How to take care of your skin? 7 steps to healthy skin routine

7 steps to healthy skin routine

The steps of a skin care routine

Your basic routine to keep your oily skin young, lively and radiant without greasy or pimples problems. After a great search in the world of cosmetics, Korean medical preparations and others to treat your oily skin problems. We found that you with oily complexion need to know how to deal with it.
Learn with me how to do a routine for your oily skin. And follow them well through some steps that you must memorize well. To raise your skin quickly from the problems that fall on it and also protect it from any problems that your skin may face in the future.

Skin care routine steps

We all know that oily skin is one of the best types of skin in general. These fats protect the skin from many external factors that may negatively affect your skin. It does not make you sad, dear, that your skin type is oily.

All you have to do is understand it and how to deal with it properly. Then you will create a routine for your own skin. And the Korean routine will help you move forward with this routine.

Oily skin is the skin that produces more fats and oils than others. And with a little time, you notice a strong shine in your skin. And your sense of heat may increase. With an increase in the proportion of facial sweat.

This is happening because you are one of the owners of that skin. You have to find the products that work with you and take proper care of those oily skin. And from there to the wonderful Korean routine, which is one of the secrets of success.

Korean skincare routine in 10 steps

As we talked about in the article: Korean skin care products. We mentioned that Koreans have a 10-step routine. Here we will tell you in detail what is the Korean routine for oily and other skin care.

One of the beauty secrets of Koreans is that they use a daily routine to keep their skin like children’s skin bright and undisputedly beautiful. Let’s start together, step by step, from the wonderful Korean routine:

korean face cleanser

With our daily skin cleansing routine, we find it easy to achieve healthy, vibrant skin through regular care. One of the most important steps of this routine is to clean the skin with a cleanser suitable for your oily skin.

Choosing a cleanser is a very important step in skin care. The better and more thoroughly the skin is cleansed, the more easily the products absorb your lutein today and will be better used afterwards.

The greater the benefit to the skin. You can use the double cleansing method to completely clean your skin of makeup residue and dirt. You can easily access all the products you need to clean the skin in two stages, which has become popular with Korean cosmetics.

The first is the removal of make-up, and then the general daily skin wash.

korean face wash

Korean products have made a strong name for themselves in a small time. Their powerful products are rich in ingredients that are very good for the skin. Leaves the face refreshed and healthy. These products are available in both oil and water forms.

One of the mistakes that you may make is to rely on water only for facial hygiene, or soap that is not useful and is not healthy at all for thin skin like the skin of the face. I also do not advise you to use makeup removers. All this is not a good start to a healthy belly.

Instead, you can easily remove all the makeup from your face, cosmetics, sunscreen, and dead cells on your skin using an oil-based cleanser as a first step. They are special cleansers that remove all those ingredients that you put on your face along with dust and other air pollutants.

Then you can continue to use water-based cleansers and scrub off oil-based cleanser residue and environmental pollutants, regulating your skin’s pH balance. With a two-stage cleansing, you can feel your skin completely clean and breathing, too.

The new korean oil lotion

A new lotion appeared on the market, which is neither watery nor gel. It has a different oily texture. Oil cleansing is the first and most important step in Korean skin care. You can use oil-based cleansers in your nighttime routine to remove your makeup, and in your daytime routine to clean the extra sebum that builds up on your skin overnight.

I recommend this lotion for men for healthy skin Read the following article: The best skin care products for men

In regular circular motions, apply the oily lotion to your face. Oil-based cleansers for oily and acne-prone skin. This is what makes us understand the saying oil melts oil. Any oil wash this market removes any oils on your acne-prone skin and does the work of balancing skin sebum.

Water cleaning your second step

Your second step, my dear, is to clean your face with water cleansers. After removing the makeup with a makeup remover and using an oily cleanser. It’s time for a water wash to clear out any residue left on your skin and prepare your skin’s pH for the next steps. Use a facial cleansing brush or facial scrubber to facilitate the process and increase the effect of the massage on your skin.

Some water-based cleansers are in the form of a gel, foam, cream, or micellar water. You have now made your skin completely prepared to use the rest of the products with the highest absorption efficiency you may know.

Products to exfoliate your skin

Your second step towards optimal skin care is to exfoliate its first thin layer. This is done by using peelers from Korean and other products on the market.

Let’s first know what is peeling and what does it do for the skin?

Exfoliation is the removal of the first layer of the epidermis and has many chemical or physical methods. It is one of the most effective ways to clean the skin. Many girls and women go to a specialist to get this peeling done. But you can do it at home using some Korean exfoliating products.

These exfoliating products contain fine, fine particles that you apply to the area you want to exfoliate, not just on the face, but anywhere on your body. Then on soft and healthy skin using moisturizing creams suitable for your skin type.

This peeling helps tighten the skin, reduce large pores, and reduce the appearance of acne and blackheads. A good product is “Manyo Galactomy Peeling Gel”, a Korean product with hyaluronic acid and yeast extract.

What are the benefits of peeling for humans?

Dermatologists and cosmetologists around the world are talking about the importance of routine skin exfoliation. They stress that the most important of these benefits is to clean the skin of dirt. Besides correcting saggy skin. Purifies the pores of dirt and allows the skin to breathe. It also prevents the appearance of early signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Removes sun spots and reduces sun damage to the skin. Improves the appearance of lines around the mouth and eyes. Helps reduce spots such as blackheads, freckles and acne.

What are the types of skin exfoliators?

The most important and largest doctors in the world mention that each skin exfoliation method differs from one type to another. Therefore, it is important to determine your skin type before using the scrub. Especially for people with sensitive skin. The spots appear quickly.

The first type is chemical peeling

A type of strong peeling that treats scars, tangles and discoloration of the skin. But do not use it on sensitive skin at all. And you have to buy the product from a trusted place. To protect yourself from the side effects of chemical peels. You can opt for Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling green tea bags. Effectively cleanses skin tissue while reducing the risk of irritation.

carbon peeling

It is the use of a laser after placing the carbon solution material. This removes acne and blemishes from the skin in order to rejuvenate the skin. Effective on all skin types. A solution to the pores in the oily nose. Prevents the formation of black and white spots.

For people with sensitive skin, natural exfoliation is the solution

For people with sensitive skin that cannot use a chemical peel. Carbon peeling is expensive for some. We found the natural way to be beneficial and safer for you. Put a mixture prepared with some of the materials at home on the skin. You can solve acne problems on your skin by using natural exfoliation products that help rejuvenate the skin and lightly exfoliate tired, sensitive skin that may get hurt quickly.

Toner – Tonic

After the deep cleaning we did a while ago, your skin needs to be restructured and before entering the moisturizing creams and the rest of the materials, you must apply the toner first. To close the nails on your face or skin. Through a piece of cotton and put an amount of toner on it and massage your face in a circular motion. Allow the skin to absorb the toner well. You should clarify the toner morning and evening immediately after the cleaning process.

The tonic is an important step to remove the remaining dead skin. This allows the skin to absorb the rest of the material. This tonic contains substances that reduce moisture loss such as glycerin, humectants and substances that help cells in the skin bind to each other, such as ceramides.

Facial serums and ampoules

It’s time for a nourishing skin serum. We think of this with some makeup remover cleanser, then a skin wash, then a scrub and a toner. It’s time for a skin-nourishing serum. And here we have to put our focus on what our skin needs to prepare the right serum for the problem.

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Know your skin problem and choose the right serum or serum and apply it after applying the toner and absorbing it. The step of the serum is eased in the Syrian routine. And he considers it a very important step in order to maintain healthy and radiant skin like the skin of Korean children.

Skin care ampoules and serums can be considered as the more concentrated versions of the essence. Facial serums and ampoules are highly concentrated solutions that take the most powerful side of ingredients and focus on skin concerns. That’s why we can say that the most special part of your skincare routine is choosing the right serum.

Moisturizer for healthy and smooth skin

When it comes to beauty, especially our link to Korean beauty, there are a lot of masks that have a lot of moisturizing. This offers intensive care to your skin. Apply the mask to your skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Peel it off and enjoy high-moisture, excellent skin and healthy, radiant skin.

In addition to these masks, there are instant creams that are also placed on the face from one to three times a day, depending on the condition of the skin.

There are lots of different masks, sheet masks, wash-off (apply and remove) masks, and sleep masks just before bed. Those sheet masks are made with microfibers and “hydrogel.” Hydrogel masks are completely water soluble to provide extra moisture to the skin, while microfiber masks are made from cat.

He saw that sheet masks are the most fun, designed more for the face. As for washing masks, they are cream masks that are placed on the skin and rinsed off after a certain time. As for the last mask, which is before bedtime, it is placed at night and melts to be absorbed by the face. This happens slowly, meaning it takes longer than the rest of the masks, as it takes the period during which the skin renews itself at night.