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Erkan Avcı, the star of the series Ertugrul, who played the role of Aya Nikola. Let’s get to know the star Erkan Avcı, who he is, his childhood, upbringing and personal life. His religion is his date of birth. Knowing a lot about his wife and children and whether he is a Muslim or a Christian. And a lot of information about him.

Who is Erkan Avcı?

Erkan Avcı is a famous Turkish actor who participated in the most important Turkish series that gained Arab fame. Like the founder Othman, Jassur, Al Jamila and other series.

What is the date of birth of Erkan Avcı?

Erkan Avcı was born on January 1, 1982 in Diyarbakir, Turkey.

How old is Arkan Avci?

Erkan Avcı’s age in 2023 is 41 years old. It is worth noting that he graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Acting and Theater.

Where was Erkan Avcı born?

He was born in Diyarbakir, Turkey. The famous Turkish star, Zawaya Afci, carries the Islamic religion, and Zawaya Avci’s dream was to act, as he had continued this since childhood until his dream was achieved in the Premier League competition.

What is the religion of Erkan Avcı?

His religion is Islam. And not as published about him that he is a Christian.

Is Erkan Avcı Married?

No I’m not married. Many Erkan Avcı followers asked about whether he is married or not, but the answer is that he is not married. He is not in a relationship with any girl at the moment.

Erkan Avcı(1)
Erkan Avcı(1)

What are his most important roles?

The most important roles of Erkan Avcı “Aya Nikola”.

Who is Aya Nikola?

From Wikipedia, we know that Aya Nikola is who Aya Nikola is. Wikipedia is a Byzantine leader who is smart in war strategy, one of the best famous Turkish presidents historically, and at the same time, he is the governor of Aingol, which represents the province of Buthaina and the Anatolia region, and these are the lands that Ertuğrul conquered. He entered into many military clashes in Confronting the Turkish tribes led by Osman, most notably the Domanic War in 1287 AD.

What are the Erkan Avcı series?

The amazing Turkish star and creator, Avci, presented a large amount of wonderful artistic practices and artistic serial episodes, which were very popular in the world in general and the Turkish people in particular.

Among the most important plays in which he co-starred are Jisour, Al-Jamila, Al-Qabaday, and Al-Hafra, in addition to his wonderful role in the founder Othman Zaho, along with many theatrical and cinematic works.

What is the new Erkan Avcı series?

Arkan is co-starring in a new series, Yunga, Love and Others, which is scheduled to be shown in 2023 on Show TV. Yunga Love and the Others is a new drama series produced by NTC Medya for Showtv. She got the starring role of Shvanurgul. And a large group of Turkish drama stars are Erkan Avci, Musa Uzunlar.