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Dogukan Gungor, an actor from the Turkish stars who drew attention from the least roles. He has a strong personality. Effective presence and unique talent from the beginning. Let’s find out together all the available information about Doğukan Güngör, who is he, his date of birth, age and religion. Where was he born, where does he live, and with whom and who make up his family. Does Doğukan Güngör have a girlfriend or is he married? His beginning with acting and all the works and series he participated in and his new series.

Who is Dogukan Gungor?

Doğukan Güngör is one of the strong rising actors. Who starts acting in 2020 through the series “The Phoenix” and continued to present the role until the series ended, after which he presented a number of roles in one year. Until he got the title role in 2022 in the series “Cranberry Syrup” in the character of “Fateh”.

What is the birthday of Dogukan Gungor?

Dogokan was born in Ankara in 1996, the first of July.

How old is Dogukan Gungor?

His age in 2023 is 27 years old. He graduated from Beykent University from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting. To graduate in 2017.

What is the religion of Doğukan Güngör and his family?

Doğukan Güngör His religion is Muslim. He is from a Muslim family and he always posts pictures of him with his family and always thanks them for being the reason for his existence.

What is Doğukan Güngör’s height and weight?

Doğukan Güngör is a tall young man with a height of 180 cm. As for his weight, he loves to keep fit and the ideal weight always.

Who is his wife, girlfriend or girlfriend?

Doğukan Güngör has no girlfriend and is not in any romantic relationship yet.

When did you start acting?

Doğukan Güngör started acting after graduating in 2017, by acting on stage. He has participated in many plays, including Othello, Umut, Our Village, and The Story of No One. Then he got in the way of a producer to help him work on TV dramas. To start work immediately with the series Mary.

He made his first real role in 2020 through his role in the series Emerald Phoenix. He played the character “Hamid Ozjok”. His role ended in 2021 to quickly enter a new work, which is the movie “Dilberay Küçük Dev Kadin”, the life story of the famous Turkish singer Dilbery, full of ups and downs.

Dogukan Gungor (2)
Dogukan Gungor (2)

What are the Dogukan Gungor series?

The first series in which Doğukan Güngör appeared is Phoenix in 2020-2021.

The second series in which the series “Hakim” participated in 2022. He played the role of “Asaf”, which is the story of a judge who tries to protect his son from a hit and run accident resulting from death.

about his third work, which is starring in the “Cranberry Syrup” series, in which he played the role of Fateh Ibn al-Agha. It is a love story between two extremist families with the same truth, but in different ways.

What is the new Doğukan Güngör series?

Our star is co-starring in the series fatih “Cranberry Drink”. It is a controversial series. It tells the story of the difference of people in Turkey, not of classes, but of mentalities. Even among rich families. And the people’s view of each other, especially the veiled families, which have traditions to walk on.

Doğkan plays the role of the son of the veiled Agha family, which has its own traditions and customs, and he is in a relationship with me, the daughter of a school principal and a virtuous nanny, but she is an open-minded woman. She bears her daughter from him and they want to marry each other, but her mother does not want that marriage and decides to rid her daughter of the child, but the girl refuses and marries this young man among his family to put her mother in a compulsion to accept the child and marriage and that family is different from her.