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mustafa mert koc

mustafa mert koc his religion, his life, his love, his nationality, his work and more To all the audience and followers of the Turkish star, actor mustafa mert koc, we collected a report for you about what you want to know about this distinguished actor and a lot of information about his nationality, religion, age, life, upbringing, academic qualification, when his artistic career began and the most important artistic works presented by him And other details and a set of new photos of the artist, Mustafa Mert Koc.

Information on mustafa mert koc

Full name: mustafa mert koc
Date of birth: 17 – February 1994
Age 2020: 26 years old
Place of birth: Ankara – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Academic Qualification: College of Political Sciences
Marital Status: Unmarried
Profession: Actor
Favorite hobbies: playing sports

Superstar mustafa mert koc

He is a Turkish artist and actor. He was born in Turkey in 1994 and his father works in the field of politics. Therefore, Mustafa studied political science at Atelm University in Turkey and after that he completed his postgraduate studies in political science, but he does not like to work and enter the field of politics
And recently he went to Los Angeles to study the art and science of acting.
Actor mustafa mert koc loves physical sports a lot, so he joined the Turkish basketball team and was one of the most important players in the team and became a famous and well-known basketball player and left the basketball team recently due to injury. The actor mustafa mert is also characterized as a person who keeps me His physical fitness, he follows his own diet and devoted himself to sports, so he plays a lot of sports, after he left playing basketball, his weight increased by about 35 kg, which made him return to practicing some sports again to lose this extra weight.

mustafa mert koc
mustafa mert koc

The beginning of his acting career

The audience and followers knew the actor mustafa mert through some videos and social networking sites, and not his knowledge as an actor, so mustafa mert is considered a star of Instagram and social networking sites, and he publishes many of his photos and videos, which attracted many followers and the audience to watch his videos It was not expected that these videos would get much popularity and attention.

After his success on social media, during which he received offers for acting from director Shafak Sears, and offered him to participate in his next work, which is the series Culpacino, this matter made him feel the enthusiasm and the ambition to enter the world of art and acting, although acting was not his dream, but he always liked to follow some Actors and their news only, and sometimes it reads artistic fields.

Upon receiving the acting offers, his family strongly objected to this decision and refused him entry to acting, but he insisted a lot because he loved practicing acting and going through this experience because he loves adventure and challenge. And his family supported him and stood next to him in many things, this made him strive to achieve a better and practical acting performance, he took acting lessons in Los Angeles and joined many centers to teach the art and study of acting.

Actor Mustafa says in an interview with him about how he felt the first time standing in front of the acting camera that he initially felt that his leg was trembling with fear, and I thought at first that acting was an easy thing, but he discovered the topic is very difficult and exhausting. The Turkish actor Mustafa also says after he became an actor Turki Mashour is very happy with this feeling, popularity and fame is a beautiful feeling. When the actor sees admiration in people’s eyes, and they appreciate your efforts, success and actions, you become more attractive.

Facts about Actor Mustafa Mert Koc

Favorite animals: dogs are very fond of dogs
Among his favorite hobbies as well: reading and prefers reading political science
Actor Mustafa Mert has a beautiful and strong voice and loves to listen a lot to music
He got many offers to make albums
Actor Mustafa Mert loves to travel and shoot in landscapes
Mustafa Mert is always using social media and following his audience on his social networking sites, and he has a large group of followers on the Instagram site and has more than 30 thousand and 100 followers.

mustafa mert koc girlfriend

Through the presence of the actor mustafa mert on the social media, this made him have a large audience, especially girls because he is handsome and tall stature, he won the admiration of the girls and many of them likened him to the famous Turkish actor known in the Arab world as Muhannad, as for his emotional relationship, he is linked With a love story with his girlfriend, Elena Teleki, and their emotional attachment for a long time, they were seen together in Los Angeles during the study period of the artist mustafa mert there, and a large group of pictures were taken for them, and the actor Mustafa published many photos of them there through private social networking sites with it.

The series mustafa mert koc

In 2014, he presented the series Ring 3
2016 series Life is Good Sometimes – Peter series
2017 participated in Kittenbeer or Traffic Police
2018 organic movie – Shaheen Tebisi series
2019 series My Name Malak
The Turkish actor, Mustafa Mert, was able to prove his superior talent in acting, and many public and critics praised his roles for his roles, and became one of the most important stars and famous actors in Turkey.

Actor mustafa mert in the series my name is Malak

It is a Turkish series named in Turkish Benim Adim Melek and its kind is a romantic drama that was shown in Turkey in September 2019, the series starring Naher Erdoğan and Kutsi Ugur Yukel – Kan Kakir – Serif Sezer – Mustafa mert koc – Rabia سويتyetork – Olvi Kahiooglu,

The story of the series Asma Malak revolved around a woman who had 3 children and her name was “Malak” who lived and grew up in an area in Gaziantep, one of the poor neighborhoods, and she was raised on love, understanding and tenderness, but she got married at an early age to a man older and tough He treats her roughly and cruelly, and after suffering with him she left him.

Malak became solely responsible for her children, who devoted her whole life to them and refused to marry again for the sake of her children, but a man named “Khalil” appears in her life, who is a kind-hearted and affectionate man, and a love story arises between them even though he was initially afraid of going into an emotional relationship New because at that time he was struggling to end a failed emotional relationship, and he felt a deep wound in his heart.

Date of birth, origin and study

Mustafa is one of the young stars of art who drew attention to him, he has many followers and fans of girls and young men on social media, so that he always shares his pictures and news with them always, young girls are particularly attracted to him, he was born in Istanbul in 1994, he was not a child Reckless, but lover of reading, dogs, compassionate and very tactful, one of very rational personalities, he studied political science from Atelem University, and he is doing postgraduate studies there, weighing 83 kg, and height 183 cm.

Since he was a former basketball player, his life was consistently training, and he was burning what he ate constantly, he was a bit fond of my throat, but of course I tolerated training, but after I left basketball, he burned 35 kilos without realizing this practice, then I broke up with my girlfriend, I said that I must make myself greedy during this semester, that he set a goal and devoted himself to sports, did a lot of sports and diet for a year, in order to lose the weight that he gained, but it was worth it and lost 35 kilos.

mustafa mert koc movies series

He made his debut in (Culpacino) when Shafaq Caesar told him she wanted to give him a role with her job, and before him without hesitation, he met Kitenberry in the same way, he told afak Sezer that he would be happy because he would be among these brilliant actors, but he was so excited, that his leg She was shivering with enthusiasm, he said that at first he thought it was easy from the outside, but after he stood in front of the cameras and started acting and acting, he realized how very difficult the subject was.
He has participated in 6 movies so far and a number of famous TV series, including Life Is Good Sometimes, Enough, Tal Shaheen, Organic Love and Kittenbury .