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Miss Turkey 2013 will make her debut as an actress in the TV series “Treason” known as “Doctor Foster”.
Berrin Keklik is discovered by the citizens The social media phenomenon began to arouse curiosity after her show with Yusef Aktaş, aka Renmen.
Berrin Keklikl came second after her offer with Renmen in Miss Turkey 2013 contest and created a bomb effect on the agenda of the magazine.

As for his upcoming drama Betrayal or Dr. Foster, that endeavor revolves around Dr. Foster’s discovery that his partner betrayed him, even if it’s a drama.

she will reveal deep secrets that can threaten his life and yet often face these two basic emotions. Gemma Foster is the show’s protagonist and a beautiful lady, except that there is a problem with her presence in the family world.
And his friend, in particular, imagines that Simon is cheating on him, that he is a secret bond, and he is almost sure that the lack and the only flaw cannot attack him with evidence.

Foster Doctor is an English Broadcasting Corporation television series, written by Mike Bartlett and divided into five episodes, that first aired on September 9, 2015.
The activities of the cinematic work Dr.

The second drama started on September 5, 2017 and ended on October 3, 2017.
Jimma Foster, a doctor at Barminster Medical Regulation, happily married Simon, the owner of Real Estate Modernization, who has a younger son named Tom, one day he found blond hair on Simon’s scarf, thinking he didn’t believe in himself, probably instead of confronting his deputy Becky. With Becky. But Gemma trusts her colleague Ross after learning that Simon’s girlfriend is Kate Parks, the daughter of one of his patients, and that Ross knows this but keeps the patients’ secrets.

It was also revealed that Kate was pregnant at this moment, and Gemma committed suicide by reconciling with Jack Reynolds with married lawyer Anwar Anwar, who always believed he could have a brain tumor from his family with Jack Reynolds’ enthusiasm.

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After the screenings of Reynmen, Berrin Keklikli and Yusuf Aktaş, citizens began to question. Who is Berrin Keklik Online? The question is often investigated.
The beautiful Berrin Kekliks and Reynmen, known as number two in the Miss Turkey 2013 contest, attacked reporters who were taken and detained. Well, who is BERRİN KEKLİKLER, how old is it?


Beren Kiklik was born on April 7, 1994 in Germany. Keklik, who lived here until she competed in the beauty contest, lived in Istanbul with her older sister Berna for three years.

Berrin Keklik, whose height is 1.77, came in second in Miss Turkey competition held in 2013. Then held in Russia on November 9, 2013 he represented Turkey in the Universe Beauty contest.

In 2014, he played the role of Nasreen in Faruk Aksoy’s film Crazy Dersane.
In 2015, he participated in the “Unlike Nobody Sanaa” competition program with Sefi Dorsonoğlu, Nukht Duro and Amit Erdem on Star Tv Channel hosted by Murat Bacoğlu. The imitation of Hadise, performed by Berrin Keklikli with a lively voice, is spoken in Kimse, unlike Sana.