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Cansu Dere worked as a model

In addition to her love for the field of fashion shows and the extent of the fame that she achieved in it, but she wanted to enter the field of art, and she was able to achieve this, as her beginning was in the year 2000 when she presented many children’s programs that achieved wide fame and had a large fan base. After that, he will present a group of music programs and some programs for Turkish competitions.

The big star Cansu Dere prepared well to enter the world of art and fame, after working as a broadcaster for a period of time during which she achieved many great successes. She entered the art world in 2004 AD through her participation in the series “Palace of the City”, she played the role of Nazan and achieved good success in This series during her first participation in the field of acting.

The beautiful Cansu Dere was able to achieve more fame in 2009 due to her wonderful role in the series Ayzal, but her biggest fame was in the series “Harem Al Sultan”, and she reached the highest levels of fame in 2017 when she starred in the series “Harem Al Sultan.” My mother.” She was also able to participate in many artistic roles and the participation of great artists such as the great artist Ilhan Sheshin.

Cansu Dere has a special charisma that made her work in the field of fashion shows, and her work as a broadcaster and her great fame in the field of art in a short time, she became one of the most famous artists in Turkey, as she performs very special roles that made her have a large audience in Turkey, and she was able to play many roles She has received many awards for her outstanding artistic performance.

Cansu Dere has attracted a lot of fans to her, as the number of her followers on her Instagram account has reached nearly 2 million followers.

Cansu Dere acting

The wonderful artist Cansu Dere shone in the art world in Turkey in a very amazing way, because she has all the ingredients required in an actor, where the wonderful performance and the personality that attracts the audience to her, her very beautiful look and smile, and she has participated in many wonderful dramas.

She starred in many works of art, and entered the world of art in 2002. She has also participated in many series since that period and began writing her name in the art world because of her wonderful performance. She also presented many distinguished roles, including the following:

2020-2021 Sadakatsiz (TV Series) 2019 Ferhat ile Sirin (TV Series) 2018 Sahsiyet (TV Mini-Series) 2016-2017 Anne (TV Series) 2012 Muhtesem Yüzyil (TV Series) 2012 El yazisi 2011 Behzat Ç.: Seni Kalbime Gömdüm 2009-2011 Ezel (TV Series) 2009 Yahsi Bati 2009 Aci Ask 2009 Totally Spies! Le Film 2009 Altin kizlar (TV Series) 2006-2008 Sila (TV Series).

2007 Son Osmanli Yandim Ali 2006 Kabuslar Evi: Takip (Video) 2005 Güz yangini (TV Mini-Series) 2004 Metro palas (TV Mini-Series) 2004 Avrupa Yakasi (TV Series) 2003 Alacakaranlik (TV Series).