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Tuvana Turkay, her religion, her age, her husband, her series, information, Bahar, the heroine of the Black Love series, her religion, her age, her husband, her series, complete information about her, and pictures in a complete and detailed report that monitors the life story of the beautiful actress, Tuvana Türkay, one of the most famous Turkish screen actresses.

The Turkish “black love”, which has been dubbed into the Arabic language and achieved high viewing rates in the Arab world, Tuvana Turkay was known through many wonderful works of art that she presented, and through this report we will get to know closely the beautiful Tuvana Turkay, and we will get to know her true age And her religion, her most important acting work and her upcoming work.

Information about Tuvana Türkay

Date of birth: October 3, 1990
Age in 2020: 30 years
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion of Islam
Origin: family of Bulgarian origin
Hair color: brown
Eye color: green
Academic qualification: She holds a BA in Media, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema from B Kent University in Turkey
Astrological Sign: Libra
The most important works: The Black Love in 2015
Years of activity: 2009 – now
Hobbies: reading – swimming
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Relatives: Katri Torquay (sister)

Life story of Tuvana Turkay

Tuvana Turkay is one of the most beautiful faces of the Turkish screen, which has recently appeared in the best dramas. It is the spice that millions have loved in the wonderful series “Black Love”.

Tuvana Turkay, or as it was known in the Arab world, was born on the third day of October 1990 in the area of ​​sküdar In Istanbul, Turkey, she grew up in Istanbul, she loved art and acting so much that she started her activity since she was only 9 years old. The beauty of her face and her attractive features were basic factors that helped her to appear on the screen through a lot of commercial advertising works, so Tuvana Turkay was standing in front of The camera is not a difficult thing, as she is used to standing in front of the camera, which is a lot heavier than her talent.

Tuvana finished high school, and then she enrolled in the Faculty of Radio, Television and Cinema, and she studied in this department and graduated from it, and Tuvana’s study helped to grow her talent more professionally until she participated in her first job in 2009, and during her university studies, she managed to get more From a role on stage, many became believers in this talent that deserves attention, and she drew a lot of attention through her participation in many dramas until she got the opportunity to participate in the series “Black Love” to get the desired fame.

Tuvana Turkay Movies

Eksik Sayfalar 2013
En Güzeli in 2015
Güvercin Uçuverdi in 2015
Bizans Oyunları 2015
Somuncu Baba Aşkın Sırrı in 2016
Sen Sağ Ben Selamet in 2016
Olanlar Oldu in 2017
Bir Nefes Yeter in 2017
Ağır Romantik 2017

Tuvana Turkay TV series

Ayrılık 2009
Nakş-ı Dil Sultan in 2010
Yer Gök Aşk 2010-2012
Kara Para Aşk in 2014
Oyunbozan 2016
Deli Gönül in 2017
Kızlarım İçin 2017
Yasak Elma year 2019 – 2020

Tuvana Turkay Movies
Tuvana Turkay Movies

In 2015, after many successful artistic experiences in which Tuvana Torquay participated, Tovana got the opportunity to participate in the series championship entitled “Black Love” starring the handsome Turkish star “Engin Akyurek” who was known in the Arab world by presenting the series “Fatima” in front of the star Beren Saat,
Engin co-starred with the star Tuba Buyukseen, the star Arkan Jean and the beautiful Tovana Torquay, who became beloved by the fans by introducing the character “Bahar”

The series revolves around a romantic police framework, Detective Omar works to search for complex crimes, and meets a girl from Rome who works in the field of jewelry design. The series “Black Love” has been dubbed into the Syrian dialect,

It was shown on many Arab channels, and the series won the admiration of the viewers due to the strength of the story and the magnificence of the representative performance of the actors, and Tovana won wide fame through this participation and the Black Love series was the beginning of her acquaintance with the Arab audience, and she became one of the most famous Turkish stars in the homeland. Al-Arabi, and its series became one of the most important series shown on Arab screens.

Tuvana Turkay and her husband

Despite the beauty of her that make everyone who sees her fall in love with her, Tuvana Turkay  is still single, Tuvana Turkay began her career at an early age, which made many think that acting might make her neglect her personal life, but this is not true as Tuvana had many From the emotional relationships that were not completed during her artistic career, in 2012 she announced her association with the artist Berkane Yildirim, but the relationship was terminated after only one year of engagement, and during the filming of the series Black Love with the star Engin Akyurek, a great love story arose between them that lasted only one year as well. ,

At the time, they were one of the most famous duos in Turkey, who was waiting for the public to announce their marriage, but in the current period there are some rumors that suggest the relationship of the star Tuvana and Albert Potok, one of the most famous footballers in Turkey, who is only one year older than her.

Tuvana Turkay
Tuvana Turkay

Tuvana Turkay in the series Stone Scream

Tovana Turkay got the opportunity to participate in one of the most important Turkish dramas at all. In 2009, Tovana participated in the well-known Turkish series “Cry of Stone”, which is considered a qualitative leap in Turkish drama. The series tells about the suffering of the Palestinian people from the Israeli occupation. The series is about a Palestinian family living the suffering of the occupation and being subjected to a lot of torture and insults by the Zionist entity,

The series embodies the suffering of the people of Palestine in the occupation and all the harm they are exposed to, and the series has been shown on the MBC channel group, and the series has won great appreciation from the Arab world due to the interest of the Turkish drama in narrating the suffering of the Palestinian people. The series is appreciated by the audience and critics for her distinguished role, and then she participated in many successful Turkish works.

Awards forTuvana Turkay

After many successful dramas, Tuvana has become one of the most important stars of the Turkish screen, whose participation gives weight in any work of art, the audience is waiting for her appearance, and despite her young age and the lack of drama that she participated in, her roles left a distinctive mark that made her get She received many appreciation awards from the state for her work, as she won the Best Supporting Actor award in 2014, and she also won an award at the Xari Film Festival, and she is still at the beginning of her artistic career and many wonderful roles and works await her.

Brief information

Actress Tuvana Turkay was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1990

After obtaining her high school diploma, she joined the Faculty of Mass Communication, Department of Radio and Film, at the B University in Istanbul.
At the beginning of her career, she worked in commercials for some products, such as: Turk Telecom, Kent Sweets, Akbank, Any Delicious, Coca-Cola and many others.
After that, she attracted the attention of interested and producers, and they offered her to act,

Tuvana agreed and trained in acting at Newdan Academy.

The most important series actress Tuvana Turkay

In 2007, she appeared in the series “Al-Zahmeh”.
In 2008, she appeared in the series “The Watch”.
In 2009, she acted in the series “Sarkhat Hajar”, which is about a Palestinian family living under the Israeli occupation.
In 2014, she starred in the series “Al-Eshk Wal-Mal Al-Aswad”, which starred Turkish superstar Tuba Bokustion and Angel Akyurek.