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Actor Eren Ören, who played the role of Kahan in the Turkish series Akhuti. Eren Ören, who played a wonderful and powerful role, separated from the series in a wonderful dramatic manner. Let’s get to know the childhood of this actor Eren Ören, his personal life, what is his religion, his height and weight. A lot about his talents and favorite works. Who is his girlfriend and the truth about his relationship with the actress “Uzgu Kaya”, are they lovers?

Who is Eren Ören?

He is one of the stars of the wonderful Turkish series “My Brothers” in the role of a young Kahan who discovers that his father is a big businessman and decides to reveal this to his brothers, but he meets this with hatred from his father and brothers. But luck makes his father study him after discovering many secrets.

Eren Ören studied industrial engineering, and although he studied engineering, his dream of acting was greater than his work in engineering. Since his childhood dream of becoming an actor.

He participated in many theatrical productions while studying at school. And also on the university stage. In order to improve his level of acting, he took acting lessons in one of the accredited acting centers.

What is the date of birth of Eren Ören?

Irene was born on October 21, 1998 in Turkey. His astrological sign is Libra.

How old is Eren Ören?

His age in 2023 is 25 years old.

What is the religion of Eren Ören?

Eren Ören’s religion is Muslim.

What is Eren Ören’s height and weight?

Eren Ören is 182 cm tall and weighs 65 kg.

Who is his sweetheart and girlfriend?

It is said that Irene and Ozgu Kaya are in a love relationship after they were together in the series “Three Sisters”. That relationship arose behind the scenes of the series and the duo began dating and going out together until one of the photographers took a picture of them together while they were holding each other’s hands. When asked, they said that something had started between us and that they They live a love affair that began behind the scenes of Three Sisters.

Irene and Ozgu Kaya are in a love relationship

When did he start acting?

Erin started acting through the series The Red Room in one of its episodes. Although the role was small, it indicated the birth of an exemplary artist with great artistic and creative energy.

Like his role with strength and creativity. He learned everything he learned from acting learning centers in this role. As soon as he left the series, he entered a new job and role.

What are the Eren Ören series?

Irene participated in the series The Red Room in 2020-2021.

He also played the role of Kahan in the series “My Brothers”. He presented the role of the illegitimate son of businessman Akif Atagul. The father’s unfavorable son, who suddenly appeared in Akef’s life, refused him categorically, to live for a while in his car in the cold. Some schoolchildren take him to live with them temporarily. Suddenly, he discovers a crime in which the accused killed his father, and from here he begins to get close to his father and his brothers because of the many secrets he knew.

The end of Kahan was not ideal, but he excelled in presenting it, as his role ended with his death in sacrifice for his father and sister.

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Irene 20and 20Ozgu 20Kaya 20are 20in 20a 20love 20relationship 300×300