Hazal Kaya Religion, Husband bio & life story




Information about the actress Hazal Kaya, biography and her life story
Information about the actress Hazal Kaya

Information about the actress Hazal Kaya, biography and her life story
A complete article about the Turkish actress Hazal Kaya – her birth, her religion, the separation of her parents, the secret of her illness, and whether she is married and has a daughter, learn about her upbringing, artistic beginnings, television and cinematic works in detail, her beginning as a model, secrets in her life that little knows, all this and more in this article.

Personal card and special information about it

Its full name is: Leyla Hazal Kaya
Name in English: Hazal Kaya
Date of birth of Hazal Kaya: October 1, 1990.
Omar Hazal Kaya in 2018: 28 years.
Place of birth: I was born in Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Hazal Kaya Religion: Muslim.
Name of Hazal Kaya’s Husband or Boyfriend: She has a relationship with Turkish actor Ali Atay who is 14 years her senior.
Weight: 50 kg.
Height: 160 cm.
Hair color: dark brown.
Eye color: brown.
Astrological Sign: Libra.
Academic Qualification – Study: I ​​studied at Istanbul Bilgi University.
When did she start her artistic career: She started her artistic career in 2006.
Favorite sport: Aerobics.
What her talent: Her talent is animal husbandry and cooking (cooking).

Social Media

Her Instagram – Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hazalkaya/
Her Facebook website: https://ar-ar.facebook.com/HazalKaya110
Her imdb website: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2700631/

Hazal Kaya Series, movies and plays

Cinematography: Hearts Broken Bank – I Have a Call – Blue Wave – This is the last one – I can’t sleep when the moon grows up – With tremors I hugged you – Jinji Jinji.
TV shows: Our Story 2018 – Maral 2015 – Last Summer 2015 – Her name is Fariha – Forbidden Love (2008-2010) – Ginko 2007 – Sila – Stone stones 2006 – The magician Asimi.

Secrets and Life Story of Hazal Kaya and Biography

She was not an ordinary child, as her childhood was full of many events and tragedies, he was born in 1990 AD among a financially well-off family, she lived a simple and beautiful life as a young child, until problems began to appear between her parents, she lived for a period in the midst of those problems until her father decided to separate from his mother, her age was Seven years ago, her father left them and married another woman, who lived with her mother in Istanbul.

Childhood story of the actress and her upbringing

Since she was four years old, she learned ballet dancing, she loved dance and art uncle, but her mother insisted on teaching her the art of ballet at a special institute for young ballet dancers, then she studied playing the violin besides learning ballet and then she studied theater acting, Hazal was distinguished by her short stature, as her height Currently, it does not exceed 160 cm, since she was young, she suffered greatly due to her short stature due to the mockery of her school friends about it, but now she is happy with this height and says that he is more feminine.

Her childhood with her mother

When she talked about her childhood that she lived with her mother because she was separated from her father, she said that her mother is a very strong woman, she was able to coexist in a big city like Istanbul even though she came from a small and simple village, her mother raised her to be always strong and solid, not dependent on anyone Her neighbors talked about them a lot, and when they knew that they were living alone, they sent them food, even her mother’s currency, and took care of Hazel when the mother was late for her.

Her mother (her mother) did not deprive her of anything, but rather tried to deliver her, which she lost due to her father’s absence. She enrolled her in Ghazi Osman Pasha Elementary School and learned the German language there, then I moved to the French school Liceo Italiano di Istanbul, and he mastered the French language, beside me speaking fluent Italian and English, and studying The German language well, she studied acting and art before entering this field, then she participated in many school theater acts at an early age. She was a brave girl. She did not terrorize the theater nor the audience, but presented her theatrical roles with all courage, and she had a strong presence on the stage, and she is in High school, I went to study theater.

her artistic beginnings in acting

Her practical beginning was after she finished her high school education as an advertising face for one of the famous food products in Turkey, and she continued to work as a model for a while until she had the opportunity to enter the field of art in a small role in 2006 AD in the famous series (Silla) in the role of Gansu, she began to get larger roles and spaces for greater work She grabbed the spotlight and had a large audience looking for her next roles, her personal data and her information.

The role of Nihal in the series Aşk Memnu

In 2008, she presented the role of Nihal in the most famous series in Turkey and the Arab world (Forbidden Love), starring (Beren Sat – Kivanc Tatliti – Selçuk Yöntem – Nabhat Shahir – Zirin Tikendor – Batuhan Karakakaya – Nour Fattah Aglua), a romantic drama series shown on Canal Channel De from 2008 AD until 2010 AD, it was adapted from the writer’s novel (Halit Zia Ushakil in 1899 under the title Aşk-ı Memnu), and it presented the role of a teenage girl who lives with her father, her family and her cousin, and her father marries Behter, and she loves her cousin very much (Bahloul) But she discovers that he loves her stepmother and Tadmor Nihal, the series has received a very high viewership, and has become one of the most important Turkish series that has been dubbed into Arabic.

She continued to present works and continued her cinematic and television work, she participated in many famous Turkish stars and young men, and she won the title role in the 2014 film “I Nidaa” in the role of Zainab, and also the film “Broken Hearts Bank” in 2016.

Fariha’s role in Feriha Koydum

Her first absolute championship was through the series (I call it Feriha – Feriha Koydum), which was broadcast on Show TV in 2011 AD. Melih Selcuk, the series revolves around the heroine of the series, Fariha (Hazal), an ambitious and beautiful girl from a poor family who lives with her father who works as a real estate guard for a resident of the Velvet Tabat in Istanbul, and her mother is a housewife, but she works as a cleaning house. Fariha got a scholarship to study in a private university She is from a rich family and a prince falls in love with her, who is from a very rich family, but she is surrounded by lies from everywhere.

The role of Velez in Bizim Hikaye

She starred in the series (Bizim Hikaye) in 2018 with the artist Burak Deniz, which is considered one of the most important series Hazal has presented so far, as it deals with the life story of five sisters who take care of their older sister Velez, her father is an alcoholic, and her mother left them since they were young, and no She takes care of them, Velez raised them when they were young and tried to help each other to be happy, she thinks that there is no love in her life because of the presence of her sisters and they are more interested in this, until Barrish (Burak Deniz) appeared in her life, and their life began to turn on their heels, and many problems and events occurred The series has many young and old actors, including (Arda Okan – Reha Ozcan – Nasreen Javad Jada – Yağızcan Konyalı – Nagat Uyghur – Muhammad Kurhan – Alp Akar – Zeynep Selim Aglo – Omar Sevgi).

Her personal secrets

Hazel suffered a lot in her childhood, it was purely the mockery of her friends because of her short stature, and also because of the separation of her parents and her father’s marriage to another, he also had diabetes, and she suffered greatly because of it, she told Milliyet newspaper that she had diabetes, which is the cause of her weight gain in the last period, and he was sad Her audience asked a lot about the secret of gaining weight, for she is a woman who works in acting and her appearance is one of the things that are much more important to women than men, and she considers this violence against women, as if she should not grow old and not gain weight, but she had diabetes, which is the reason for her weight gain, and she had to talk to The press harassed her too much.

Now she exercised and lost a lot of weight in order to maintain her health and fight the dreaded diabetes, she follows a harsh diet, despite her great love for food and cooking, but she gets one day she eats whatever she wants, she got cooking lessons, she devoted herself to get a course from someone The largest culinary academy in Turkey, and she dreams of opening a large restaurant in Italy.

Hazel was the reason for one of her fans to go to prison for 5 years, she filed a lawsuit against one of her fans, an Iranian named (Issa Yazdan), for threatening her and posting messages on her social site saying, (You are my wife, you are my love, either you are mine or death) and he was sending Gifts for photography sites so a lawsuit was filed against him, and he was imprisoned for five years.

Her relationships, marriage and children

As for Hazal Kaya and her lover, she is married to the Turkish actor Ali Atay, who is fourteen years older than her. When many were happy, she found love, but she got married and had one son.