Yulduz Rajabova religion and information

Yulduz Rajabova, starring in Mendirman Jaloliddin series. A star of dazzling beauty. She has a strong presence in front of the cameras and a unique talent. No eye has seen her, otherwise he would have admired the beauty of that star, Yulduz Rajabova, and not just her talent. To get to know her more closely. Who is she and what is her date of birth and age. Is her religion Muslim or Christian? Is she married, does she have children, or is she in a romantic relationship with someone? Her works are series, films, advertisements in which she participated. And other great information you discover for the first time exclusively here.

Actress Yulduz Rajabova

Yildiz is an actress from Uzbekistan, born in 1989. She studied at the Tashkent State Institute of Arts. Yıldız has not only worked in Uzbek art but has appeared in a number of American and Turkish foreign productions.

She was born on December 23 in Nawawi, Uzbekistan. Yulduz Rajabova enjoyed striking beauty. To make her an artist and famous quickly.

Yulduz Rajabova’s religion

Her religion is Christianity.

Yulduz Rajabova’s Husband and Family

Yildiz is not married as of the date of this article. As for her family, her father was a journalist, while her mother was a housewife. And she only has one brother. She has been our star since her childhood and she is very interested in acting and art. She even learned to dance in a dance club in the “Farhad” Palace of Culture in the Navoi region. She also started learning foreign languages after graduating from high school, and this is because of her intention to become a translator. But this benefited her greatly in the foreign works in which she participated.

TV series Yulduz Rajabova

Our star studied at the University of Arts and Culture in Uzbekistan in order to create art with a scientific approach. To start her artistic career through university theater. During her studies, she gained fame by posting some videos on her channel.

One of Yildiz’s most important works is her role in the Mendirman Jaloliddin series. To play the role of “Kutlubik”, which is one of the joint series between Uzbekistan and Turkey, which premiered in 2021. Its story was about telling the story of Sultan Jalal ad-Din Manjuberdi, who defeated the Mongols in many battles. The series consists of 13 episodes, each 60 minutes long

Business and TV Shows

Yulduz Rajabova started her acting career in 2013 with a film called “Said Makhtorov’s Short Tank”. During her acting career, she has starred in films such as Turist (2013), Yuragimdasan (2018), Ayqiz ertagi, Maqsad (2018), Scorpion (2018), Yolghon Gyrodobi (2018) and TV series Mendirman Jaloliddin. Rajabova is also a skilled actress on the “Diodor” stage.

Our star appeared in the movie Virus in 2016. But she gained fame through the role of Lieutenant Saperova in the movie “Maqsad Al-Hadaf”. She also starred in the movie Scorpion. She also played the role of Rabia in the movie “2000 Unique Songs”.

Yulduz Rajabova’s Instagram

Yulduz Rajabova has several pages on social media, the most important of which is her Instagram account, which has more than a million followers. This is because of her interest in publishing her photos, videos, and everything new and renewed about her. She is one of the most interactive Turkish actresses on various social networking sites.

Yulduz Rajabova