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The wonderful actress Yasemin Szawlowski shone in the art world in Turkey in a very wonderful way, because she has all the ingredients required in an actor, the wonderful performance and the personality that attracts the audience to her, and her beautiful look and smile, and she was able to enter the starring role at a young age, and she participated in many One of the dramatic works that was characterized by great suspense, and the great artist entered the art world in 2014. She has participated in many series since that time and began writing her name in the art world with letters of gold due to her wonderful artistic capabilities.

She participated in the series “The Great Caucasian Exile”, which was shown in 2014. participated in the big series “You are my homeland”.
She participated in the series “Black Destiny”. participated in the “Forbidden” series.
She participated in the series “Flower of the Palace”.

The role of Yasemin Szawlowski in the series The Great Caucasian Exiled

The Great Exiled Caucasian series is considered one of the best series in which the artist Yasemin Szawlowski participated, and this series had a great place for her because it was the first artistic work in which she participated, in which she achieved great success that made her enter the field of art from its widest doors, and she won the love of the large audience who loved her representation Although she is an emerging artist at the beginning of her artistic work, she did not take long to enter the field of fame through the big door, which is the love of the public.

The series was shown in 2014 AD and its events revolve around the difficult and tragic life of the Turks in 1944 AD, when many Turks were exiled from their land to places outside their country.

The role in the Caucasian series Zahrat Al Qasr

The great artist, Yasemin Szawlowski, participated in the wonderful series Zahrat Al Qasr, which revolves around the suffering of a young girl who lives with her simple family and excels in her studies, and because of their difficult circumstances, her father forces her to marry a rich young man named Ali when she is not more than fourteen years old.

The role of Yasemin Szawlowski and his story

The wonderful series continues to narrate its events, where the young girl moves to live with her husband in the great palace that he owns, but she does not feel happy with him, as she was receiving a difficult treatment in which a lot of severity and cruelty, so she did not have the love and tenderness that she needed from her husband, and the simple girl carried Zahra is from her husband, but she cannot live with him.

Zahra decided to escape with her son and her mother, and then her mother married Adnan Agha, but she met the same fate as Zahra in the treatment, so she was receiving difficult treatment from her husband and tried to escape again with Zahra, but her husband discovers this and brings them home again, and after several attempts Zahra and her mother managed to escape, but Zahra’s husband, Ali, met Adnan and agreed to search for them until Zahra and her son managed to escape to Istanbul.

The role in the Forbidden series

The series Al-Mamouna is one of the most famous and best Turkish series that was shown in 2014, in which Yasemin Szawlowski participated, and she was able to play a very special role, and was able to show her great artistic prowess and wonderful performance, and she was able to possess the audience’s love in a very short time.

his story

The events of the series revolve around one of the rich palaces in the era of the great Ottoman Empire, where a great love story arises between a girl and one of her relatives. his city.

With the girl’s marriage to a young man other than her lover and her move to live in another city, the young man did not give up and traveled to the city in which the girl lives, in order to try to bring her back to him, but many paradoxes and interesting events occurred during his search for his beloved.

The life story of Yasemin Szawlowski
The life story of Yasemin Szawlowski