Pinar Deniz

Pinar Deniz The most important works and new series



The beginning of the career of the actress Pinar Deniz

Pinar began studying acting at an acting agency in Turkey, and then after completing her studies, she started her first acting experience in 2014 through her role in the series “Beyaz Yalan” and a group of Turkish acting stars participated in the tournament, and despite it being a small role, she proved her worth and ability to She performed the roles successfully, and her beauty added touches of magic and attracted the attention of many producers. After that, she participated in several successful works, the most important of which was the famous and successful series “Vatanim Sensin” among a group of senior Turkish actors and actresses, through which she was distinguished by her wonderful talent.

The most important works of actress Pinar Deniz

Pinar presented a group of diverse and successful works of art, which are as follows:

The first work of the actress Pinar was a series in which she performed a small role, which is the series “Sil Basten” in 2014, she participated with a group of great artists such as Sergin Yalcin, Emre Kenai, Dilara Gondar, Esra Dermancioglu, Murat Dalilish, Bilma Katgerger, and the events of the series revolve around a group of High school teens go through a series of adventures and events through his episodes.

She participated in her second work in the series “Beyaz Yalan”, in which she embodied the character of Azra, and co-starred with actor Kutsi, Denise Dikman, Ebru Ayak, Egy Aidan, Onur Dikman, Ebru and Gaglaz Sabin, in 2014.

Didim embodied the character of Didim in the series “Kardesim Benim” in 2017, which co-starred with Murat Boz, Burak Ozvit, Verdi Sankar, Leyla Feri, Korhan Karsak, Ozan Celik, Sezji Menji, Aidan Tas, Engin Senkan, and this work succeeded.

Pinar’s fame increased through the series “Vatanim Sensin”, this famous and successful series that crossed the borders of Turkey. It is a historical drama series that tells the story of the time period in Turkey from 1912 to 1913, the period of the war in Izmir between the Ottoman army and the Greek army during the Greek occupation of Turkey and revolving around The events of the series revolve around the captured officer from the Greek army and tries to show them that he is with them while he is in secret playing a game with the help of Mustafa Atatürk of the Ottoman army. Jawdat is betrayed by his closest friend, Tawfiq, who is trying to get close to his wife and take advantage of the opportunity, and from here the events intensify and the suspense increases until the war ends and the warrior men try to return to the homeland, and a large group of art stars in Turkey participate in this work, they are Mireille Danier, Kubilay Aka, Khaled Argenic, Berguzar Korel, Boran Kuzum and others, was filmed and shown in 2017.

Pinar Deniz in Bir Deli Rüzgar

In 2018, Pinar Deniz presented the role of Guksha in the series “Bir Deli Rüzgar.” The series revolves around a girl named Malika who dreams of an opportunity to be a star in acting or singing and tries to apply for star tests and has the opportunity to work as a singer in a nightclub, but her father refuses this work, so she insists She is on the job, leaving her father’s house and giving up her family in exchange for work and fame. During the events, Malika appears when she is old and cleans the bathrooms, and here she is met by Gökçe, who introduces her character Pinar Deniz and tries to help her and stand by her and keep her away from the world of fame that made her lose her family and herself.

The series “The King” was shown on Pinar to star in it, but she withdrew and nominated Nurgul Yesilcay instead, and the starring role is presented by the actor Ozcan Deniz.