer who helped her a lot and supported her after they were convinced of her talent, she learned ballet from a young age, she was a thin child with a slim body, she learned ballet because of her love for him, she was watching ballet dancers On television and imitating them, and she wished to become a famous ballerina, after completing high school, she joined the Institute of Music, Ballet Department of Hacettepe University, not only that, she studies business in open education, Department of Business Administration at Anatolia University, at the same time despite her interruption for a while She got a lot of training in acting, and joined an educational acting agency.

Aybüke Pusat works she loves to do and her favorite sport

She studied music and playing the piano, trained on dancing, and attended many exercises for them, as she is one of the girls who love education and always add to her new life. She loves to fill her day with fun, energetic work that does not bring boring, loves to read about everything new and learn everything she can learn, no matter what It took her a while. Learned English and is learning French now.  became interested in European culture and met her friends from Europe in order to increase her culture.  hopes to go there and be hosted in the European region. Loves trips and transportation from one country to another. The meaning of the name “aybüke” is a warrior. Moon or moonlight. In Turkish mythology, the meaning of the name “pusat” is Venice.

Her personal life Aybüke Pusat and her lover

After her work with the actors Tolga Saritas in the series The Covenant, it was said that they are in a relationship with each other, especially after they appeared in a state of close proximity, the presence of chemistry between them, and the admiration of many in their role together, but they denied this claim, Tolga Saritas said that they are just friends, and they denied the existence of any relationship Among them, after her role in the series Tal Al-Qusour in 2018.

She appeared in a romantic role with the young actresses Buran Cosum, rumors began to circulate around them as well, after they entered together from a private party, and they met with the press, then they made sure to go out separately in order to evade the journalists, and the journalists asked them about a relationship between them. They did not answer these questions, and some said The reason why they did not respond is as a kind of advertisement for their series together. Now, news has spread that Ibuki is in love with Jan Yogal, son of the actor Ugur Yogal, and that the two have spent their vacation together in Uludag. 

Her family is of Tatar descent. She did not release much information about her family. But he posted a picture on Instagram with her parents in June 2017. She is in love with actors Tolga Saritas, who presented their latest series with her, but they denied this claim, she is not related to anyone yet.

Aybüke Pusat Series Movies and TV Shows

The star started her acting career for the first time in 2014 with Elidor Miss Turkey. She appeared in the drama series, Or The Life of Binem, starring Azahi Asaroglu, Keremsim, and Siren Murray. He made her acting debut by playing the role of Aleph in the 2014 TV series Medcezir. In addition to being beautiful, she is a very smart girl, with a good head, so she learned a lot of things in a short period of time. She studied ballet and then worked in the opera house as a ballet dancer, then the audience and the world began to know about her when she decided to enter the Miss Turkey competition in 2014, and she got the title The second runner-up in the competition.

Then she began to actually think about acting and that this work that increases her enthusiasm and was looking for a while ago, this idea came after her success in the beauty pageant, and she joined an advertising agency for acting, then she got lessons with it and attended many workshops to be closer than the two actors and grow her talent more. Aybüke Pusat said on Instagram: Aybüke Pusat, who separated from the cups of the series Ahed at the end of the second season, said in her last appearance that she has work for the next season on the screen and that viewers will not be disappointed.

Aybűke was crowned as Miss Turkey Istanbul. In the same competition with three other winners of Miss Turkey 2014. Dylan and three other queens were crowned Miss World Turkey and the official winner of the competition, Miss Universe Turkey second place, Miss Turkey as third and last place Miss Turkey. The Miss Turkey 2014 contest was held at Star TV Studios in Istanbul on May 27th.

Aybüke Pusat her latest news

Winning the Miss Turkey title, Aybüke Pusat was supposed to fly to the Philippines in November to compete with nearly 100 other candidates to be Aliz Henrik’s successor as Miss Earth. However, with the Miss Earth season high, Aybüke was unable to compete due to her acting role.

She loves cooking a lot, especially Turkish cuisine, getting to know different cultures and sharing them. She wishes to travel to Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, and she is very confident of herself. And says it is enough for a person to devote himself and believe in himself, his person is very ambitious, she does What she likes and feels good while doing this work, she thinks that the beauty and thinness of the body is very important in theatrical works, and that beauty is very important in this field, she wishes to present the role of the naive girl, just as she presented the role of Bahar, the enthusiastic courage. And takes care of her garden and has a lot of colorful flowers, She watered them constantly and had the ability to tell if they were hungry. She liked farming and dealing with the land.