Who is Melis Isiten

Who is Melis Isiten religion age?



Who is Melis Isiten?

Melis Isiten is a Turkish actress, she trained in acting and studied it. She married the artist Oraz Kayclaroglu and separated from him and she has a daughter, and now she is in a relationship with the singer Murad Boz, so we can get to know her in the next article in detail.

What is melis işiten’s birth date?
melis işiten was born on June 30, 1989.
What is the age of melis işiten ?
31 years old in 2020 AD.
What is melis işiten’s birthplace?
I was born in Istanbul.
What is the nationality of melis işiten?
What is melis işiten’s religion?
Muslim probably.
Who is the husband or lover of melis işiten?
She was married to Uraz Cajilaroglu.
What is its weight?
55 kg.
What is the length of melis işiten?
167 cm.
What is the zodiac sign?
What is the academic qualification?
Her academic qualification is a graduate of the university, theater department.
When did she start her artistic career?
She started her artistic career in 2014.

Melisa işiten Biography Secrets and Her Life Story

a Turkish actress who is best known for Reaction (2014), Stunt School (2019), and Wounded Love (2016).
She was previously married to Uraz Kaygilaroglu.
Meles was born on June 30, 1989, and hails from Ankara, Central Anatolia, Turkey.
As of 2020, Meles Essettin’s age is 31 years old.
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After the news on the magazine’s agenda, information about Meles’s life of hearing again appeared on the agenda.
In addition to acting, Meles Heringen, who also trained the actors, has split from Uraz Kayclaroglu, who was an actor like him last year. Well, who is the listener Melissa?
Melis Herringen was born in June 1989.
Noting that he had always been interested in the stage, Meles Heeringen chose the university’s theater department.
After his theater training, he went to rehearsals to train actors and became a good narrator.

Three months after they met, he married Uraz Kaygılaroğlu in Kahramanmaras in 2014,
Before their family collapsed, Meles Herringen gave birth to their daughter, Ada, in 2016.
Spouses Meles Hering and Oraz Kaycilaroglu, whose posts are talked about on social media, broke up in 2019.

melis işiten TV series

The television and film actress best known for portraying Hemsire Despina in the 2018 drama series Wounded Love.
She collected more than 110,000 followers on her Instagram @ meliskyg account before fame
She made her professional acting debut on Reaction in 2014.

melis işiten Movies and TV shows

She is best known for her role in the movie Reaction (2014), the plot of which was about the enemy of Turkey living mostly within the borders of Turkey. A group of people willing to sacrifice themselves in order to eliminate Turkey’s internal and external enemies.
In 2018, I participated in the series You Are My Country
Aziz finds herself with her three children and mother-in-law in a difficult battle.

She raises her children while combating the difficulties of the war period and the absence of her husband.
And in 2019 I participated in the series It’s Like the Original,
Asli is a bona fide, pure and dreamy girl who wants to be an actress from a young age.
She pursues her dreams and wins the acting department at the Private Conservatory.

Her family is against

Stunt School (2019) and Wounded Love (2016).

melis işiten Her personal life

It was alleged that Asli Enver and Oraz Kaycilaroglu had been in the meeting stage for a while, but stopped meeting because they did not agree.
This time, Asli Enver’s ex-boyfriend Murat Boz and Kaycilaroglu’s ex-wife Meles Ishitin was allegedly starting in love.

Actress Uraz Kaygılaroğlu was mentioned with Aslı Enver for a while, and it was alleged that they stayed friends because they vacationed together but did not agree.
Now, the name of Kaygılaroğlu’s ex-wife Melis İşiten is mentioned with Murat Boz.

Although Mourad Boz did not follow Mehlis Ishtien from his social media account, he began to like his pictures.
Soon after, Meles Ishetin also began to like pictures of Murad Bose.
The moves brought rumors of an exchange of love between them, and there is no statement from the spouses yet.

On the other hand, Melis Hearing continues to keep tires with her ex-husband, a few days ago, a follower said, “What are you waiting for? Look at your life, I guess.

He responded to his comment as follows

Maybe there will be a new way of looking … Some people stick to their past and gain strength from standing behind them and prefer to smile and claim them.
I am like a woman. Because of the operation I had when I was younger, I had the effect all the time and love it very much. I remember the pain and thank my health today.

Meles Yeshitin’s husband and children

Actress Uraz Kaygılaroğlu sat at the wedding table with classmate Melis İşiten in 2014 and in 2017, she held her daughter Ada in her arms and tasted the feeling of parenthood for the first time.
Kaygılaroğlu, who abruptly decided to divorce from Hearingen in July of last year, has not removed the love positions they took together on their social media account despite their separation.

Actress Uraz Kayclaroglu, who moved months later, removed photos of her ex-husband from her social media account.

She is best known for Reaction (2014), Stunt School (2019), and Wounded Love (2016).
She was previously married to Uraz Kaygilaroglu.
married Uraz Kaygılaroğlu in 2014 and divorced in 2019. They have a daughter.
The melisisiten index called Instagram has more than 364K followers.

Is the love of Murad Bose and Melissa Hearing correct?
The love claim made by Uraz Kayclaroglu’s wife, Meles Ishtien, and singer Murad Bose loved each other on social media was an event.

Actress Uraz Kaygılaroğlu was mentioned with Aslı Enver, Murat Boz’s boyfriend, who broke up for a while, and they allegedly stayed friends because they vacationed but didn’t agree. Now, the name of Meles Ishiten, Uraz Kayclaroglu’s ex-wife, is mentioned with Murat Boz.

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The stage name is  melis işiten
Real name Meles isetin
Actress profession,
Date of birth June 30, 1989
Age 31 years (As of 2020)
Female gender
Hometown of Ankara, Turkey
Her hometown is Ankara, Central Anatolia, Turkey
Turkish citizenship
Usually the food is non-vegetarian