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Seray Kaya

Anyone who wants to know information and details about the Turkish star, Serai Kaya, we collected for you a report on this rising star and information about her life, age, upbringing, religion, sensuality, height and weight, when did her artistic career begin and her most important artistic works presented and the communication sites Social media for the actress and a new photo collection of the artist, Serai Kaya.

Seray Kaya, age, religion, nationality, and more

Full name: Serai Kaya Gul
Date of birth: February 4, 1991
Age in 2020: 29 years
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Marital Status: Unmarried
Academic qualification: I graduated from Istanbul University
The beginning of her artistic career: She started in 2012
Favorite hobbies: swimming – dog breeding
Profession: Former esthetician – actress

Seray Kaya and Her Life Story

The actress was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and she graduated from Istanbul schools and then joined Istanbul University, after her graduation from the university, the first work of the artist Serai in her career was her work in the art of makeup and cosmetology, she worked for 7 years as a makeup artist and she wanted to open a beauty salon Of its own.
After a while she decided to enter the world of acting and wanted to become an artist. She took acting lessons from Ismet stekin for two years, her first appearance was in 2012 through the series Huzur Sokagi.

Seray Kaya
Seray Kaya

Seray Kaya is her favorite stuff

Serai is a fan of Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Haluk Bilginer, Zerrin Tekindor, Çetin Tekindor and Vahide Gördüm. The actress loves to see travel, adventure, knowledge of new things and reading. She also loves animals, especially dogs. 3 dogs are Luna, Pablo and Pied. Actress Serai loves to always post her private photos and videos on her social networking sites.

The social networking sites of actress Seray Kaya

Her Twitter site: /sseraykayaa?lang=en
Her Instagram:/seraykaya/
Her Facebook site:/Seray-Kaya/

She has more than 230,000 followers on her seraykaya Instagram account, her first post with her Instagram audience was in 2017 with her three dogs in her living room.
Serai Kaya and her lover

Seray Kaya and her lover

The actress was romantically linked with basketball player (Birkan Batuk) while he plays at Anadolu Avis club. She posted many pictures of them together on her social media sites and wrote about him and said my hero and Birkan Batuk replies to her by making a picture of a heart, but They broke up after a while
And from a while, rumors appeared about the star Serai’s relationship with a friendship with the artist Jokhan Alkan, and the two stars had worked together in the TV series My husband’s family. They were seen in more than one place together, but they did not disclose the fact that they were related soon or not.

Facts about her relationship with the artist Jokhan Alkan

Some news about the Turkish actress, Serai Kaya, reported their emotional attachment, as the two parties participate in the series “My Husband’s Family”.


Seray Kaya pic
Seray Kaya pic

Biography about Seray Kaya Pictures and Information

Name: Serai Kaya.
• Serai Kaya’s nickname: Gul.
• The name of Seray Kaya in Turkish: Seray Kaya.
• Serai Kaya nationality: Turkish nationality.
• Date of birth of Serai Kaya: February 4, 1991 AD.
Omar Serai Kaya in 2020 AD: 29 years.
• Serai Kaya Astrological Tower: Aquarius.
• Serai Kaya religion: Muslim.
• Serai Kaya’s birthplace: Istanbul – Turkey.
• Place of residence of Serai Kaya: Istanbul – Turkey.
• Serai Kaya Graduated: Serai Kaya graduated from the Chest Derayah Education Theater Center.
• Beginning of Serail Kaya Technical: 2012 AD.
• Serai Kaya’s first artwork: Peace Street series.
• Sirakaya length: 165 cm.
• Weight of Serail Kaya: 53 kg.
• Serai Kaya eyes color: Brown.
• Serai Kaya skin color: burgundy.
• Serai Kaya hair color: Black.

The actress, Serai Kaya, participated in the famous Turkish series known as Enough to smile with a number of major Turkish drama celebrities. The events of the series are as follows: There is a girl called Yasmine, who is the daughter of a very wealthy family, but she is the second daughter of her father. Because of the many losses he suffered and her misfortune that her father lost everything he had on Jasmine’s wedding day, the news falls on those who were present at the celebration,

including her groom, who abandoned her as soon as he heard the news and left her on her wedding day, and then Yasmine enters into a psychological state and a state of depression and collapse, but takes Jasmine as a driver Her father came to his simple house to live in with his family, as he is a man who worked as a driver for her father for a long life, and he became old,

but Yasmine finds it difficult because of the difference in the driver’s family class and her presence between a popular family and problems arise between Yasmine and the grandson of the driver who is close to her age, which after its occurrence makes them quarreling because of the disagreement and Yasmine suffers From the difference in social life and suffering even from the family’s way of discussing matters, none of them listens to the other,

but at the same time they talk and discuss every day. More life, this series is based on the events of a famous Korean series called Smile You, so the people in charge of the work narrate the events of the story in only 23 episodes, and the events revolve between romance and comedy and it also discusses various social problems, so the series brings together a number of the most important stars of romance and comedy in Turkey.