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Ozan Akbaba

Ozan Akbaba is a Turkish actor, who has acted on stage, in front of cameras, and on small screens. Let’s find out all the information about Ozan Akbaba who he is and his date of birth. What is his age and what is his religion? A lot about Ozan Akbaba’s wife and his personal life. His beginning with acting and information about the most important series in which he participated. And a lot of star photos.

Who is Ozan Akbaba?

Ozan Akbaba is the hero of the series The Village Doctor and the star of the series Bandits Will Not Rule the World and other famous TV shows that the viewer loved so much. And he became a sought-after star. The actor who studied environmental design and architecture and chose to work in acting.

Ozan Akbaba was born in Kars on June 30, 1982. His astrological sign is Cancer. He also worked as an actor and composer. He is best known for his many great works on film, television, and on stage.

Ozan Akbaba’s religion

Ozan Akbaba his religion is Muslim. His mother is Jules Akbaba and his father is Omar Akbaba.

Ozan Akbaba’s wife

Ozan Akbaba’s wife is Bukit Arikan, whom he married in 2017, and they have one child so far. The marriage took place after Ozan fell in love with Buchen and their relationship lasted a little until they agreed to marry. The marriage took place in 2017, and they gave birth to their only son.

Ozan Akbaba Movies & TV Shows

Film and TV star Ozan Akbaba has participated in many cinematic works, especially short films. Among the films are I Have a Story and The Unfinished Miracle in 2013.

In 2014, he played great roles in three films in one year, namely, “Mountain Judges” and “Ammar” film, which talks about the jinn and the power of darkness. The Exile Cow. And it is the sad story of a cow, in a country where it is considered a crime to think of it, who smashed the statue of a famous person.

Ozan also participated in a television program called Laugh Laugh. It is a weekly TV comedy show that contains funny sketches. Represented by Ali Sanal.

He has received many awards including Best Supporting Actor award at Ayakli Gazete TV Stars Awards, organized for the sixth time in 2017.

In 2018, he starred in the movie “Honey Cream” and in 2019 he participated in Don’t Let Reiss Hear. It is a nice comedy movie about mafiosi who need a vacation with their family in a quiet seaside village but far from the boss.

Beginning in 2021, he played the character of Demir in the movie “Chasing” which talks about Demir, an idealistic copywriter approaching his forties, and a rap lover Dagra, who is somehow in his twenties. Together they embark on an interesting path to regain their respect.

Ozan Akbaba wife and family
Ozan Akbaba wife and family

Elias Kakerbeli in Eskiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz

Ozan participated in the series “The Bandits Will Not Rule the World”. The series tells the life of Hezer Kakerbeli. You entered the mafia world at a young age.

Hakan Aydner d. Kemal Demir in Kasaba Doktoru

Our star Ozan Akbaba is starring in the series The Village Doctor and plays the role of Hakan or Dr. Kemal. And his story was about the talented and promising Omar, who decided to become a doctor after losing his father, and the legendary surgeon Hakan, dedicated to saving lives, in a town hospital far from the city.

his series

Ozan Akbaba started working as a TV drama through the series Broken Wings in 2006 and had a small role. Then he participated in a major role in the series Willow Years in 2008 and continued into 2009. It is a long story of four friends who present adolescence, frustration, stress and intertwined love affairs.

But the work in which he excelled is the role of Zafer in the series Tears of Paradise, which ended its first show in 2011. In 2012, he participated in the championship of the series North and South, or Odeh Muhannad in the role of “Sumer Tezkan”.

He participated in the 2015 Poyraz Karayel series, in addition to his work in two films in the same year, namely, the movie Club of Kings and the movie Siege.

Ozan Akbaba Instagram

Our star always shares pictures of him with his family and his family with his followers, especially pictures of beautiful moments between him and his young son and wife. In addition to many pictures of him with his friends at work during the filming of one of his scenes on TV.

To work, the star Ozan presented the starring in the movie Anka and played the role of Murad. Murat, who lost his family as a result of an accident in his childhood, made his name known in motor racing as he struggled with this trauma over the years.