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all of this and more in a complete report on him, as the name of the artist Kerem Bürsin was mentioned in many Wonderful works of art, and he also participated in many interesting dramatic and cinematic artworks, in which he presented roles of greatness and perfection.

the bursin religion

Date of birth: June 4, 1987
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
Age in 2020: 33 years old
Religion Muslim
kerem bursin height: 178 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Nationality: Turkish
Profession: TV Actor and Producer
Beginning of the artistic career: Since 2006
Years of activity: up to 14 years of activity until now.

Kerem Bürsin religion height wife

The young artist, Kerem Bürsin, was born in Istanbul, Turkey, was born in 1987, his family consists of his father, Pamir Bursin, who works as a director in an oil company, and his mother is Qaidim, and his grandfather, Gunay Berdard, and he has a sister three years older than him, Meles.

Bursin was honored to settle in one place, as he spent his early years moving between many countries, the most important of which were the city of Edinburgh in Scotland, the city of Jakarta in Indonesia, the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the cities of Ankara and Istanbul in Turkey, the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and the city of Boston In Los Angeles, until Kerem Bürsin moved with his family to Texas, USA, in 1999, when he was 12 years old.

Karam Bursin and Sarinai Sarika

As for the emotional relationship of the artist, he is in a relationship with the Turkish actress, Sarinay Sarikaya, who is three years old until now. They live together a happy life, full of going out. They spent last summer a romantic vacation on the island of Mykonos, Greece, in a hotel directly on the sea, and in one of the interviews he stated that he is thinking By marrying her, he does not oppose the idea of ​​marriage at all, but he waits for the right time for that, avoiding his love for children and his longing to have a child from her.

The two lovers always have fun together, and spend time traveling between cities and the country, they were last seen together in the United States of America, and they decide to travel on a long trip to Vietnam, Mexico and Cambodia, as he prepared breakfast for her and shared the picture on Instagram and said to her (shouting goodness), as well. They planned to spend New Year’s Day in Paris, but Sarinay’s mother rejected that idea and this was a distress to the great generosity, and said that the reason was that she wanted to spend that day with her daughter.

Karam Bursin and Sarinai Sarika
Karam Bursin and Sarinai Sarika

Kerem Bürsin in the series The Great Duo

In 2018, participated in the series The Great Couple, which is one of the most exciting and suspenseful police series, which tells about two of the most efficient police investigators in crime, “Mirt Parsa”, played by the Turkish artist, Abraham Shilikol, who is an investigator in the anti-drug department. He lost his wife in an attempt to kill him, which caused him to turn into a complicated person, who spent his life only at work, and all his hope is to search for his wife’s killer, to take his revenge, and “Mustafa Karim Jan”, nicknamed “MKC”, who is the best policeman for the organized branch from the side.

The European, as he is a rich person, and he has great power, and he is a person who cares about his elegance, and takes everything seriously. Large drug smuggling, but the head of the gang falls into intensive care because of his great loss, which makes his son take revenge on them, and makes them fall into a plot because of it, and the events of the series continue in this manner.
In 2020, the artist Karam Bursin participated in the series “You knock my door” alongside actress Handa Archel, and his first episodes achieved high viewing rates.

The work of Kerem Bürsin

Artist Karam Bursin is distinguished by his strong presence and his performance that indicates charisma and tremendous talent, which helped him prove himself in the world of acting. Bursin participated in many cinematic artworks, in which his artistic creativity appeared, the most important of which are:

1. Thursday, which was produced in 2006, appeared as “Graus”
2. The Cursed Palace, which was produced in 2013, appeared in the role of “Adam”.
3. If I Forget and Whisper, which was produced in 2014, appeared in the role of “Arhan”.
4. Shen gong yuan Ling, which was produced in 2017, appeared as “Adam”.
5. Good Game: The Beginning, which was produced in 2018, appeared as “Rosgar”
6. A sacrifice film, which was produced in 2018, appeared in the role of “Pilot Onur Keskin”

Karam Bursin series

1. The series Beyond the Sun, which was produced in 2013-2014, appeared in the role of “Karam Sayar”
2. The series Matter of Honor, which was produced in 2014-2015, appeared in the role of “Yigit Kelish”.
3. Ah Ya Istanbul series, which was produced in 2015, appeared as a guest star in the role of “Yigit Kılıç”
4. The series This City Will Follow You, which was produced in 2017, appeared in the role of “Ali Smith”
5. The series Who Does Not Live, which was produced in 2018, appeared in the role of “Dimitri”
6. The series The Great Duo, which was produced in 2018-2019, appeared in the role of “Mustafa Karim Jan”
7. The series “You Knock Baby”, which was produced in 2020, appeared in the role of “Serkan Polat”
8. The same series, which was produced in 2020, appeared in the role of “Denise”

After his graduation, Kerem Bürsin participated with his brother and cousin to establish a production company, and they produced many advertisements, and Karam Bursin became one of the distinctive advertising faces, he participated in the advertisements of many famous brands, the most important of which is the Lina advertisement, and the Lipton advertisement with the artist Handa Dogan Demir, the artist was associated Bursin honored Turkish actress Serenai Sarikaya, who had a great love affair that lasted for 3 years, but they separated in April 2019.

Information about Kerem Bursin religion starting a career in acting Karam began his artistic career in 2006 in the movie Thursday, and then he participated in the movie The Dark Strawberry, and in 2010 he appeared on American TV in the movie Sharktopus, and in 2013 he became famous in the Güneşi Beklerken series as Kerem Sayer, which was shown on Kanal D.

In 2014,

he presented the series Beyond the Sun as Jan, and this year he also presented the movie Unutursam Fısılda, in 2016, the brand of Mavi Jeans was with his sweetheart Serenay Sarıkaya, and Karim Bursin follows both Hollywood productions and prefers to use both English and Turkish languages In acting.

He also won the Seoul Award for Best International Actor, he made many advertisements and became the face of some advertisements for famous brands, namely Lena, Lipton, and an advertisement for jeans, and after that he made many films and series, and we will introduce you to them in the most important works that he did.

The artistic career of Kerem Bürsin

The artist, Kerem Bürsin, was distinguished by his love for acting from an early age, and this was evident in his imitation of Turkish actors from a young age, and after his graduation from university, he began studying acting and worked to develop his skills, and he also won the award for best young actor in the secondary theater competition in America, his life began Artistic in Hollywood, he co-starred in five films there.

Kerem Bürsin in the series Beyond the Sun

In 2013, he got an offer to act in Turkey. He was given the starring role in the series “Beyond the Sun”, which is one of the most important and prominent Turkish youth series that has won the admiration of the Turkish audience, and this role represents the real breakthrough of the artist Karam Bursin.
Through him, he gained very great fame in Turkey, and he had a very large audience of young men and women, in addition to his followers from the Arab countries,

in this work the artist plays the role of “Karam Sayyar,” a rich and reckless high school student, who was known for his multiple relationships and resurrection. In pranks, until he falls in love with the beautiful Handa Doan Demir, who appears in the role of “Zainab Yılmaz”, and turns from a reckless student to a serious regular student, and the series has achieved a high viewership, and as a result of the series’ fame on the Turkish level, it was dubbed into Arabic, and it was distributed on All countries of the Middle East, and through this series the fame of the artist expanded in Turkey and the Arab world as a whole.

He was chosen as the best actor in a competition held at his high school in the United States, and during his high school years, Kerem Bürsin formed a rock band and held many concerts in Texas, and after obtaining his high school diploma, Kerem Bürsin completed his undergraduate studies at Emerson College in Boston, There he studied the Department of Film Industry, Marketing Methods and Advertising.



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