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Karam Bursin new series


The work of Kerem Bürsin

the latest and most important series and films that the star participated in since he started acting until his last work.

Karam Bursin is distinguished by his strong presence and his performance that indicates charisma and tremendous talent, which helped him prove himself in the world of acting. Bursin participated in many cinematic artworks, in which his artistic creativity appeared, the most important of which are:

1. Thursday, which was produced in 2006, appeared as “Graus”
2. The Cursed Palace, which was produced in 2013, appeared in the role of “Adam”.
3. If I Forget and Whisper, which was produced in 2014, appeared in the role of “Arhan”.
4. Shen gong yuan Ling, which was produced in 2017, appeared as “Adam”.
5. Good Game: The Beginning, which was produced in 2018, appeared as “Rosgar”
6. A sacrifice film, which was produced in 2018, appeared in the role of “Pilot Onur Keskin”

Karam Bursin series

1. The series Beyond the Sun, which was produced in 2013-2014, appeared in the role of “Karam Sayar”
2. The series Matter of Honor, which was produced in 2014-2015, appeared in the role of “Yigit Kelish”.
3. Ah Ya Istanbul series, which was produced in 2015, appeared as a guest star in the role of “Yigit Kılıç”
4. The series This City Will Follow You, which was produced in 2017, appeared in the role of “Ali Smith”
5. The series Who Does Not Live, which was produced in 2018, appeared in the role of “Dimitri”
6. The series The Great Duo, which was produced in 2018-2019, appeared in the role of “Mustafa Karim Jan”
7. The series “You Knock Baby”, which was produced in 2020, appeared in the role of “Serkan Polat”
8. The same series, which was produced in 2020, appeared in the role of “Denise”

After his graduation, Kerem Bürsin participated with his brother and cousin to establish a production company, and they produced many advertisements, and Karam Bursin became one of the distinctive advertising faces, he participated in the advertisements of many famous brands, the most important of which is the Lina advertisement, and the Lipton advertisement with the artist Handa Dogan Demir, the artist was associated Bursin honored Turkish actress Serenai Sarikaya, who had a great love affair that lasted for 3 years, but they separated in April 2019.

Information about Kerem Bursin religion starting a career in acting Karam began his artistic career in 2006 in the movie Thursday, and then he participated in the movie The Dark Strawberry, and in 2010 he appeared on American TV in the movie Sharktopus, and in 2013 he became famous in the Güneşi Beklerken series as Kerem Sayer, which was shown on Kanal D.

In 2014,

he presented the series Beyond the Sun as Jan, and this year he also presented the movie Unutursam Fısılda, in 2016, the brand of Mavi Jeans was with his sweetheart Serenay Sarıkaya, and Karim Bursin follows both Hollywood productions and prefers to use both English and Turkish languages In acting.

He also won the Seoul Award for Best International Actor, he made many advertisements and became the face of some advertisements for famous brands, namely Lena, Lipton, and an advertisement for jeans, and after that he made many films and series, and we will introduce you to them in the most important works that he did.

The artistic career of Kerem Bürsin

The artist, Kerem Bürsin, was distinguished by his love for acting from an early age, and this was evident in his imitation of Turkish actors from a young age, and after his graduation from university, he began studying acting and worked to develop his skills, and he also won the award for best young actor in the secondary theater competition in America, his life began Artistic in Hollywood, he co-starred in five films there.

Kerem Bürsin in the series Beyond the Sun

In 2013, he got an offer to act in Turkey. He was given the starring role in the series “Beyond the Sun”, which is one of the most important and prominent Turkish youth series that has won the admiration of the Turkish audience, and this role represents the real breakthrough of the artist Karam Bursin.
Through him, he gained very great fame in Turkey, and he had a very large audience of young men and women, in addition to his followers from the Arab countries,