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Ebru Şahin, her religion, her life, her beloved, TV series, movies and a full report
News and information about Ebru Şahin Ryan, the heroine of the series Zahrat Al-Trinity, an artist and actress known for Turkish TV dramas and cinema, get to know Ebru Şahin age and upbringing, and whether it has a relationship with one of them, what is the most important work of Ebru Shaheen, how was the artistic beginning and a lot of exclusive and renewed information and news.

Date of birth May 18, 1994, AD, place of birth Istanbul – Turkey, nationality is Turkish, academic qualification Istanbul University, Faculty of Sports Sciences, marital status, unmarried.

Ebru Şahin religion birth, upbringing and study

Ebru Şahin Ryan is a young girl who became famous in the Arab world and the whole world because of her first series in terms of heroism (The Flower of the Trinity) Ebru was born in Istanbul, her religion is Judaism, her weight is 54 kg, and her height is 166 cm. She loves to exercise since her childhood, and she is the Turkish Judi One of her hobbies is playing sports and photography,

Ebru Şahin
Ebru Şahin

she graduated from New York University in Media and Economics Management, and she is currently a graduate of Economic Sciences from Istanbul Technical University, and obtained a master’s degree at Harvard University, but this is not enough for our daughter,


she continues to study at the New York Film Academy and the New York Film Academy to write her texts Eric Morris, John Robin coach and Penelope Cruz coach, Salma Hayek is our daughter in script training, and she also wrote and directed his short films, which he signed four short film agreements with Universal Studios.

Ebru Shaheen on the characteristics of her dream man: “I am fond of intelligence. The person who will enter my life must be very intelligent, if he lacks emotional intelligence then that will seem disgusting, and a fun and social person can affect me a lot.

Ebru Şahin and the acting journey

She did not start acting quickly, but decided to finish her studies first, and then study acting so that she could develop her talent, which made her enter acting training camps and many courses and other training until she got her first role in a movie called (Blood Money).


She appeared later in the movie Babam. The Turkish public knew her after she presented this role, directed by Nihad Durak, and by writer Neil Pelevan, starring Chetin Tekindor, Melissa Senolson, Berker Guven, and Dora was a pioneer in her direction of more important and famous works despite her young age, telling a great story of father and son, it is real.


Watching it, you can also enjoy the wonderful view of the Aegean streets and the sea, it is clear that people have made tremendous efforts to film the film with all the details in it, you can even feel the smell of fish in the factory, but the story will take you and you will feel the energy and you may not stop crying for half an hour and you cannot To feel moving.

Ryan in the series Hercai

Hercai is her first absolute championship, as she considers the story of the whole work, Ryan is a beautiful young girl, everything she dreams about starting and living in a free and free way, but she did not get her freedom because she is an adopted girl living in a large Agha palace that he hates because he is forced to treat her like his granddaughter for the sake of his son And she does not know about her adoption and that she lives with a father who is not her father, as for her father’s past was full of adventures and secrets, which she expected in a vengeance that she has no fault with. The subject began with a revenge, but he fell in love with her and tries to compensate and protect her from her grandfather, who is determined to kill her because of the scandal.

Savaşçı series

Her first TV series called (Savaşçı), with artist Berk Oktay, Murad Cerezli and Burk Kumpitlioglu, this was in 2017, the series Savaşçı is an act of war, showing what the soldiers are exposed to during wars, especially those who are educated as elite forces and leaders, Colonel Ibrahim Kubiz (Murat Serezli) And Captain Kagan Bazooka (Oktay Park) get out of prison to return to serving their homeland with superior ingenuity, a sense of duty and endless patriotism, and they participate in every dangerous mission that comes to them to protect their country, Turkey, these young men carry many burdens on their shoulders, and they are ready to sacrifice everything For the sake of their country, although it is a small role, it has proven that there is great talent on its way to fame.

Her role in the series İstanbullu Gelin (Burko)

İstanbullu Gelin has the second role in terms of strong and large roles. The work revolves around a rural girl who dreams that she lives in Istanbul and marries a rich man from the wealthy of Istanbul in order to fulfill her dreams because of her family problems and her bad past. Suddenly, a businessman from Istanbul appears in front of her,


and she falls in love with him and falls in love with her. But his appearance in front of her is not a matter of chance, but of a bad past that brings him together and wants to marry her and love her and compensate her for everything to atone for his sin. He quickly marries her and comes to Istanbul as a bride who has achieved her eternal dream,


at a time when her dream is almost to be fulfilled, the bride of Istanbul is shocked and discovers the secret of her bad past, which was like a mysterious nightmare on her, It was this person who raped her 13 years ago, and destroyed her life, so she decided revenge, starring Ozgan Deniz, Asla Infar, Salih Badamji.

Ebru Şahin and her lover

It was said that she was on her relationship with the actor Tolga, and that rumor was widely spread, especially after Tolga was seen with her one day, to confirm at the time Turkish newspapers that the actress who plays the role of “Borgo” currently in the series “Bride of Istanbul” has been in a romantic relationship for some time,

Ebru Şahin and her lover
Ebru Şahin and her lover

and said that newspaper According to Turkish claims, Tolga Saritas and Ebru Şahin were enjoying their vacation in one of the nightclubs in the Imerjan area of ​​Istanbul, and when they left together a group of photos was taken without them knowing while they were flirting, and they also took the same car when they went, but so far none of them came out to confirm that Information or denying it.